6 Tips For Flying a Drone over Water

    When the weather is beautiful, flying a drone over water is the perfect chance to get that picture video shot. But some easy pro tips keep your drone safe if you’re flying it within water-based locations. Here are 6 great tips that every drone enthusiast should follow. Vision Position Sensors (VPS) Here’s a highly-debated topic […]

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        How Far Away Can a Drone Fly From Its Controller?

        How far away can a drone fly from its controller? Typically an average drone can only fly a few meters away from it’s controller, but more expensive drones can fly up to 5 miles and have a flight time of over 31 minutes. Drones are fantastic pieces of kit. Not only are they a ton […]

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          How to Connect a Bluetooth speaker to my laptop, phone, and other devices.

          Connecting a Bluetooth to your laptop and other devices is not as hard as it sounds. Most computers and other systems nowadays are Bluetooth compatible making for an easy speaker setup. If you have an older laptop/computer that’s not compatible with Bluetooth then you will want to purchase a dongle. This will allow you to […]

          How to Make your Home a Smart home

          How to make your home a smart home. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last decade, then you would know that home automation is the thing to do. Many people are deciding to transfer their homes from an older style to a new modern type of home. We call this modern […]

          Best Drawing Software For Windows

          There are so many drawing softwares that can help you to draw your best desired illustrations. These softwares can help you draw the best illustrations in digital form. The interesting thing to know is that having a professional level Software is very easy to access if you own a good device. The following article is […]