To answer the question of which TV is better for bright rooms. Although OLED TVs have deeper blacks and better picture quality, the QLED TV has a better display technology thats suited for brighter rooms.

If you are thinking about purchasing an old or Quid but don’t know which one will work better in your living room, then you’ve come to the right place. Old h allied de currently th top TV technologies out right now, but first before we go into which works better in bright rooms, lets explore the two different types of technologies these Tus are made out of

What is Oled Technology?

This is the latest TV technology on the market. Instead of using a backlight to light the TV’s pixels, the Oled technology has an organic light-emitting diode that produces its own lights This is said to be a better technology simply because it does not leave any motion-blur like the LCD/ LED TV technology. This technology also makes black levels much deeper because there is no backlight over powering the black levels. For example, if your TV is showing a scene that is mostly black, with an Oled TV those blacks will appear darker than a QLED LCD/LED. This is why Oled TVs look like pieces of high-end Art, The TV basically lights up where it needs to instead of using a backlight to light up an entire sector of the TV.

Although Oled TVs have better quality picture and color accuracy, they are not the best when A comes to very bright rooms. The reason for this is because they don’t have bade light to brighten the screen.

What is QLED Technology?

Qled technology -This type of technology is more traditional approaches the ailed’s hin layer of quantum-dot filter that is placed between LCD screen and LEs backlight. This filter help the mine the unnecessary backlight exposure While at the same time emitting brighter ; more vibrant Cedars than an full Aran Led and an Old TV. Ailed led are great TV’s and will compete compecltuly with Old’s.

The clear Winner here is gong to be the Qled TV, This TV still has a black light therefore WM perform better in bright rooms. Not saying that an old this not great

but when A comes to bright rooms, the better choral would be the allied.

The Top 3 Oled/Qled TVs to consider are below:


LG C2 series is one of LG’s best Oled TV currently on the market. With its amazing picture quality, infinite contrast, deep blades, and brighter picture, this TV is truly a masterpiece. LG has gone out of its way to create a 20% brighter image for brighter rooms. The LG C2 comes equipped with an A9 Gen 5 AI 4K processor that will autumnally adjust your TV settings based on the Program being watched.

TV specs:

  • Display type – OLES Evo Display
  • Processor – A9 Gens 5 Al processor 4K
  • G-Sync – yes
  • Dolby Vision/Atmos- Yes/ Yes
  • Cloud gaming – yes
  • HDMI USB Ports -4/3


Samsung Oled 4k 595 TB series –

Obed 4K 595 B series -This Samsung top-of-the-line Oled TV. It comes With a neural quantum processor 4K with refresh rates of up to 120 Hz. The Samsung OLED has 8.3 million specially engineered self-illuminating pixels making for an extremely vibrant picture with great deep Blacks. The TV also has ultrawide viewing angles. So You can view a superior picture from virtually anywhere in the room.

TV Specs:

  • 3 Say OLES 55-inch Braving Xe Alok
  • New TV specs
  • up to 4 times increased brightness reaching 2, Laurits. Older 16 s had G hit of Soo-loo boto brighter images
  • Jodo Wider Angle with up to 160 degrees
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • clearer Picture

Sony Bravia XR OLED

The Sony Brain is a XR Afoot is Sony version of an Obed TV. This TV has an overall

brilliant picture; it delivers amazon natural cellar, real deep blacks, and great contrast. The TV is equipped an XC contrast pro technology which sets it apart from other deeds. The processor helps bring out more realistic and accurate colors and on outstanding brightness. This TV is also great for gaming, it has a low input lag (7.5 m) and supports had Mi 2 l features such as 4K (120 h VRNIALUM.

New Oled TV Technology

This year LG is debuting a new type of old technology. This technology is called Meta technology which uses a Microlens array with extra software to increase the Obed to brightness. This technology will achieve up to 60% more brightness and 30% wider viewing angles. That’s a great move for LG because they haul finally addressed the brightness problems with their Oved TVs.

New Samsung TV Technology

Samsung has recently released their Quantum Dot Led panel that can reach a brightness

up to Isao nit, but at the CES they introduced a new Old panel that can 90 over 2, ca nits.

This new technology



Why is my Oled TV so Dim?

Generally, Oled TVs are dimmer than LCD/LED screens because they don’t have a dedicated backlight to help illuminate their pixels. The pixel’s lighting source is self-generated making for deeper blacks and better picture quality.