To answer the question is 3d printing profitable? The answer is most certainly yes, but 3d printing is still very new, so at this time the market is wide open. All it takes is a little bit of hard work mixed with creativity and you can create a booming 3d business.


 5 ways to make money with 3d printing


  1. make and share your own designs. Owning a 3d printer scrape, but you don’t necessarily need one to make money instead you can make and sell your own designs and websites such as blank. This is a good way to start off without spending a significant amount of money on a 3d printer all you have to do is create a design and have the 3d printer manufacturer create your model on demand. allows you to make easily easily make and sell your design without much hassle. This is a surefire way to jumpstart your 3d business. Find out what types of designs are popular with reprinting and teach yourself how to make it if you have a bigger project and don’t exactly know what type of design you want, you can work with a designer professional to come up with clear pictures of what you want.


  1. Sell your 3d models to consumers. this could be by far one of the most popular ways to make money. you can make your own products on younique products and sell them on major platforms such as ebay amazon or your own website . what’s the cost of 3d printing going down, as far as material you can scale pretty fast. you can also customize and design products that people give such as laptops mugs tables etc. below you will find a list of product ideas that you can capitalize on


  1. Make design prototypes for businesses. this is a cool gig that pays great you can start a business that provides 3 premium services for businesses many businesses need prototypes for expansions in design purposes so instead of using a computer you can provide a 3d model for companies the market is wide open for this type of work you can still sell you can  sell office decor prototypes models for architecture in real estate.


  1. Teach online courses: You can teach online courses on different social media platforms online.  3d printing is still fairly new and there are many people trying to learn how to get into this, but have no clue where to start.


How to start this teaching course? you can create courses through different social media outlets, such as Youtube, Udemy,  Fiverr, or on your own website. You can even write an E-book and sell it on amazon. So if you have been doing this type of work for a while, then create online courses to help people better their skills. The good news about uploading a video and selling it is that you only have to do it once then you can benefit from it  years to come.


  1. Create an on-demand printing business.  If you have a 3d printer then try to buy a few more good industrial 3d printers and make an online 3d printing business out of it.  You can have customers submit their designs on your website and you then could charge them a fee for printing their designs on your printer. You can also work with customers who have a big projects and I’m not really sure what exactly want to print and help them accordingly making your own 3d prints can be very profitable . at this time competition is still low so the market is pretty much wide open. I will suggest you watch a couple of videos and pay for some online courses to help you get started.


Product ideas for 3d printing


Old car parts. With a 3d printer, you can actually create old car parts that are not being made anymore. This is a great opportunity because there are many car hobbyists trying to get older car parts for their special projects. So instead of serching high and low for older car parts, you can provide cusomers with a 3d model version in a fraction of the price and time.


Phone Accessories– You can use your 3d printer to create new phone accessorries. Phones are everywhere nowadays and many people love to cusotomize them. Why not create a 3d model phone case and sell it on major eccomerce platforms. If you come up with a popular design, you can scale this pretty well.


Print 3d Shoes – You could 3d print shoes. Yes with the right 3d printer, you can create 3d printed shoes for consumers, but please be aware of the legal liabilities. You can’t take or replicate a design from other shoe businesses.


Real estate Models– You can create advanced  building designs for companies looking to get a 3d model for future structures. This could be a lucrative business for anyone wanting to learn .


3d Toys– You can create Toys and sell them online.  Just remember make sure the toys are unique and don’t follow another company’s design, otherwise you could face legal issues. The great thing about creating 3d toys is now you have the capability of designing your own toy without going to the store to buy them. Just think about all the cool toys you can create for your kids and not have to buy them.


Home Decor– This is probably the easiest and most wide spread 3d business you can have. You can create all kinds of Home decor products such as remote control holders, vases, cup holders, coffee table ornaments, candles, lamps and much more. Most home decor products are already customizable, so you won’t run into any legal road blocks.

Best 3d printers to start a business


Flash Forge 3d Printer