How To Increase Maximum Battery Capacity on IPhone

How to increase maximum battery capacity on Iphone

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Let’s face it, nobody likes it when their iPhone is about to die, especially when there’s no outlet nearby. ( But who would just carry around a power brick in their pocket anyway)   The funny thing about it is our phones always seem to be low on battery life when we really need them the most.

Every day people suck the life out of their phones and wonder why the battery keeps dying. Well, we have a few solutions on how to improve your phone’s battery life, but first, let’s look at what actually drains the batteries.

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What causes your iPhone battery to die

There are a few things that you probably didn’t know about your iPhone that’s causing it to drain faster than you like.  Let’s take a look at them:

Raise and wake feature – This feature is turned on by default and will illuminate every time the phone seems to see movement. So if you tend to move around a lot or if you like to hold your iPhone with your hands and glance at the time, you could be draining your battery faster than necessary.

You have too much going on – This is probably the most common issue. Many people just have too much going on with their phones. They have a bunch of widgets, live wallpapers, notifications, and several social accounts running at the same time and wonder why their phone doesn’t last longer than three hours. Also, running large apps  can lead to  battery drainage, so make sure you allocate and turn off unnecessary apps when using large programs

Not keeping your phone updated – Installing updates on your phone is very important because new updates not only fix bugs but make system apps more efficient which reduces battery drainage. Therefore, it’s best to always set your phone to take new updates. The best time to update your phone is overnight.

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10 Ways to Increase maximum battery capacity on your iPhone

  1. Lower your screen brightness
  2. Turn off your GPS
  3. Use simple backgrounds
  4. Kill the Bluetooth
  5. Turn off wi-fi when you’re out
  6. Turn off background auto fresh
  7. Turn off Siri
  8. Use low-power mode
  9. Kill the notifications
  10. Manage battery usage

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Lower your screen brightness-This is a No-Brainier that’s commonly overlooked. Your screen back light can quickly drain your battery; therefore reducing the brightness on your screen can do wonders for your battery. You can also set your brightness settings to automatic and let your phone decide when to raise or reduce your brightness.

How To lower brightness: Navigate to settings> Scroll down to Display & Brightness> Move the bar to the left

Use simple backgrounds– although live and animated backgrounds are very cool to have, they can drain your battery pretty quickly, so if you want to improve your battery life, try to keep live backgrounds off your phone. Instead, go for standard background pictures.

Kill the Bluetooth Bluetooth is notorious for draining Iphones batteries.  If you are not using a Bluetooth device then disabling the Bluetooth feature will help increase your battery life.  also, you have Bluetooth blank, the Bluetooth feature will automatically use fewer resources when they are not connected to devices this feature is present in black

Turn off WIFI- When you’re away from home having your WIFI-enabled can actually drain your battery because your phone is constantly searching for WIFI networks to join.  Your best bet is to just turn off WIFI when you leave the house.

How to turn off your WiFI- Navigate to settings > Click Wi-Fi> Scroll first bar to the left. (Often many people forget to turn their wifi back on which results in outstanding data charges, To prevent this, swipe down on your home screen for quick settings access, and there you should see your Wi-Fi signal picture. Press the WiFi button to disable it and your wifi will be disabled until the next day. This will cut back on high data charges unless you have an unlimited plan. )

Turn off auto background refresh– This is an important step to take note of. When you have auto background refresh enabled you to have apps in the background constantly searching for new information to update.  This auto feature will update apps whether they are running or not, which will not only drain your battery but could also impact your data plan.

Here’s how to turn off Auto background refresh- Navigate to settings > Tap General> Tap Background App Refresh

Turn off Hey Siri. Siri is basically an advanced virtual assistant for your iPhone. With advanced programming and algorithm, Siri can answer almost any question you throw at her even if they’re quirky.  The only problem with this brilliant assistant is that she is always listening and waiting for you to say, Hey Siri. Other than privacy issues, this type of real-time feature can drain your battery significantly.  If you want to keep your privacy and save some battery life, we recommend disabling this feature

How to turn off SIRI: Settings >Siri &Search > Turn off Listen mode for Siri

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Use low-power mode– low power mode is probably going to be the most useful and effective mode when it comes to saving your battery. It disables the following features: Hey Siri, background app refresh, automatic downloads, auto email fetch. It also sets your auto-lock screen to 30 seconds. more like you have to come across and notice pumping you to turn the motor on when your battery reaches 20% love you want to get the best out of your out of this mode it’s best to just turn it on now

How to – Settings? battery

Kill the notifications too many app notifications is a surefire way to drain your battery this is a common problem with iPhone users that can easily be eliminated.

How to turn off notifications navigate to settings>notifications while in notifications you will have the opportunity to choose which app can send you notifications.

Manage battery usage this feature allows you to view which individual apps are draining your battery at any given time and gives you an on / off-screen percentage of app battery usage this is very helpful in identifying what apps are draining your battery.


We live in a fast world that requires a lot of our attention and the last thing we want to worry about is our phone dying. Hopefully, these tips will help you get the most battery life out of your iPhone.  If you follow the steps above,  then we assure you will be able to extend the life of your battery. Now if you have done all these steps and your phone is still dying then your battery may be either be degraded or bad and it will need to be replaced.

A cool way to check to see if your battery is has lost some juice since you bought it is to navigate to settings >battery > battery health and look at the Maximum Capacity field. This will show you how much battery degradation has occurred since purchase. So if you see 84%, then you will know that your battery has only lost 16% percent efficiency from the time the phone was new.  84 percent is still a great battery, but if you see that it’s close to 50 or 40%, then it may be time to purchase a new phone.

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