The first indication to your family and friends that you wish to celebrate a special occasion in your life is the use of an invitation card. Invitations can be used for formal gatherings or for something as simple as a birthday party. In this article will we will review the best software for creating invitation cards. With sleek features and tons of fun fonts, these softwares will take the difficult part out of creating and help you craft a more professional looking card.





One of the well known web-based design tools that streamline the creative creation of invitation cards and other templates is the online interactive software called Canva. Canva is suitable for those individuals who don’t like installing softwares to create invitation cards, but rather knock it out online. Their platform is very initiuve and they make it easy to build beautiful invitations. Canva has many pre-made invitation card options to choose and edit from to suit your preferences. Also, Canva provides all the necessary tools for editing any template, including the ability to crop images, add shapes, build collages using grids, adding lines, frames, charts, and icons, among other features.


CorelDraw is one of the programs that is mainly recommended due to its graphic and vector drawing tools. Invitation cards can be designed using the software since it provides a quality graphic creation that uses vectors. The benefit of CorelDraw is that both professional and new users can use it. The disadvantage is that it is pricey and can only be purchased as part of the CorelDraw suite package. The software comprises of 6 tools in the graphic suite, and the most recent version has been optimized for windows 10.

CorelDraw also has some new and improved features:

  • A new symmetry mode
  • Creative effects with the block shadow tool
  • New quick and direct post to WordPress, and others


The software is a robust, feature-rich drawing app ideal for seasoned users and businesses with various drawing and customizing needs. The software may require some training since its features and tools are complex. It features more than 280 different sorts of diagrams that you can choose from and an extensive library of examples and templates that you can use to customize various kinds of invitation cards. The software is also compatible with Linux, macOS, and windows. Since Edraw max integrates the features of different programs into one, if your needs are more specific, it could be wiser to buy the software designed for your use.


The illustrator provides the best choice for invitation suites when attractive fonts and typography are essential. You will obtain the smoothest output on your text and illustration and be able to integrate pictures or other pixel-based graphics because the graphics do not consist of pixels. You can use your preferred typefaces, stock graphics, or custom artwork and arrange them according to taste and preference. Due to its extensive development history, its tools are adaptable, solid, durable, and the interface is straightforward and well-designed.


Greeting island provides an ideal option for creating invitations. It offers a wide range of models and subcategories, including ones for 1 year anniversaries, children and adult birthday cards, wedding invites, graduations, and many other features. All you need to do, like with most other tools, is choose the predefined templates and then alter the images elements. You can use this invitation maker tool to send personalized online invitations to friends’ mailboxes or via social media. Additionally, you can manage your time efficiently and effectively since the software lets you concentrate on what matters most.


Evite is also another fantastic choice app for creating invitations. It is explicitly designed to make creating event cards or invitations for anything quick and simple. You can browse the software in various categories with ready-made templates and make your selections based on your needs. Designing your invitation entirely from scratch is also feasible if you don’t want to use a template. Evite’s powerful tools assist its 100+ million yearly customers and their guests host the most acceptable party ever, whether remotely or in person. These capabilities include 4,000+ free and paid personalized invites that you can deliver by email, video chat, or text.


This application is reasonably accessible and simple to use thanks to the drag-and-drop capability, straightforward user interface, and different templates to choose from. In addition to being a smart choice for kids, it teaches individuals to make newsletters and invitation cards from scratch. Lucid Press has a file line that separates intuitive design from restrictive design, as other instruments exist in this area. It represents a valuable tool for students to learn solid design concepts and assignments to encourage them to be innovative, creative, and curious.


Even though this software majorly focuses on logos, it also provides invitation features and tools that can help you customize from a wide range of templates or even create invitation cards without a struggle. The software also enables companies to create brand logos for their products and services quickly. Using experienced designers worldwide as curators, the brand crowd offers a library of different templates and logo designs. With the help of its tools, you can create business cards, company logos, marketing banners, and covers.


Users can quickly create invitations from different templates provided in the software and then convert them into an interactive flipbook with the public. You can create the flipbook from a pdf by converting it, branding it, picking a background and color scheme, and adding interactive hotspots. The flipbook can be made SEO- friendly and shared with readers by being embedded on a website, sent through email, or shared on social media. You can also access the software online without downloading or installing it.


With adobe Photoshop, businesses may edit and improve their digital photos and produce drawings and paintings that can be put on different invitation cards. Designers can also use a single to handle image masking, alpha compositing, and the creation of multi-layered raster pictures. Other functions it offers include managing data storage, live broadcasting, and customizing different templates. Professionals can also invite people to create files and edit photos using this software.


In this digital age, paperless invitations are becoming more and more popular since they are environmentally friendly and affordable. Not only are the invitations used for formal events like weddings and birthday parties, but your family and friends can also receive an invitation to activities such as BBQs, House parties, and camping nights. Using various softwares to make invitations instead of the old fashion paper style, you can upload and edit photographs, modify backgrounds, and incorporate simple animations. This makes the creation of invitation cards easy and efficient.