Here are the top 5 Gadgets you should keep on your nightstand bed.

  1. Sodysnay Wireless Charger
  2. LEVILUNA Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp
  3. BESTEK USB Power Strip
  4. Echo Spot
  5. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp


For some people, getting out of bed is a task. Nighthawks prefer to sleep until late. Unfortunately, when life comes calling
and the many responsibilities imposed by it, there is no choice but to leave the comfort of your bed
and get up and running immediately. Believe it or not, a well-stocked and well-organized nightstand can
actually make life easier for most of us. These days, gadgets are designed with the prime purpose of
enhancing comfort and the bedside nightstand should be a placeholder for such gadgets that make you sleep
better. Here are 5 gadgets to keep on your nightstand bed.


1. Acokki Wireless Charger with 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock for Apple Airpods and Watch:

Recent studies have revealed that an average person spends over 4 hours on the small screen. Mobile phones
have become an integral part of our day-to-day schedule and it’s hard now to imagine life without them. The
Acokki wireless charger will ensure your phone is fully charged and available to be used as soon as
you leave your bed. Moreover, its beautiful and modern design will add to the interiors of your room.

This charger uses an iPhone/Micro/Type-C interface, which essentially means that it can efficiently charge
whatever mobile device it is that you are using. Be it a Samsung phone or an iPad, this charger will work
well for most device types. If you are an ardent fan of Apple, like many millions out there, this charger must
mandatory find a place on your nightstand. It has slots not just for your iPhones, but also your Airpods and
Apple watch.

While it is not advisable to leave your phone on charging for the entire night with a normal charger, this
charger by Acokki uses the automatic control technology and has built-in safeguarding features
against overcharging. You won’t, thus, have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to remove
your phone from charging. Designed using silicone materials, this charger also ensures that it leaves no
scratches or other signs of damage on your prized possessions. Check prices on Amazon


2. LEVILUNA Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp:

This is the ultimate gadget you need on your bedside table. This lamp systematically uses the power of magnets to hold itself a few centimeters above the base.
The levitation technology it uses allows it to either stay in one position or make constant rotations, a design
feature that adds radically to its appeal and charm. The lamp is so beautiful in its design and has been crafted with such precision using the high-resolution 3Dprinting technology that it seems you have actually bought a replica of the moon inside your room. The company also offers a guaranteed refund in case you are not happy with the product as well as a replacement for defective lamps. Check Prices on Amazon


3. BESTEK USB Power Strip:

If life has blessed you with a soulmate, we assume you’d be happy to deal
with minor problems such as having too many phones that require charging, all at once. This BESTEK USB power strip has been specially designed for people like you. This power strip uses a 14AWG power cord capable of protecting all kinds of devices, such as computers, printers, speakers, against any kind of surges and spikes. Its design also includes 6 USB charging ports that automatically detect the maximum charge speed for your phone, thereby delivering safe charging at all times.

This gadget includes two energy-saving switches and comes with built-in surge, short circuit, and
overload protection mechanisms. This is an ETL listed gadget made from fire-retardant materials that will
last you a lifetime. Check current prices on Amazon


4. Echo Dot:

As much as we hate the sound of the alarm every morning, there is no denying that life would
be a lot harder without a good alarm clock on your nightstand. Smart alarm clocks are a rage right now. If
you have been on the lookout for a superiorly smart alarm clock, look no further. The Echo Spot is what you
This alarm clock uses voice control to take commands. Connect it with Alexa and you can play your favorite
music, switch on the TV or change channels, dim lights and do so much more while sitting comfortably in
your bed. Its compact size ensures it will sit neatly on your nightstand. Moreover, you can also choose to
personalize your clock to reflect your choices or likings.
Echo Dot uses beam-forming technology to receive commands. This technology is so powerful that the
Echo Dot can hear your commands even when you are two rooms away. This device can also be easily
connected with other speakers, thereby adding to the quality of your home stereo system. The Echo Spot is a
smart investment that will go a long way. Check prices on Amazon



5. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp:

Light significantly impacts the mood of a person. It is, thus, only a smart
choice to choose to place a gadget on your nightstand that allows you to play with light settings. The
TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp comes incorporated with 4 different lights that can be set to 5 different levels
of brightness to serve your varying purposes. Whether you wish to read or lie comfortably and relax, this
LED lamp will create the perfect atmosphere for whatever you choose to do.

The arm, as well as the base of the lamp, can be easily rotated to create the perfect illumination angle and
light intensity. This TaoTronics LED desk lamp is an energy-efficient gadget and comes equipped with an
auto-off timer — the lamp will automatically switch off after an hour to save electricity.

It also has a built-in USB port that you can use to charge your phone or tablet. Lastly, this a smart lamp that
remembers the last brightness mode you set it to, thereby adding to your convenience and its easy handling

With so many options to choose from, buyers can find themselves struggling to decide the gadgets they
really need. If you are facing a similar situation, we hope our list of 5 gadgets to keep on your nightstand bed
will make deciding easier for you. Check current prices on Amazon