Laptops have become an integral part of our society and daily routines. Laptops have brought high-end features and portability together, and the concept’s popularity has been apparent since its introduction. We get access to work, education, entertainment and numerous other possibilities through laptops. No matter what your daily routine is, there is always a way you can make it more efficient and productive using a computer.

While laptops have become more affordable with time, if you don’t know the market and brands well, you may end up with an inefficient laptop or paying way more than necessary. To understand what price is reasonable for a laptop, you need to consider a good laptop and what brands are the best value for money. Here are a couple of things you need to know about to determine whether a PC is good or not;


The main components that determine the performance of a laptop are its processor, the amount of RAM, the hard disk space, the GPU, and the battery. The processor is the main component of a laptop, as all the calculations happen in it. The GPU is the graphics powering unit, handling everything you see on your display. The battery life plays a vital role in the usefulness of a laptop. Make sure to check out the review before you consider purchasing to make sure that the computer has a reliable battery. All these components are usually built-in and cannot be changed. 

A laptop’s hard disk space determines how much space you would have for your data. The RAM determines how many tasks or applications you can run simultaneously in real-time. These components can usually be swapped out for upgrades if you need more space or RAM. 


The display of your laptop is one of the most essential features. It will make or break the experience for you as everything you do on your laptop will be shown to you on the display. You need high-definition picture quality to get the most out of your gaming, movie watching, or professional experience with your laptop. 

Today’s Laptops typically offer display quality ranging from 720p HD to 4k resolution. 720p is the bare minimum and is only acceptable on budget laptops. Some laptops have added features like a touchscreen and, sometimes, a pen. Both these things can make a huge difference, and the on-screen pen can be a blessing for graphic work. All these features are readily available in budget-friendly laptops too. 

Which Laptop Brand is the Best Value for Your Money?

There is no absolute answer to this question as every individual has different needs, and based on those needs, each brand has its products. Here are some factors that you should consider when deciding on value for money, as not all brands share the same level of services and quality of products;


This is probably the most obvious factor, but comparing the products’ price with the specifications offered compared to other brands establishes the basis of a reasonable deal. You will often find multiple laptops that fit your requirements, sometimes even in the same brand, but there may be a price difference. Carefully compare your options and check reviews to ensure you choose the right laptop.

Brand Reputation

Another essential thing to consider is the brand reputation. Sometimes you may find a laptop priced considerably lower than other competing products despite having similar specifications. In that case, carefully check the laptop’s brand and ensure it is well known. Often low-quality brands set the price point much lower to drive sales, but the product is unsatisfactory. Make sure to buy from a brand with a reliable reputation.

Customer Support

After-sale services are often the last thing on a customer’s mind when purchasing a laptop. While you may never face any issues with your computer, there is still a chance that something might falter. In an unfortunate scenario where your laptop may develop a fault, you need responsive customer care services to help you. Reputed brands often have effective customer care services, helping you resolve unexpected issues.

Now that the basics of value for money have been established, here are laptop brands that offer the best value for money;


Today, Acer is one of the leading laptop manufacturers offering three main laptop series; Aspire, Swift, and Nitro. The Aspire is a budget-friendly series with bare minimum specifications, and the Swift is the middle ground with average specifications and price to suit professionals and students. The Nitro series is for gamers and professionals that need high-end performance.


This Chinese brand was founded in 1984 and has been among the innovating brands in the market ever since. Lenovo has built its name by making durable laptops with extensive battery life. The brand offers the ThinkPad, Yoga, and IdeaPad laptops. The ThinkPad is best suited for business and corporate use. The IdeaPad and Yoga series are great for general users, but the Yoga series comes with a touchscreen laptop that can fold and double as a tablet. If you want a gaming laptop, the Lenovo Legion is one of the most renowned series worldwide.


Asus laptops are known for their high-end specifications and innovative design. The brand offers laptops for business, multimedia, gaming, and basic web browsing. Asus introduced the ROG gaming laptop series and is known to be amongst the top competitors in the gaming market. It also offers the ZenBook and VivoBook, which are suitable for general users. The ZenBook is thin and portable in its design, while the VivoBook is excellent for everyday use.

Is $2000 for a Laptop Too Much?

Based on the device’s specifications, this can be a reasonable or overpriced offer. For $2000, you should get the highest-end specifications in a laptop; 16-32Gbs of RAM, intel core i7 or i9, or an AMD Ryzen 7 or 9 processor, 1Tb SSD, 15.6- or 17.3-inch 1080p or 4k display, and a 12-hour battery time.

Most laptops in this range are gaming laptops with dedicated GPUs and the best RAM, motherboard, and processor technology. Such a laptop should be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously without slowing down or lagging. It can handle demanding tasks like gaming and video editing effortlessly. If you are getting a mid-spec PC in this range, you are paying too much. 

Is $1000 for a Laptop Too Much?

For $1000, you can get a reasonably decent laptop with an Intel Core i5 or i7 or an AMD Ryzen 5 or 7 processor. You can expect 8-16Gbs of RAM coupled with a 512Gb SSD. The battery life of a laptop in this range should last you around 8 hours, and you should get a 15.6-inch display operating at 1080p. 

Such a laptop should be a reliable mid-range device that can handle your routine tasks and some heavy usage. You can enjoy videos with an HD display, and it should be able to take light gaming too. If you get a PC that is suited to this description, then $1000 is a decent deal, but if you are getting a budget pc with low specifications, then it is too much.

Is $500 for a Laptop Too Much?

This is the bare minimum amount you can expect to pay for a new laptop that suits your needs. You can perform basic tasks like web browsing, checking email, watching videos, and doing essential professional work like handling spreadsheets and presentations. 

The average specifications you can expect from a laptop around $500 are; 8Gbs of RAM, Intel Core i3 or i5, an AMD Ryzen 3 or 5, 128-256Gbs of SSD storage, and a full HD 1080p display. You can also expect around 5-7 hours of battery life from a laptop in this range. Based on these specifications, $500 is a justified price.

About the Author: Markeyus Franks

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