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How Much Do Online 3d Printing Services Cost

How Much Do Online 3d Printing Services Cost


In a digital world, everyone wants to be updated, go with the trend, and want to buy things that are new in the market. Technology is always changing especially with the use of gadgets and different high-end machines that can save your effort, money, and resources. One of the innovations that happened in the printing industry is 3D Printing that even online, 3D printing services are being offered to cater to your needs in a faster way and stress-free. Let us know first what 3D printing is.

3D PRINTING Is also known as additive manufacturing and it is a process of creating 3D or three-dimensional objects layer-by-layer using a created design from the computer. Objects must have length, weight, and height or three-dimensional figures as one of the characteristics of 3D printing. The result of 3D printing is high quality and resolution and it creates less material wastage. 3D printing is very useful to these industries like automotive, rail, aerospace, medical, and robotics. The processing time of 3D printing depends on the desired quality of an object, it can take from a few minutes, hours, or even days as there are important factors to consider like the volume of materials like the sizes of the part of the objects being added and melt, speed and resolution. 3D Printing Services provides wire and arc additive manufacturing, laser deposition, selective laser melting, EB powder bed fusion small-scale prototyping, and electron beam additive manufacturing. HOW MUCH DO ONLINE 3D PRINTING SERVICES COST? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

THE REASON WHY MANY PEOPLE USED 3D printing services instead of doing it by themselves, it’s because the process is complex and if you don’t have the skills like designing, layering, post-processing skills and you don’t know how to fully operate all the machines being used, do you think you can make this all by yourselves especially if you are just a beginner? This complicated process needs time, skills, patience, and accuracy from the workers or servicemen in 3D Printing Services. 3D printing service providers can produce geometries items that are difficult or impossible for an ordinary person to produce. They can perfectly edit designs, manipulate customized parts, and create a prototype. Online 3D printing services will also save your time and effort because you are just the info online through their sites.


The cost of 3D Printing Services depends on the scale of your project. THE AVERAGE COST CAN BE AS LOW AS $30 OR AS HIGH AS $15,000 as there are factors to be considered like the industrial 3D printers being used, overhead costs like the type of materials, post-processing, and the labor of the serviceman. There are different components needed which contribute to the cost of the part like print preparation cost, hourly printing cost, post-processing cost, cost of printing materials, error cost, maintenance cost, and employees training cost. The larger your product, the more time it needs for the 3D printer to finish the project. So expect also that the printing cost is above average. There are also software applications like 3D printing price calculators for you to have an estimated total cost if you want to avail the services they offer online.


These are some advantages of 3D Printing Services:

  • IT SAVES TIME FOR A PERSON OR MANUFACTURER who wants to avail of their services.
  • THERE IS A HIGH DEGREE OF PRECISION AND ACCURACY because of their high-end printers and machines being used.
  • IT REDUCES COST LIKE START-UP COSTS IS AFFORDABLE. The costs related to this manufacturing process are just low.
  • COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE. Any product alterations can be easily done because the process is based upon computed-aide designs.
  • IDEAL FOR PROTOTYPING. This process is ideal for prototyping because the creation of the products is faster compared in the manufacturing company.


These are some disadvantages of 3D Printing Services:

  • ACCURACY CAN BE LIMITED. Some printers who have lower tolerances than other high-end desktop printers which can affect the printing of final parts as there are slight differences to the original designs. The accuracy of printed parts will depend also on the type of machine being used.
  • PARTS CAN HAVE LOWER STRENGTH COMPARED WITH TRADITIONAL MANUFACTURERS. 3D parts are just made layer by layer and those parts do not have a strong foundation and support than with traditional manufacturers.
  • EXPENSIVE COST AT HIGH VOLUME. Large production needs higher costs because of the complexity of parts being used. If you want to maintain its accuracy, you need to invest more money to attain the desired output you want to have.


1.TREATSTOCK.COM – is a smart online platform that focuses on providing advanced technology infrastructures such as 3D printing, CNC machining, 3D design, and product supply, cutting, and engraving for its customers, suppliers, and manufacturers. This is one of the best online 3D printing services because they can be trusted like they have financial security features for your payment online and they are transparent like all of your orders have receipts in the form of e-statements which you can download on their sites. One good thing here is there is no transaction fee on your payout orders. Your order will be processed automatically and customers can have personal access to accurate and fast information about the cost of 3D printing. Treatstock has a 3D model selling platform that invites artists to open storefronts for them to upload their designs so that customers can choose and purchase orders online. They also have a handful of special features on their app like enabling the creation of braille labels for the visually impaired person. https://www.treatstock.com/

2.XOMETRY.COM – offers a wide range of solutions to assist and help you in developing prototypes and scaling production parts. You can customize parts on demand using over 70 materials and 15 processes. They also have massive network capacity like they have a network of over 5,000 highly manufacturers and a team of skilled application engineers who are always ready to help you. They are ISO certified and ITAR registered which proves that their services are quality guaranteed. In a matter of clicks, you can get pricing, design for manufacturing feedback, and lead times instantly. Their precision applications are best for aerospace and defense, medical, robotics, automotive, consumer electronics industries, and industrial. One of their advocacy is the “Xometry Go Green Initiative” in which they are committed to promoting environmental sustainability in all of their services. https://www.xometry.com/

3.AUTODESK.COM – Their mission is “empowering innovators with designs and making technology so that they can achieve the new possibilities.” They bring new ideas, new experiences, and new value to all of their customers to help them create new opportunities and advance their capabilities. Autodesk leads in 3D designs, entertainment, and engineering software. Their products and services offered are free product trials, 3D modeling, 3D animation, 3D CAD software, drafting, civil engineering, product design, manufacturing, find by industry and industry collections. Their printing software provides customers with the right tools to use, the ability to flexibly think, and power to transform what needs to be done. https://www.autodesk.com/company

4.DYNAMISM.COM – is the supplier of Desktop 3D printers in the US. They are experts in both industrial and also in Desktop 3D printing. They also supply SLS, ultrafast industrial printers, and next-generation metal. The benefits they provide to their customers are curated selection, fast shipping, and unlimited toll-free support. They are dedicated to giving exceptional service to every customer to earn their trust and loyalty. You can check on their site for you to shop and purchase orders and they also offer discounts for you to avail yourself. https://www.dynamism.com/

5.HUBS.COM – focuses on 3D printing facilitated by local enthusiasts and professionals. Hubs leverage a global network of 2,400 3D printing machines which means their customers get competitive prices and fast lead times. They specialize in 5 processes, bringing everything you need for customized 3D printing projects. They also help mechanical engineers in creating customized 3D printed parts for application in different sectors and industries. You will have instant 3D printing quotes for up to 1,000 parts by uploading your CAD file and all uploads that you have are fully secure and confidential. Their lead time is as fast as 1 business day. They have quality features such as rapid prototyping and full-scale production and ISO9001, ISO13485, AS9100 certified manufacturing partners. https://www.hubs.com/3d-printing/

This 3D Printing manufacturing technology is not yet fully developed because they are in the initial stage of development but it is promising and will soon reach its peak as we can see more advantages from this since technology keeps on evolving and upgrading. Time might come, robots will replace human labor in the industry. But for now, let us take advantage of this 3D Printing Service and enjoy the quality result it brings. Choose one of those online 3D printing services mentioned above because the question to consider is not only on HOW MUCH DO ONLINE 3D PRINTING SERVICES COST but also you need to consider the good quality and fast service they provide.

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