To answer the question can you clean your solar panels with Windex? The answer is yes, but if you have a bunch of solar panels, that could take some time because with regular Windex you will have to wipe them down as well. It’s best to go with an outdoor Windex solution instead.  

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Why do I need to clean my Solar Panels

Before we go over why you need to clean your panels, lets briefly look into the benefits of buying them. Due to the increase in the cost of energy, many owners are looking for ways to reduce their electricity consumption. One solution is through the use of renewable energy sources such as solar energy.  The system uses the natural energy of the sun to generate electricity that can be stored in battery units. The batteries can be used to power electrical appliances, but just as solar panels are effective, they  also require regular maintenance

To ensure that these alternative power methods work properly, they must be kept free of dirt and debris. Over time, dirt and grime from outside can build up and cause the cells in your home to not work as efficiently as you want or even need. At that point, some type of dirt removal must be carried out. To do this, you must know the proper methods of cleaning solar panels.

The cleaning of the solar panel is a job that must be done with care. These delicate cells can only harness the energy of sunlight if they are clear. If you inadvertently scratch or damage them during the process, you just cost yourself energy and money. These highly effective cells can be expensive to replace, so be very careful during the process of removing dirt. There are ways for the “do-it-yourself” to remove dirt without damaging the equipment that powers your home.  If you are interested in cleaning the solar panel yourself, the first things you should do is to inspect the cells regularly. By taking the time to inspect them, you can find out when they need to be dusted before the dirt starts to affect the way the equipment works. If you live in a dusty area like the desert, you may want to inspect them often. During your inspection, you can verify that there are no broken cells and that all connectors are properly adjusted.

What is the best way to clean My Solar Panels

To really clean the solar panel, all you need is warm water, mild detergent, a soft sponge and a soft, dry cloth. Cleaning these sun capture cells is very similar to cleaning a window. You do not have to worry about the electrical components, as they are protected by the outer glass cover. Simply pour the warm water and detergent on the surface and carefully scrub the dirt with the sponge. Use a little more warm water to make sure that all the soap has been removed before drying it. If you do not make sure the soap is removed, there could be streaks that will prevent the cells from doing their best. You may be able to use some cleansers, but be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions before using any chemical cleanser.

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Doca Pole 20 duster- This 20-foot duster will make it easier to dust your panels from the ground. Check prices on Amazon

Get a professional to clean your solar Panels

If you do not feel comfortable with cleaning the solar panel, you can always hire a professional. There are several professional companies that can make them clean and bright without worrying about using the wrong product in them. Whether you do it yourself or hire a company to get in and clean the dust and dirt, the important thing is that you take the time and make sure there is nothing between the sun and the cells designed to take advantage of it.

What is the best way to clean solar panels on a roof

The solar panels on the roof should be cleaned regularly once every 2 months, depending on the weather). What would happen if you gave up the cleaning task? The panel will lose up to 25% of the energy generated.  Since the solar panels are installed on the roof, they are exposed to the harsh elements of rain, strong wind, dust, hail, and snow. The outer surface of the panel can also be covered with leaves and bird droppings. The biggest risk of not cleaning is losing the entire panel!  The best way to clean the panel is with soap and plenty of water. Imagine cleaning windows in the ceiling. You have to clean the surface of the panel and then dry it.  Sometimes, cleaning solar panels can be a challenge. This is due to limited height and workspace. In this case, you may need to use a special solar cleaning kit.  The kit consists of a long, light pole that is connected to a brush and the water hose. All you have to do is use the pole to reach the panels from the growth area.