How Long do iPhone Batteries Last?

how long do iPhone batteries last

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When choosing the best iPhone for your needs, it’s essential to consider the lifeline of the battery, as it’s a vital factor in any device. Thus, before purchasing any iPhone models, it’s necessary to get the appropriate response to this common question; how long do iPhone batteries last? The battery is an integral part of any iPhone, as it determines the amount of time you can spend having various activities; the more the battery capacity, the better. iPhones have one of the long-lasting batteries among the multiple mobile devices in the market.

However, the duration of the batteries of these devices last majorly depends on the type of devices and activities you’re having on the phone. According to most studies, most iPhone devices can last between 12 and 20 hours on a single charge. Nonetheless, an older one (like an eight-year-old iPhone device) can last for up to six to eight hours before having the next charge. This guide provides a comprehensive guide on the life expectancy of iPhone batteries.


According to several reports, the current rates of new iPhones battery life are usually higher than those of the previous models. In the current years, the iPhone company has improved the battery life of most of its devices through a combination of software optimization mechanisms. The mechanism allows the manufacturing company to have bigger capacity batteries inside their devices. Additionally, they also change the company’s mechanism to record the battery life of the device.

When checking the lifetime of the iPhones, the video playback is usually the appropriate measure of the battery life of the new iPhones. The king of the battery life among the new iPhone devices is the iPhone 11 Pro Max which has an internal battery of 4000 mAh, having more battery life than the other models. Among the latest iPhone models, the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 have better battery life and can last 13 hours on video playback.

The high battery life among these models makes it easy to withstand regular cellular usage without noticing a battery hit. You can use it for different web-surfing activities, video plays, and games, and the battery provides the appropriate options. Lastly, the iPhone 11 also presents a high battery life of about 10 hours while using cellular data for different activities like streamlining.


The durations an iPhone battery should last for a day will usually depend on the activities you run on the phone and the iPhone model you have. However, the approximate time your iPhone battery should last for a day is usually between 5 to 11 hours. However, the battery can last less time if you have more activities such as video streaming or using your over cellular data.


A battery is an integral part of any iPhone device; you should consider its duration before having one. These devices’ battery timelines vary from device to device due to the usage, battery health tips, and phone model. Nonetheless, after something, the batteries may die off and require replacement. According to a review from the iPhone devices, an iPhone battery can last up to 400 charges. Probably, the 400 cycles should represent the two years in which your iPhone would be worth using. After two years, the battery loses over 20% of its capacity, and most users consider it a used battery.


After between 300 to 400 cycles, the iPhone loses its capacity and finishes its whole chemical cycle. When your device reaches this state, it’ll be important to consider replacing it, as the company provides replacement batteries. If you don’t want to upgrade or purchase a new device, you can seek to replace your battery. Apple offers a good battery replacement program with the original and compatible models with your device. In addition, the company will cover the replacement fee of your battery if your battery dies within the warranty period, that’s mostly one year.


The manufacturers make the iPhone batteries from lithium ions; with nature, the lithium-ion usually degrades. Thus, it’s very important to understand that with time your iPhone battery will degrade. You can have all sorts of problems when having a degraded battery on your iPhone devices. Thus, it’ll be important to check all the issues from the battery life to performance when checking for iPhone battery degradation rate.

Apple has made it easier for most users to check the battery life by introducing battery health tools, which you can use to check the remaining battery capacity percentage. However, several signs, such as lower performance and lower battery life for your device show that your battery is downgrading. However, the iPhone has a normal degradation rate you should worry about; as the apple company says, after about 500 complete cycles, your battery may downgrade to 80%.


Saving your battery from being depleted quickly is an important way to ensure you lengthen its lifespan. You can achieve this by charging how the charge cycle and usage works. The following steps will help you to maintain your battery health.


Keep the iPhone brightness as low as possible, as long as you can be able to see. It’s an appropriate way to conserve power, thus enhancing your battery health.


Ensure you update the IOS system on your device to the latest version to keep your battery health safe.


Use Safari browser. The other third-party browsers, such as Firefox or chrome, consume much power, minimizing your battery health.


Enhance the background app refresh; this option allows the apps to update the background content automatically, as it’s a known battery killer on iPhone devices. To achieve this, go to the setting, then general setting, select the background app refresh option. After selecting, disable all the options for all the options.


Disable all location services when you aren’t using them. Go to the setting, then privacy, proceed to the location services, and disable the options on all the apps, which aren’t essential. You can set it when you only need the services.


Get to the settings, then mail, accounts, and select the option etch new data. Then switch it to manual as it helps save more battery life.


Navigate the option attery menu’ and check for the apps that consume more data and restrict or disable them. For example, you can disable playing music over cellular data and use music apps such as Apple Music or Spotify.


When choosing an iPhone, the battery power and lifespan are very important considerations. Therefore, it’s important to get a proper response on how long iPhone batteries last before selecting your device. Your device’s battery life will be important to identify the duration it can last per day and its lifespan and the proper steps to maintain your devices’ battery health. This blog post provides the appropriate information about the Iphones’ lifespan, duration, and tips to keep it healthy you need to consider on your device.

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