6 Tips For Flying a Drone over Water

    When the weather is beautiful, flying a drone over water is the perfect chance to get that picturesque video shot. But some easy pro tips keep your drone safe if you’re flying it within water-based locations. Here are 6 great tips that every drone enthusiast should follow. Vision Position Sensors (VPS) Here’s a highly-debated topic […]

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      Best Projectors For The Money

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        Which Video Conferencing Is The Most Secure

        With the rise in video conferencing applications, security is becoming increasingly more important. Over the last few years, many companies have transitioned to video conference because virtual meetings are quicker and more cost-effective than actually traveling and settingup face to face meetings. Virtual meetings are not exactly new to the web, they have been around […]

          Best Tech Gifts for men who have everything

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          What Size TV is Best For Gaming

          Based on room real estate and gaming experience, we believe a 55 inch is the best size to play games on your TV. A 55inch TV is not the biggest TV and it’s certainly not the smallest, therefore if you’re in a smaller room or live in an apartment, a 55inch would be more ideal. […]

          How Much Does It Cost To Repair a TV

          The cost of owning TV’s are getting lower than ever. You can own a TV set for cheap, but when it breaks, it often has expensive costs to fix it. Usually, labor fees are the bulk of the billy that you pay when you send a TV for repair. Technicians need to catch up and […]

          My TV Has No Sound: 7 Tips that will Help

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          Why Does My TV Keep Turning Off

          6 REASONS WHY YOUR TV KEEPS TURNING OFF Electronic items around your house are always going to show some type of personality. Just because it’s wired with electronics, the term bug’ is never excluded when describing why your TV flips-out. It’s essentially a simple electronic machine and much like a computer, it can have a […]