This is the Ultimate list of Amazon products and services online. Amazon has many different devices and services that most people don’t know about. So we took the liberty to bring all of Amazon to you in one article. Truth be told, Amazon is at the top of the food chain when it comes to eCommerce. If you ask us they just do it the best. But did you know that Amazon doesn’t just offer products, they also have a large selection of services?

Services like Amazon Prime, prime video, and Amazon AWS have become extremely popular and have placed Amazon on a huge map. So without further ado, let’s step into the world of Amazon.


AMAZON Echo 2nd generation

If you are looking to step into the Smart home world, then starting
off with the Amazon Echo 2nd generation is your best bet. The Amazon Echo 2nd generation is slightly smaller than the 1st generation echo and does not have superior speakers, but this is a great device to start your home automation with Alexa. The design of this device is sleek and inviting and Amazon has done a great job of creating a superior voice recognition device. This is the perfect living room device to start your home automation.

Updated devices: Echo 3 generation and 4th generation

Amazon Echo Dot

This is Amazon’s smaller Echo called the dot. If you are just wanting to get started without spending more than $50 dollars, then the echo dot will be the Go-To device for a fast and easy experience. This device is perfect for bedrooms.

Amazon Echo show

This is Amazon’s first video device. The Amazon show functions very similarly to an echo, but in addition, offers a visual interaction. The echo show displays videos( YouTube, Weather, Prime video, movie trailers,), and the ability to communicate with family & friends over video.

Echo Show 10.1 -This is Amazon’s first-generation Echo Show. It comes with a 10.1-inch 1080p screen and premium Dolby speakers. This show is great for bigger living rooms and kitchens.

Echo Show 8 – is Amazon’s 8-inch 1080p HD screen. Perfect for smaller living rooms.

Echo Show 5– This is Amazon’s most popular Echo show. Coming in at 5 inches and a 460p screen resolution, this show is ideal for bedroom alarms and kitchen clocks.

Amazon Echo spot


The Echo Spot is the smaller and cheaper version of the echo show. It’s basically an echo alarm clock with all the best features. The screen size is a lot smaller, but you can still perform the same functions as the Echo Show. 

Amazon Kindle-

The Amazon Kindle device has been around for quite some time. It’s still the best way to read a book without actually reading a book. The sepia tone, black, and white background screen help readers navigate and read from a digital screen as if they were reading a physical book

Amazon Trade Paper-white

The Kindle paperwhite is a Kindle with a white background.
It was created to give users that paper-like feeling when reading. This makes reading a lot easier, especially in the sunlight.


Amazon Kindle Oasis-

The Kindle oasis is an amazing Kindle. It comes with a sealed Aluminum case which is the only metal Kindle available. This particular Kindle is waterproof, so users can take it to the swimming pool or lake without fear of water damage. You can also listen to audiobooks via Bluetooth headphones


Amazon Fire 8 HD Kid Edition

This is about as good as it gets for an all-kid tablet. The Fire 8 HD is targeted at kids on the older end of the spectrum. These are kids that are too old for standard kindles, but still at an age where a regular tablet may be too much. This Amazon fire HD has a 1080P screen resolution, 1.8GHz process, and 32BGSram. This device also comes with a durable blue or pink shell.

Amazon Firestick-

Now, this is a familiar device that’s been around for a while. The Amazon fire stick is a small streaming device that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. The unit is powered by either the TV itself or a separate power adapter. The Fire TV supports a 1080p resolution. There is also a new Version that supports 4k resolution. The Firestick gives you the ability to access streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Est… if you don’t own a smart TV. 

Amazon Fire TV cube

Next on the list is the Amazon Fire TV Cube. This is the ultimate TV device that can replace your remote. With a large selection of TV compatibility lists, the TV cube can control basic and advanced commands from your mouth. This device runs a 4K image at 60 hertz and will give the Amazon Firestick run for its money. The device is also Alexa enabled, So you can enjoy using Amazon Alexa voice commands with your TV. 

Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon has stepped into the home security business by creating its very own cloud cam. The cloud camera displays a 1080P resolution giving users the ability to see live footage in higher definition. Customers will also get 24 hours of free recording before they have to purchase a subscription. Please note: This product was discontinued in October of 2019

Amazon Microwave

Amazon has recently released its very own microwave, but it’s not just any microwave, this device comes packed with Alex commands ready to go. please note that you must have an echo device to work with the microwave.


  • Set timers with your voice.
  • Microwave only 700 Watts.
  • Child Lock



Amazon Services


Amazon is not just known for its unique products, but also for its amazing services. Did you know, that the Amazon family offers many different services for their members and non-members? Unfortunately, most people are only aware of their popular services and miss out on some really cool offers. In this article, we also added a service list to help you become more aware of what Amazon offers.

Amazon AWS

AWS Is Amazon’s popular cloud platform hosting many different services. AWS was created in 2006 and at that time Amazon only offered a cloud storage service, but now they have dozens of cloud services ranging from storage services to hosting entire data centers. Where Amazon AWS really wins is it gives its customer’s a top-level cloud experience while at the same time saving them tons of money. Imagine hosting your entire data center in the cloud and not having to worry about any physical machines; talk about security and redundancy all at the same time. Amazon AWS is perfect for all business sizes looking to scale or save money.

Amazon Business

Amazon Business- Amazon Business is a marketplace for businesses on Amazon. It’s similar to having an Amazon prime account, but instead, it’s strictly for businesses. With the Amazon business service, customers will instantly have access to millions of business products and discounts. They will also be able to create multiple users with different buying restrictions and permissions.

Amazon Music-

Amazon Music is a subscription service made by Amazon. It has over 60 million songs that can be purchased and played by the sound of your voice. The great thing about Amazon music is that the entire stream service is Ad-less, so you can listen to all the songs you want without being interrupted. Another great feature of Amazon music is that you get to play it on all your devices. (phone, tablets, PC, Mac, Amazon Echo, & Fire Stick) Try a 30 day free trial of Amazon Music unlimited today.

Amazon Baby Registry

With Amazon baby registry, you can create your registry with the benefit of having a massive product Inventory at your fingertips. Amazon also allows a 365-day return policy upon shipment and a 10% product completion discount. So strap in and experience one of the best baby registries online. Learn more at Amazon baby Registry

Amazon Family

Amazon family, formally known as Amazon Mom, is a family discount program that’s included with a Prime membership. If you’re not ready to purchase a prime membership then try out Amazon family for 30 days to see if you like it. After signing up for the program, Amazon will periodically send you product discounts off of diapers, baby food, parenting tips, and a 15% discount on registered completion. This program is well worth it for new parents.

Amazon Home Services

Amazon home services are where customers can purchase professional home services such as furniture assembly, TV-Wall mounting, plumbing, and house cleaning est… in their location. With Amazon home services, you never have to search for home contractors again. All contractors are properly vetted and handpicked by Amazon.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

Amazon Prime is a popular membership program that gives its customers discounts on products, fast shipping (2 days, 1 day, and same day),  free access to thousands of videos, music, and free E-Books. You are also able to download one free Ebook a month. That’s 12 Ebooks a year.

Amazon prime also offers streaming music Services to its prime members. This service features unlimited songs, skips, and access to over 2 million songs in their database.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime offers Video streaming services to its prime members. Prime Video gives customers access to thousands of movies, documentaries, TV shows, and Amazon originals. Amazon Prime is very popular and easily rivals Netflix and HULU. If you are thinking about trying out Prime video, but are not quite sold, then you’re in luck, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial to get your feet wet.

Amazon Prime Student

Amazon offers a discount membership for any college student wanting to sign up. With this membership, you get access to all prime benefits (2day/Same-day shipping, Prime Video, & music) You can sign up for a free six-month trial today to see if you like the program.

Amazon Wedding Registry

Much like Amazon’s baby register, Amazon’s wedding allows you to access millions of products at your fingertips. The program offers a 20% discount on all products left on the list and allows returns for up to 180 days. Set up your Wedding registry with Amazon today.

Amazon Audible

Amazon Audible is an Amazon company that offers audiobooks to its members. Audible currently has over 420,000 audiobooks in its library, many of which are best sellers. Please note, that this program is a separate subscription that’s not included with Amazon prime. So if you are the type of person who finds it easier to listen to a book rather than listen, then this is the program for you. Try the Amazon Audible 30 day free trial today.

Audible Romance

Audible Romance is a separate subscription that gives you access to thousands of Romantic
Audiobooks. If you’re a hopeless romantic then this is the perfect subscription for you. Try a 30-day free trial today, you won’t be disappointed.

Prime Twitch Account

Is an Amazon Prime live streaming video service for games. Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014. With this service, you get access to thousands of live streaming and on-demand videos. This is by far the largest and most popular game streaming service online. Twitch is included with Amazon prime, so if you already have it, then all you need to do is activate your twitch account.


  • Dozens of game downloads
  • 5+ free computer games each month 
  • Free in-game loot monthly (characters, Vehicles, skins, est…)Ad-Free viewing

Amazon prime pantry-

Amazon Prime Pantry is an online grocery store where customers can shop at the convenience of their own homes. They offer a flat shipping rate of $5.99, but prime members will receive free shipping for orders $35 and above.

Features: Free delivery on orders above $35 for Prime members

• Access to thousands of Grocery products.

Able to buy again with one button

Access to deals and savings.


Amazon Freetime


Amazon Freetime is an Amazon subscription service for kids. It gives kids access to thousands of books, movies, TV shows, and learning apps. With over 20,000 apps and strong parental controls, this is the perfect service to balance entertainment and education for your kids. It’s the perfect app for kids to learn and have fun on. Compatible Devices: fire tablet, fire TV, Echo, Kindle, Android, IOS, Chrome OS. Ages: 3-5, 6-8, -9-12. Click here to learn more

Amazon Fresh Products

Amazon Fresh Products is another online grocery store provided by Amazon. This particular store is only available to Prime members and offers free delivery for orders that meet the local minimum. Orders that do not meet the local minimum are subject to a $4.99-$9.99 shipping Fee. Amazon Fresh is like a real grocery store at your fingertips. Whereas Amazon pantry only gives access to pantry items in bulk and cleaning supplies. With Amazon Fresh, you can also have grocers delivered to your house or picked up. Please note: Pickup is free in select cities regardless of order minimum or maximum.


  • Order Whole food products
  • Same-day pickup/deliver
  • Deals & Savings

Amazon KDP

This is Amazon’s self-publishing Ebook service. With KDP you can easily create and market your Ebook on Amazon. This is a groundbreaking service, giving customer’s the power to self-publish their own book instead of going thru a traditional publishing company.