10 Digital Business Card Apps

Digital Business Card Apps

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If you’re looking for ways to expand your reach, the 10 digital business card apps discussed in this article can help. Business cards have always been used to help entrepreneurs grow their network. However, as times change due to the pandemic and other factors, business people have to utilize innovative ways to continue to connect with their audience. This article will discuss 10 of the popular digital business cards that are used nowadays.

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is a means of sharing your contact information via electronic or virtual means. Most digital business cards help you to share much more than your basic contact information, such as your address and email. Since it has a digital or virtual format, this type of business card can be enriched with videos, interactive menus and other content that boost the experience that each customer has.

What does a digital business card do?

A digital business card is a promotional tool. It’s used to provide your contact information to as wide an audience as possible, by using electronic methods. It helps you to share your business details while adhering to new protocols brought about by the pandemic.

What advantages does a digital business card have over a traditional business card?

With a digital business card, you’ll always have a business card that you can share with others. You’ll never run out of business cards with a digital card, since it can be shared as often as you want on other devices.

This option for sharing your contact details is germ free. Since it doesn’t use much paper or energy, it’s also environmentally friendly. Customers don’t have to meet you in person, since several of these 10 digital business card apps can be shared across the world, via email or other media.

Post COVID-19, paper business cards are no longer acceptable throughout the world. If you and the members of your team are to safely engage with prospective clients, you’ll need to do so with business cards that are contact free. Digital business cards help you to connect via Zoom and various teleconferences, by using the same card.

You’ll make a single investment and not have to worry about developing a different card for every channel of communication. Each digital business card on this list of 10 digital business card apps can be easily integrated with your social media portals, connecting you with a wider audience. Whenever information about your business changes, you can update it and it will be instantly changed wherever your recipients are across the world.

Digital Biz-Card

Biz-Card makes it possible for you to go paperless while sharing your contact details with prospective partners. It will always be available once you have it installed on your smartphone. You can even use it with your smart watch or other wearables.

It’s QR code is big, so it’s easy to locate it when you’re moving quickly from one location to another or networking at a packed event. The QR code is also bright, so it can be found easily at nighttime or where the lighting is not ideal. It can be read via an QR scanner and is compatible with Android Wear, so you can share your contact data on your wearable.

With this digital business card, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your traditional business card. You’ll always have it ready to share with others as you attend expos, trade fairs or business luncheons. You can add multiple cards for each of the services or organizations that you’re affiliated with and can simply swipe to switch from one to any other.

This digital business card works offline, so if you’re in an area with intermittent Internet connectivity, you can still make use of it. if Wi-Fi is available, you can share it through this channel. The digital business card can be distributed via each of the options that is available on your phone, including:

  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Android Beam
  • Messaging

You can sync the Biz-Card with your phone’s ME contact details, providing you with additional possibilities for sharing information with your clients.


VistaPrint’s digital card app comes in the form of MyVista. The MyVista mobile business card app makes it easy to send business cards from your phone. This business card can be used over text, email or social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook.

When you’re on the go, your business card will always be with you. You can choose from designs and colors that are right for the sector you serve. Once your card is installed, you can send it to groups with the click of a button. All of the business cards that you’ve previously had done through VistaPrint can be distributed with this app.

Dada Card

Dada Card is a digital card subscription service that functions as a mini business website. It’s easy to set up and comes with an appointment scheduler. You can use the editor to make a few tweaks to the template, based on the type of services that you offer and your business card will be available in minutes.

This digital business card gives you room to add a short biography, so customers can learn more about the mission of your business and what drives your product development. You can also add testimonials from clients to your digital business card. When you’re ready to share your card, a variety of options for doing so are available, including SMS and WhatsApp.

You can add as many social links as you want within the app, to make it easier to distribute your information across all channels. An image gallery is included, so you can feature your business’ products on Instagram and other platforms that emphasize visuals. It even works with Facebook Pixel Tracking, so it helps with your analytics.

Since it’s geared towards increasing conversions via search, on-page search engine optimization (SEO) is facilitated automatically. Web hosting is also included, as are two NFC tags. You’ll also have the option of adding Google Analytics.


Moo’s digital business cards are designed for the mobile age. These cards utilize NFC technology, so you can share your portfolio by tapping a smartphone. Their Business Cards+ offer businesses the tactile appeal of traditional printed cards, with the ease of communication that’s made possible via NFC technology that’s embedded in each card.

You can exchange websites, contact information and other online details without having to type in URLs. If you like to have physical cards, this alternative provides you with that. Each card can be customized via their Paper+ platform, to meet the needs of your organization.

Via Moo’s Paper+, you can see who your card links to and when the connection occurs. You can also have your contact details added to someone’s phone automatically,. Your information can be upgraded easily whenever your business makes adjustments.

Visness Card

Visness Card lets you stand out from your competitors with an innovative card that’s customized to fit your needs. This promotional platform works just like a mini website and is designed from scratch, so each is completely unique.

You’ll have a variety of options for connecting with others, so they’ll have your contact details. These include:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Text
  • QR code

You can make calls or emails with just one click and this digital business card app also has space for videos. All the alternatives in these 10 digital business card apps can be downloaded instantly and Visness Card ensures that you’ll always make a good impression right away.

Tappy Card

With just one tap, the Tappy Card allows your information to be shared with others. You can share your Tik Tok, Instagram, website and other social media channels with just a tap. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Unlike most of the other alternatives on this list of 10 digital business card apps, you don’t have to install an app to use Tappy Card. It can be customized using any colors that match your brand and all of your old business cards can be recycled by using the system. You can add a sales page to your Tappy card, booking clients and closing deals on the go.

Since Tappy is completely web based, you won’t ever need to install an app to use it. Your recipients won’t need to have an app installed on their device to view your sales page and other promotional material. The added Tappy QR code makes this digital business card readable on any other smartphone.

Tap Tag

Tap Tag produces customized business cards made of metal, wood and plastic. Each card utilizes NFC technology to communicate with devices around it. You can add the link for your YouTube channel or any other social media platform to your Tap Tag, making it easy to share your content with a wider audience.

Each durable, reusable Tap Tag can be stuck on your backpack, phone or anything else that you choose. The embedded NFC technology makes it easy to share the menu for your coffee shop, your SoundCloud and other profiles touch free. LinkTree and other landing page generators can also be used to combine multiple profiles under one link, which can be added to your Tap Tag.

The recipient will never need a tag or an app to scan your information. All they’ll need is a tap from a smartphone to connect with you and all of your content. These environmentally friendly tags use materials such as sustainable bamboo and anodized aluminum, to create the look that you desire for your brand.

Vice Co

The Vice digital business card is compatible with all smartphones and an app is never required. All of your social media details can be added to your smartphone via integrated NFC technology. When another phone is used to tap yours, all of your information will be shared instantly.

You can design your own card, ensuring that it matches the needs of your organization. Your brand and its associated data will be placed where your customers spend most of their time, on their phone. All of your data is stored securely on Amazon AWS.

Your card can be made of any durable material that you choose, such as plastic, metal and bamboo. An analytics dashboard comes with each card, no matter what type of material you prefer. This company plants a tree for every card that it sells.

Social Master

Social Master is a digital business card that supports more than 25 networks, making it easy for you to connect your preferred social medial channels. Custom links can be added and even your payment apps can be connected, to facilitate bill sharing on the go.

The custom link fields can be used to add an array of tools to make life easier, such as calendars, menus and more. An app is never needed with this digital business card and you can select highlight mode to only share specific information whenever you tap.

The Social Master adhesive buzz can be easily placed on any flat surface, including the back of your phone, a table or a wall. The surface just has to be clean and it can serve as a hub for sharing your information. This makes Social Master compatible with all smartphones, including all models that use Android and all iOS devices.


Haystack is currently the largest digital business card provider in the world. Their contactless virtual business cards help you to make a distinct first impression, whether you’re a real estate agent or a photographer. Haystack cards can be tracked to provide you with important information on how they’re being used and shared among clients.

None of your clients will need the haystack app to view your card or use it. However, you can use the app to easily add whitepapers and other resources that show your clients how your business can be of benefit to them. Your Haystack card also lets you include images and links to industry reports, making it a useful resource for all stakeholders.

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