The AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam is the first integration of the six main AWS tests. This test is said not to be moderately complex if you are familiar with basic AWS technical billing systems.

If you want to set up a career in IT, then being an AWS cloud practitioner is one of the best choices. To pass a cloud practitioner exam, you will need information about several things like salary, advantages, etc.

To be a competent professional in the modern world of technology, you need to be updated with the latest developments and skillset. One of the many in-demand skills you can attain today is knowledge about AWS systems. But like everything in life, you need to put in due effort and time to make AWS cloud management one of your exceptional skills. To get all the essential information about the AWS partitioning exam and whether or not it is worth it, keep reading!

How Difficult is it to Pass the Cloud Practitioner Exam?

Studying for the AWS cloud practitioner test can appear simple to moderately complex, depending on your technical and professional expertise and background. For beginners, passing the AWS cloud practitioner test is relatively tricky as there are many intricacies that one must know before taking the exam. The exam is less complicated if you are familiar with billing software and AWS services.

There are 65 questions in the test and a 90-minute time limit. You must receive at least 700 out of 1000 points (or 70%) to pass the test. This is an initial exam for people who want to learn about or demonstrate their understanding of AWS. Most of the people who have applied for this exam passed successfully with a score of 900 above marks out of 1000. Surveys on the internet and statistics show that people consider AWS easier than other broader certifications.

Is Becoming an AWS Cloud Practitioner Worth it?

AWS offers a wide range of employment prospects, depending on the position or the service. One could decide to work as an architect, developer, or practitioner of the AWS cloud. Or, they could focus on knowledge of AWS media services, machine learning (ML), and storage management. So, taking the cloud practitioner exam is undoubtedly worthwhile, considering its many options.


The target audience for this certification includes managers, salespeople, C-level executives, and marketing assistants—those who require a basic understanding of the AWS cloud. AWS is providing a free online course to help candidates for this certification. Professionals holding an AWS Cloud Practitioner certification make an average of $113,932 annually. Remember that the certificate does not need in-depth expertise in any one service. Instead, it offers an AWS summary to help you prepare for various cloud jobs and occupations. Some of the professions that an AWS cloud certification can lead to are as follows:

Cloud architect for AWS

The technological components must be translated into the design and architecture by a cloud architect to drive the outcome. The average annual salary for an AWS practitioner in the United States is $160,000, according to PayScale.

Administrator of Sysops

A sysops admin oversees and maintains the computer server. They are in charge of running and maintaining the server. PayScale reports that the average annual salary for this AWS practitioner job in the United States is $159,000.

Cloud Architect

They invest much time researching consumer demands, creating systems and solutions, coding, and debugging, among other activities. As a result, they also have to deal with issues related to system architecture’s performance and security. The average annual salary for an AWS practitioner in the United States is $125,000, according to PayScale.

Cloud DevOps

A cloud DevOps engineer in cloud operations assures server dependability and delivery speed while ensuring production-related procedures go without a hitch. Cloud DevOps engineers create software delivery routines, monitor events, and learn from them, utilizing a cloud-based platform in addition to deploying and monitoring services. The average annual salary for an AWS practitioner in the United States is $140,000, according to PayScale.

Exam Cost

The exam for becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, CLF-C01, costs $100. There are no application fees or membership requirements to take the exam, which is the only one you must pass to obtain the certification.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, also known as the CLF-C01 examination, is acceptable for candidates with business or technical backgrounds as long as they can show practical experience with the AWS cloud environment. Candidates will be assessed on a range of subjects during the exam, including the essential AWS services and the benefits of the cloud.


There are three primary advantages of obtaining an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification for IT professionals as follows:

  • Get knowledge of cloud computing or validate it.
  • Rapid route to a higher-paying position.
  • Spend less while getting more.

Likewise for others:

  • Getting ready for the future.
  • More opportunities for expanding one’s professional competence.
  • Receive recognition for your efforts.
  • Show how committed you are.
  • Clearing the AWS certification requires little difficulty.
  • A higher salary.
  • Opportunities to widen your professional network.
  • Employers also receive advantages.


Cloud partitioning is very in-demand, and while it makes this a very profitable field to work in, it brings its complications. Firstly, Amazon EC2 has limited resources of security, images, volumes, and snapshots based on different regions. Furthermore, there is limited information bout resource management as well. Secondly, it has all the inherent issues with cloud-based services; downtime, limited control, and backup protection.

Other Ways to Pass the AWS Practitioner Exam

  • Notes for the Study Guide (20 minutes)

Prepare your post-it notes and label each subsection using the table of contents from the book. The following procedures, which involve watching videos and finishing practice exams, will make it easier for you to browse through your book and notes rapidly within no time.

  • Videos & Exam Practice (2-3 Days, Based on 6-Hour Timeblocks)

Online video resources for the various AWS certification examinations are widely available and include free and commercial options.

  • Use practice tests (3 Days, Based on 6 Hour Timeblocks)

It’s time to start taking practice exams now that you’ve finished watching several hours of videos, finished reading the book, and made notes in the book’s margins. Using at least three distinct exam materials to practice passing exams of various difficulties is best.

  • Plan the Exam (1 Hour)

Now that you are more assured, you can set up your exam to know how much you are prepared for the exam.

Join Online Forums

Participating in online forums and study groups is an excellent idea as you prepare for the certification exam. Connect with other candidates via study forums or online groups to ask questions about a subject you’re having trouble with. Online study groups are a fantastic resource for preparing for the certification exam. They enable you to be surrounded by folks taking the same exam as you.

The following are some of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner-related courses that you may discover on Udemy:

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2022 Amazon Web Services
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2022: Course and Mock Tests
  • NEW AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Certification
  • Cloud Computing
  • Amazon AWS
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional
  • Google Cloud Certification
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • AWS Certified Security – Specialty

From these courses, you can learn concepts and ideas that can aid other applicants in understanding the coursebook’s content more quickly. These communities can help you locate individuals who have already passed the exam and have their collection of best practices. In these groups, you can find additional study materials that aid your knowledge of the exam’s concepts.

Some Study Tips

The study tips provided below will assist you in passing the AWS Cloud Practitioner test.

  • Recommendations for Basic IT Knowledge.
  • Observe the exam summary.
  • Take introductory AWS training courses.
  • Concentrate on the main points.
  • Join the online community or forum for AWS.
  • Become knowledgeable about the subject areas.
  • The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Guide should be read.
  • Start by enrolling in AWS training courses.
  • Acquire Knowledge of the Subjects.
  • Read through the AWS Whitepapers, join an online study group, take the practice tests, and engage in an independent study.


To pass this exam, you will need to put in enough effort and use some ingenuity and the appropriate tools because this exam certainly requires thorough knowledge. It provides comprehensive coverage of AWS in the technical and practical fields.

In general, professionals in this industry make six-figure salaries. Applicants can learn at their speed and around their professional schedules with the help of AWS’s comprehensive learning materials. You can find courses on many online platforms like Udemy and SkillShare to get extra help. With the expansion of new services and products, AWS is expanding quickly. Consequently, your learning path will also continue to develop. Learning AWS and its fundamental concepts will diversify your skills and open doors to many new opportunities, no matter how difficult the exam is.