Interesting Things To Buy

Take a look at these seven cool gadgets that most people don’t know exist. Many of these gadgets are under $50 dollars and are fun to use. These interesting things to buy are great for Christmas, birthdays and other holiday gifts.

1. Piranha Multi-functional Tool

cool gadgets for men


This cool multi-functional tool is the perfect handy man tool

for guys looking to do a lot with a little. The piranha tool has

five different functions: A wrench, 2

screwdrivers(flat/phillips), pliers, and a knife. The knife is

8cm long making this a very effective pocket tool.


Get it here! –> Piranha Multi-funtional tool


2.Uc40 home cinema Projector



UC40 home cinema projector with 4:3/16:9 view ratio, 1920×1080Hd picture resolution,  and multiple video/audio formats, makes this hands down the best projector under 100 dollars. If you like to play video games, watch movies, and   tune in to sport games at 120 inches, then get ready to experience jaw dropping pictures.

Get it here! –> UC40 Projector


3. Super mini wireless in ear headphones 






Introducing the QYC super mini in ear headphone. This small in-ear piece is about the size of a dime and will fit comfortably in your ear. With this small ear piece you can listen to your favorite songs while you workout.

Get it here –> wireless in ear headphones


4. Yg-300 Mini Projector



This cool projector can fit in the palm of your hands. For the price this projector is well worth the money. This product has great video resolution output and can play any format that you give it( Videos, Presentation, Movies). With an 800:1 contrast ratio with 1080p resolution and 400 – 600 Lumens, makes this small projector pack a major punch.

Get it here! –>  Y-300 mini portable led projector



5. Mini wireless spy camera

Mini wireless Spy Camera


 With wireless connection you can monitor your  mini wireless spy camera from anywhere. This is truly a James bond gadget that comes in handy when you really need to perform a spy job. With the micro SD input selection, you have your own hard drive and can save and back up all your recordings. Camera works for up to 45 minutes on a single charge.


Get it here! –> mini wireless spy camera



6. Solar Power Bank 8000mah


Great on the go solar power bank. Small enough to fit and your pocket and super sturdy and tough for high intensive outside use. This power bank can hold up to 8000MAH( That’s around 6 hours of charge capacity) With a heavy duty shell this popular power bank is a perfect device for on the go activities. For optimal use of solar panel, please place in direct sun light. This unit will charge a cellular phone in 2 1/2 hours.

Get it here! –> Solar Power Bank

BLF A6 XPL EDC LED Flashlight

Nice Eloquent flash light for outdoor/ indoor use. This Flash light will illuminate  any dark area to a magnificent flood of light. It’s like turning a light switch on outside. This is the perfect gadget for you if you like to hike at night or enjoy other night time activities such as hunting, camping, partying, and swimming. With 1600 Lumens, you’ll get near daylight experience in a 50 ft radius.

Get it here! –> BLF A6 LED Flashlight

Grocery Bag holder

Check out this new simple, but effective Grocery bag handle that can carry multiple grocery bags at once. No longer will it take you five trips to bring all your grocery in. With this grocery bag holder, you can successfully bring 5 or more bags in at one time. This is definitely a product that you want to keep in your trunk, so you’re ready to make an easy one person trip to your house from the car.

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Motion activated Toliet light

Blue led toilet light

Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

Take your bathroom nightlight to new heights with this motion activated toliet light. Choose between 8 different colors to match your bathroom’s theme. This is perfect for when you have to rush to the bathroom in the middle of the night and can’t always see where you are going. This  is yet another great gadget to purchase on interesting things to buy article.

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Power bank with digital Display

Power bank with digital display

Finally a power bank with a display screen to show me exactly the charge status of my battery. This power bank packs a huge punch, with 20,000 MAH, you can charge your Iphone up to 10 times and your Samsung up to 6 times.  This is a great gadget to take with you on long trips, vacations,  camping or just to have with you for backup.

Get it here! –> Romoss Power bank

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