If you want to be a successful Tech entrepreneur but don’t know where to start then you’re not alone. Surprisingly, many people are capable of being excellent entrepreneurs, but most just need a little boost to help them out. The only difference between working a 9 to 5 and running a business is your mindset. Either way, working for someone or for yourself, you will still have to put in the work.  Unfortunately, with a regular paying job  your earning potentials are set as they usually will pay you based on your unique value, but with a business your earning potentials are unlimited.

Here at Plenty of Gadgets, we’ve created an excellent article to help you get started on your business adventure. In order to make money you have to spend money and in order to be great at something you have to put in the work.   Take a look at these 5 Tech startup ideas to make money and choose which one works best for you. Once you choose that one gig you’re interested in then try to take that leap of faith to start making extra money .

1. Buy  a DLSR camera  to make money

These cameras are pretty much at the top of the food chain when it comes to purchasing a good camera.  They have an awesome array of settings both automatic and manual to help craft out the perfect picture.  If you are a beginner then it’s best to just leave all settings on automatic. Even on automatic, you can take incredible pictures at the push of a button.

A DLSR camera also comes with an entire fleet of lenses you can purchase as accessories. These lenses will help you take amazing shots at different focal points and depths.  Not only does this camera have an incredible picture output, it also has the ability to record amazing videos.  To be honest, these cameras would properly be the perfect camera to shoot small /Indie videos.

How can a DLSR camera make you money

1. This camera can make you money in many different ways. Let’s go over a few.  One of the easiest ways to make money is to start a photography hobby that will later be turned into a business.  Take a month or two to work on your skills then ask family and friends if they want to take individual or family pictures.  Don’t charge much at first because you’re still learning.  After you have improved on your photography skill-set, then you can start to branch out place ads on Facebook, newspapers or Craiglist.  With the type of selfish world we live in today, being able to take good pictures is definitely in demand.

2.  Take Realestate pictures.  This is kind of an unusual gig but can be very rewarding. You can take images of houses, land and commercial businesses for money. Many real estate companies throw half baked images on websites such as Zillow and homes.com in hopes of making a sale.  We all know that a picture says a thousand words, but a grainy and blurry image made from an iPhone camera is easily noticeable.

3. Create videos for people. Making videos on a DLSR camera is fairly easy, and with the right amount of experience, you can become pretty good at it.  Many people are looking for professional videos for particular gigs such as weddings, graduations, conferences, music videos, and movies.  If you can learn to shoot great videos and get really good at editing them, then you can make some great money doing this.

2. Purchase a 3d Printer

This type of gadget is still fairly new, so it’s potential is mostly untapped.  A 3d printer is basically a printer that can create 3d objects instead of two-dimensional images.  This is amazing is you ask us because you can basically print objects that would have otherwise had to of been manufactured.  With a 3d printer, you can print just about anything from toys,  crafts, tools and much more.  This is definitely a money maker and if managed right, you could grow this gig to a lucrative business.

How Can you make money with 3d printing?

You can make money with 3d printing in many different ways. Here are a few:

1. Create and Sell print designs– Create your own designs from scratch and sell them to major 3d printing services

2. Create models and sell– Create your own unique products, such as decorative ornaments, phone cases, toys, and much more.

3. Create 3d models for business– Create 3d building designs for organizations. You can also create house designs for realtors.

Here’s a very popular 3d printer on Amazon if you want to get started sooner than later. If you would like to know more about 3d printers, please visit this article on the profitability of 3d printing.

3. Drone real estate photography-

This is a rising money maker with great potential. More and more realtors are wanting to ariel shots of their properties. Many consumers not only want to see the inside of their potential future house, but they would also like to see the lot size and an ariel view. Using a drone,  you can do both well. With a drone, you can give them compelling photos that will help with the buying process.

You can also film short movies and commercials. There are many companies trying to get that perfect aerial footage for their movies or commercial.  And unlike older films, where they had to rent an expensive plane or helicopter, you can just use your drone to capture beautiful cinematic scenarios for a fraction of the cost.  An easy way to get started is to place an advertisement on Facebook or Craigslist stating that you’re an ariel film photographer/videographer looking to do work. It’s probably best to do your first few jobs for little to no money to build up your portfolio. Also, if you want to be good it’s best to learn how to edit photos and videos really well.

How to get started in Ariel drone Photography?

Best way to get started is to first practice flying your drone until you become somewhat of an expert at it. You don’t want to crash an expensive drone by not knowing how to fly.  Second, start leaving your contact information at different real estate companies.  Make sure you keep a good portfolio on you and be ready to share what you can provide at all times. Next send out the ad to major social media sites such as Craiglist, Facebook, est. If you are really serious, then create an aerial photography website and offer services to your entire city.

More ways to make money with drone photography

  • Landscaping– You can work with a landscaping company to take pictures and videos of houses and commercial residents. You can definitely cover more ground faster with a drone then walking around.
  • Agriculture– Many agriculture companies are turning to drones to watch over their crops. You can offer your services to watch crops to make sure they’re growing properly.
  • Sports events- Many sports events are now looking to drones to help capture fans, fun and overall scenery.
  • Create/Sell photos on stock websites– You can take beautiful aerial photos and videos and sell them to an online photo site like stock photo.com

Here’s a drone on Amazon with great reviews->  The DJI Phantom.  This drone is by far one of the best and  will definitely get you stated in photography business.

4.   Start an E-Bike Business

You can purchase e-bikes and start a rental business.  Yes, this may take some upfront cost, but the long term potential is outstanding. For example, you can charge a rider $25 dollars an hour.  Now imagine having 10 Ebikes all in use at the same time for one hour.  That’s 250 an hour. Imagine if you could scale this and have up to 50 E-bikes in multiple locations and offer an all-day package; Your profit margin would be very high.  Now let’s be realistic here, that price can go up and down depending on the area your in, but it’s still very scalable. 

Some may say, why start an e-bike business where electric scooters are so popular? Well, Ebikes are very popular as well, you just don’t see many of them because of the price.  Also, you can take ebikes pretty much on any terrain, whereas with scooters you pretty much would have to stick to paved roads.  So don’t count out targeting rental services for hardcore bike trails. You also might want to take into consideration that e-bikes promote a healthy life experience because all e-bikes come with a peddle assist feature that helps you peddle when needed.  This is great because even though you are getting help, you are still exercising. With that feature alone, your customer can enjoy your bikes all day long without getting exhausted.

Here are some good e-bikes to purchase from Amazon, but take into consideration where and who will be riding your bikes because you may have to upgrade to a commercial type of bike that’s more durable and has better quality.  One good thing about having an e-bike business is that you don’t have to start off big.  If you want you can just start off with two e-bikes and rent them out by placing online and local ads. This is a huge business opportunity that’s currently undeveloped. Also note: Please make sure the companies you purchase your ebike from allow rentals. This may not be a big deal if you are small, but when you are running a big ebike business, then you more than likely going to want to purchase wholesale ebikes where you can have your own brand.


Take look at these Three Ebikes on Amazon that can get you started:

1. SwagCycle EB-5 Pro-

This is the most popular Ebike on Amazon and has 100s of reviews. If you like to get into the ebike business or just want a good first Ebike then this is the cheapest and easiest way to do it. This bike has two settings, Peddle assist(Peddle while your motor is going) and all electric( No peddle just electric motor) Check prices for the SwagCycle EB-5Pro on Amazon

 2. ANCHEER 2019 New Electric Mountain Bike 26” Electric Bicycle-

This is a very popular electric mountain bike that makes riding a bike in the woods fun again. Imagine finally having the peddle assist help to go up hills and mountains without much energy. With that type of help, you can ride your ebike all day. This is a great bike for tourist, campers, and hikers. Check prices for Ancheer 2019 New Electric Mountain Bike on Amazon

3. DJ City Bike 750W electric bike-

This is a great commercial bike for getting around the city. If you are serious about starting an E-bike business then you should start off with this bike or others in the same price range. THe DJ City Bike 750W

Visit www.electricbikecity.com for commercial wholesale ebikes.

5. Purchase a Cricut Machine Maker.

This is an incredible little machine that can make you a lot of money.  The Cricut Machine is basically an advance printer that comes with a blade. This blade enables it to cut through paper, fabric, and vinyl. From making t-shirts, mousepads,  and coffee mug designs,  you can make all kinds of cool products to sell with this machine. For less than $300 you can purchase one of these machines, and instantly start a business. Cricket has a robust print directory where you have access to thousands of professional designs to use with your products.

How to make money with Cricut maker

Introduce yourself to this machine, by reading and watching videos. also, read reviews to see what people are saying. Next, find out what type of product you want to sell. The Cricut machine can produce designs for many different products. Here are a few: T-shirts, Mousepads, home decor, labels, food decoration,  and Vinyl.

7 Product Ideas for the Cricut

  1. Bumper Stickers: You can create and sell unique bumper stickers and sell them on eBay, Etsy, Amazon, or Craiglist.
  2. Glass Mirrors: You can make designs for class mirror/windows and sell them online or your local flea market
  3. Home Decor: Design unique saying for home decor products and sell them on Pinterest, eBay, your website, or local market
  4. T-shirt business– This is probably the most popular reason why people purchase this device. You can start your very own T-Shirt business. With Cricut directory, you can use their royalty-free pictures and put together some awesome t-shirt designs.
  5. Coffee Mugs– You can create designs for coffee mugs.
  6. Door Mats–  You can create custom seasonal designs for doormats
  7. Kitchen Towels– You can create funny kitchen towel designs and sell them online.


Above are 5 tech side gigs that can make you extra money today. If you’re looking for a side gig or want to start a new business then we recommend that you consider some of these options. If you’re creative and a hard worker, then you can make great money with any of the gigs mentioned above.  Although each item does require an initial start-up cost, the returns will far out weigh it year after year.