Can My PC Run VR Games: Read Before You Purchase

With the improvement in Virtual reality  technology, VR  games are becoming the front runner in new entertainment technology. We believe VR headsets will become a regular house hold appliance by the year 2030. Many people will use VR headsets not just for fun and entertainment, but also for task, simulation training, therapy, medical, and many […]

Why Does My Drone Fly Sideways( 6 Helpful Reasons)

  Some drone pilots experience their drone flying sideways. Why is this? why does your drone fly sideways when you’re trying to fly it straight?  Typically, your drone will fly sideways  because: You’re an inexperienced pilot and don’t know how to properly fly Your propellers are improperly installed or damaged.  GPS Module/ added accessories could […]

What Happens if You don’t register Your Drone