Why is my projector blurry

It can be so uncomfortable that you have a projector whose image is blurred because that can delay some work or presentation that you have. If a projector is blurred, you may not know what to do to repair it. In addition, there can be many causes that produce the problem. Why is My Projector […]

Top 5 drones that can carry 5lb or more

Drones have become famous because of their ability to take aerial photos. That’s probably the first reason why you want to own a drone. Whether it for personal use or for your business, this gadget has proven to given plenty of benefits to the users such as precision, security, and easy deployment on top of […]

How Do I Connect My Projector to my TV with HDMI

You’ve purchased your projector, popcorn, candy, and drinks. You’ve fluffed your couch cushions and, finally, have come to an agreement on what to watch with your significant other. You’re ready to start having your home-theater experience when you realize: you don’t know how to connect the TV to the projector. Well, we have the solution […]

Can VR Headsets Hurt Your Eyes

Virtual Reality headsets create a sense of presence while playing a game or watching a movie. They allow you to abstract from the outside world and go on a 3D journey. Many people ask if virtual reality headsets are harmful to vision. This question is very relevant for parents. Let’s find out how this gadget […]