If your the type of guy that loves being outdoors, but at the same time nerds over gadgets and gizmos, then by all means keep reading.  Here at Plenty of Gadgets we have formulated a list of useful gadgets for tactical situations. These are by far some of the best gadgets to use in tactical situation. Check them out

1. Ororo Men’s soft shell

The Ororo heated jacket is a popular jacket for extra comfort in cold weather. The jacket comes with two carbon fiber heating elements across the chest. The heating elements are powered by a 7.4L battery that’s included. The battery will easily provide constant heat for up to 10 hours. This is a perfect jacket for camping, hunting, and any other outdoor activity.

2. URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG iPhone Rugged Card Case

Smartphones are a lifeline these days. We use them not just for communication but also for navigation. That is why, when heading outdoors, you need to make sure that your smartphone is entirely protected. The rugged card case which we are discussing now can hold not only credit cards but also protect your iPhone. It means that it is multipurpose and can help you in more ways than one. With the help of a storage compartment, you can store up to 4credit cards and cash as well.The weight of the case in itself is pretty low, which allows you to mount it on your iPhone quite easily.

It uses the impact resistant core that can protect your iPhone in case of any fall. With the help of rubber screen-lip and rear skid pads, there is 360 protection for your iPhone. Moreover, it consists of oversized charger ports, which can help you charge your iPhone quickly without removing it from the case. It even meets the military drop test, which makes it much better than other options. The combination of these security features with the use of rugged materials makes it an excellent choice.

This is the perfect bag for outdoor activities. You can wear this bag on your waist or strap it to your leg when you’re performing outdoor activities. This Tactical waist bag has plenty of small pockets that can hold knives, your keys, your flashlight, and a cellphone. This is another great tactical gadget/gear to add to your collection.

Features: Can hold four credit cards and cash Lightweight Nonskid pads Survives the military drop test

3. Mr. Heater

Mr. heater is an indoor-safe propane heater that can heat up to a range of 95 square feet. This is perfect for a tent or a small hunting cabin. The heater uses a 1lb propane canister that can heat an area for five hours non-stop. So instead of creating a fire and attracting unwanted animals, you can now bring along a portable powerful heater.

4. Tactical Military Multi-function Aluminum Mug

The mug which we are speaking about now is no ordinary mug. It is a detachable aluminum carry battle rail mug. It has up to 600 ML of capacity. With the weight of just 840 g, you can take it anywhere you go. Moreover, it uses high-quality aluminum. It is compatible with weaver rails of 20mm.

The handle consists of a rear sight which is an added advantage. You can easily wash it with warm water and mild detergent. Owing to its sturdy construction and multipurpose use, it is a tactical gadget which you should not miss out on.

Features: High-quality aluminum Highly versatile Weight is just 840 g The capacity is up to 600 ml

5. FREETOO Tactical Gloves

When you’re looking for tactical gear, one piece which you cannot miss out on is the gloves. Rather than opting for any gloves, we will today highlight a pair of tactical gloves which can help you in a wide variety of conditions. The gloves which we are speaking about now are available in 6 color options. There are four size options available. In terms of convenience and design, you can precisely pick the one which you like the most.The gloves are scratch resistant, which means that they can last for a long time.

They offer proper protection and can snugly fit into your palms so that wearing is not a problem. With the help of Velcro tape, you can precisely adjust the fit according to your comfort. The breathable fabric and the vent based design keeps your palms at a comfortable temperature. The USP of these gloves, however, is the dual layer synthetic grip which it offers. With the help of antiskid design, you can get a much better grip than any of the other gloves. It consists of a reinforced palm along with knuckle pads which minimize wear and tear.

With the help of these gloves, not only you can undertake tasks like hunting, shooting, camping but also protect your hands from inclement weather. If you’re looking for multipurpose tactical gloves, it does not get any better than this.Features: Six color options Breathable fabric Excellent grip Multipurpose

6. HARD LAND Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pants

As we mentioned above, using tactical gear does not mean that you have to carry extra gear. The item which we are discussing now will replace your regular pants. The one which we are highlighting has many features which make it tactical and noteworthy. The pants are available in 4 color options across the size spectrum. The pants use 64% polyester, 34% cotton, 2% spandex. The composition is such that it can easily repel soil, water, and various stains.The pants are shrink resistant, wrinkle resistant, and fade resistant.

The use of ripstop material minimizes any wear and tear. It has an elastic waist which can help you conceal weapons as well as pistols. The triple reinforced stitching means that the seams are entirely secure. The gusseted crotch enables proper movement.Additionally, the pants also consist of knee pads, which can protect your knees if you fall. With 14 different pockets, the storage space is on the higher side. You can wear these pants in any inclement weather. With the help of pockets as deep as 11.8 inches, there is no shortage of storage space.

It also consists of metal D-rings to which you can attach carabiners, the hooks as well as other tools. The metal zipper on offer is pretty resilient as well. The design of the pants is perfect for any eventuality, and that is what makes them such a good option.Features: 14 different pockets on offer Four color variants Polyester, cotton, spandex construction Highly comfortable

7. Thorfire Solar Flashlight Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

While speaking of tactical gear, it is always a better have a flashlight handy. Even though we have our smartphones, but they have a limited battery. Due to this very reason, it is better to keep a portable and compact flashlight ready. The one which we are discussing now is chargeable through solar power and hand crank movement. It means that virtually, there is no outrage at all. With the help of 1 minute of cranking, it can work for one hour. It has the IPX 6 waterproof rating and is submersible up to 45 feet. As a result, you can use it underwater easily.

You can use it while camping, biking as well as traveling. With the help of bright LED output, you can illuminate quite a bit of distance.It consists of 3 different modes on offer, which are 1 LED mode, 3 LED mode, and SOS mode. With the help of highly efficient design, you can be sure that it can save a significant amount of energy and therefore provides you with long runtime. The compact size allows you to carry it in your pocket or your backpack. In times of emergencies, gadgets like these can come in pretty handy.

Features: Compact and lightweight Powers through solar and hand crank  Waterproof design Three light modes on offer

8. Gerber GDC Money Clip

Out there in the wilderness, you can only rely on cash as a transacting medium. Due to this very reason, it is necessary to keep your money completely safe. The money clip which we are discussing now comes along with the built-in fixed Blade knife. The money clip can hold up to 5 credit cards. It doubles up it as a weapon as well. You can store it in your pocket and seamlessly open the blade as per the situation.It consists of a 1.7-inch fine edge blade which is highly sharp and durable.

The weight of the money clip is just 2.9 ounces, and the length is 3.7 inches. The construction of the money clip is such that it is rust resistant and has durable titanium coating; it can handle moisture as well. If you’re looking for a sleek weapon, you can go with this money clip.Features: Incorporates five different credit cards Has a fixed blade knife Rust resistant Highly compact

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9. Yukon NVMT 1×24 Head Mount Kit

When you’re out in the outdoors, you need to keep your hands free. Due to this very reason, the reconnaissance of any area needs your hands to be free. The head mount kit which we are discussing now will exactly help you. It comes with the night vision gear and binoculars. With a lens diameter of 24 mm, you can get visibility during the night. The field of view is 30.The gear can work within a temperature range of -22F to +104F. It is one of the most efficient night vision cameras with a battery life of 30 hours. Since it is weather resistant, you can visit at any time.

With the help of infrared capability along with LED indicators, you can get high visibility in any weather condition. It is not only a tactical gear which will provide you with an advantage but will keep you safe as well. Considering the safety aspect of it, it is a must-have tactical gadget.Features: Has night vision capability Can work as a binocular Comes along with IR LEDs Provides a field of view of 30

10. Thermacell MR450 Armored Portable Mosquito Repeller

Lastly, the gadget which we are discussing now can not only help you relax but also make the environment sterile. It is a mosquito repellent which can provide you with a 15 feet area of complete protection. With the help of 3 repellent mats and a fuel cartridge, it can keep the mosquitoes at bay for at least 12 hours. There is no odor, and that is why anyone can use it quite easily.It consists of a clip-based design which means that you can take it with you wherever you want. With the help of a single switch, you can flip it on. It also consists of a LED light monitor which lets you know the status of the repellent quite easily. If you’re tired of insects and mosquitoes, this is a gadget which you should have.

Features: Can work for outdoors consistently No odor Easy to operate Provides a sterile environment So, when looking for the best tactical gadgets for men, these are the nine options which you should look at. These nine options can make your life easy and also keep you safe in the wilderness. Hence; instead of going with any fancy gadgets that might not be that effective, these are the nine gadgets which you should consider buying.

11. Piranha Multi-functional Wrench Jaw Screwdriver Pliers Knife ToolsMulti-functional Wrench Jaw Screwdriver

This 5 and 1 Multi-functional pocket knife is the perfect knife for outdoor use. With its long extended blade, wire cutter, screwdriver bits, and two end pliers wrench makes this the ultimate handyman tool when you’re out hunting or camping. This popular multi-functional wrench is only 24.98 making this well worth it for the cheap price.

12. Self-defense Torch light

If you’re in  place where there are coyotes, wolves, or mountain lions, then you might want to take this with you. This is the ultimate defense stick with flashlight. With 17.5 inches of hard aluminum alloy with a hard tooth Lang head and a 240 lumen flash light, makes this a reliable weapon in an emergency situation

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Self defense torch light


13. Solar Power Bank 8000mah

Check out this simple solar power charger device called MyCharge. It’s Small enough to fit in your pocket, but can store enough power to fully charge 2 tablets and 4 phones. This device can either be charged by wall or from its on board solar panel. The solar panel needs about 4 hours of direct sun exposure to fully charge device. Check prices on Amazon


14. Sleeping bag air sofa

This is a pretty interesting gadget. You can pretty much blow out an air sofa any where you please without an electric or hand pump. This is the perfect tactical gear for sleeping aid. No more sleeping on the ground in dirty sleeping bags with no surrounding walls . Just open the sleeping bag and walk fast to let air in. After you have adequate air in then you can tie together and you have an instant sleeping bag air sofa.

15. Solar Powered Camping Lamp

Best tactical lamp for when there is no power in sight. Just charge during the day time on a tree or backpack and let it rip at night. This lamp can last up to 18 hours of continuous use. Perfect tactical gadget for doing work at night. The solar panel needs about 6-8 hours of good sunlight. The light comes with 4 different modes: High Mode( 7Hr/ 280lm), Mid Mode(12Hr/120lm), Low Mode( 18hr/ 50lm), and SOS mode(6Hr)

16. BLF A6 XPL EDC LED Flashlight

This is the ultimate outdoor flashlight that’s needed when you really need to see where you are going at night. With 1600 Lumens, you’ll get near daylight experience in a 50 ft radius. This is perfect for camping, tactical, and other nighttime activities. This flashlight goes perfect with the waist bag for men. This is by far one of the best tactical gadgets for men

17.Military Tactical Backpack

Introducing the Army Molle Bag Rucksack 3 Day Assault Pack for all outdoor use.  This popular backpack can be used as a handbag, shoulder bag, or backpack which easily makes this one of the most effective military backpack out there. Great for hiking, camping, and going on long trips. With it’s sturdy structure, this backpack can withstand 160 pounds of weight, that’s super useful when you need to pack to a large load.

18. Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel

Introducing the unbreakable carbon steal survival shovel. This aluminon military grade shovel is the perfect instrument for survival situations. The survival shovel includes 12 different functions( Shovel, hoe, saws, bottle opener, cleaver, whistle, knife, fish, scaler, emergency, hammer, and flat) making it a reliable survival tool for all situations. Check prices on Amazon

19. Ace Martial Arts Cobra system Self Cocking Pistol Tactical Crossbow

The Ace martial tactical crossbow is an 80-pound tactical crossbow made for small game. This brilliantly designed weapon comes with an easy to use self-cocking system and a fiberglass adjustable scope. The package also includes 39 aluminum alloy arrows with metal tips and two extra 80 pounds strings. This crossbow can be used for hunting, target practice, and self-defense. Please note: You must be 18 years or older to purchase this product.

20. Dango T01 Tactical EDC Wallet

The next tactical gadget on our list is a wallet. However, it is not an ordinary wallet. It features RFID blockers to keep your credit cards entirely safe. It can help you store up to 12 credit cards. With the help of genuine leather construction, durability is not a problem at all.The frame on the outer side consists of aerospace grade aluminum. IT weighs just 2 ounces, which means that it is not bulky at all.

With the help of high carbon stainless steel, you can use the outer frame knife, saw, smartphone stand, ruler, among other things. Thus, you can not only use it as a wallet but also as a multipurpose tool, which means that it is one of the most versatile tactical gadgets which you can buy.

Features: Available in 6 colors Multipurpose wallet Can hold up to 12 cards Incorporates RFID blockers

21. 5.5/6 inch Tactical Waist Bag for men