So what happens if you decide not to register your drone? If you were to get caught with an unregistered drone, then you can face some serious legal fees, and depending on what you were doing before getting caught, you can rack up $28,000 in civil penalties and up to three years in prison

Flying a drone can be loads of fun, but just like there are standard aviation laws, there’s also drone laws. Every person who purchases a drone within the weight range of .055-55 pounds are required to register their drone with the FAA, but what if someone decides not to register their drone? What if you decide to ignore the laws altogether? Well chances are the CIA is not going to come looking for you, not even local law enforcement, but if caught you’ll surely be facing some nice legal fees. So we recommend getting your drone registered right after the initial purchase. This will prevent unnecessary legal problems.


Why do I need to register my drone

The days where you can purchase a drone and fly it anywhere are long gone. Over the years, drone technology has improved drastically, giving the everyday hobbyist the ability to fly higher, longer, and take better picture/ video footage. The problem with having so much lee-way is that people don’t know their limits. Over the years, many drones have been spotted near major Airports and government facilities.


This type of intrusion puts lives and government information at risk, so the FAA has made it mandatory that every drone within the proper weight range must be registered. In fact, most drone apps will require you to register before you can use them. This ensures that proper identification is stored for public safety.


How to register your drone

You will need to register your drone with the FAA: The cost will be 5 dollars at which you will receive a certification and be given a registration number. Make sure you save this registration number and keep it on you.

Please Note: you are now required to have your registration number on the drone itself.


The FAA registration guidelines are as follows:

  •  I will fly below 400ft
  •  I will fly within line of sight
  •  I cannot fly directly above people
  • I can’t fly over stadiums or sporting events
  • I can’t fly over emergency response efforts
  • I can’t fly near Aircraft or Airports
  • I can’t fly under the Influence


What if you have multiple drones? Do you have to register each one of them? If you have multiple drones you can register all drones

under one account. This makes things a lot easier and more organized for you.


What to do when you decide to sell your drone

If you decide to sell your drone then you must remove your registration number attached to the drone. If you were using your drone for commercial use, then you will have to remove your registration number plus log on to the main FAA Drone site and cancel your registration there as well.


Do I need to register my drone for commercial use

If you plan on using your drone for commercial use, then the FAA requires you to pass a pilot test. The price will run you about 150 dollars every three years. It’s not bad if you think of an investment. You can make tons of money with a drone business that will give you a good return on investment. Failure to obtain a pilot license for commercial use will get you in a heap of trouble. Don’t forget you’re flying an unmanned vehicle for commercial purposes, so its proper to have credentials and some type of insurance.

Here’s a list of popular drones that must be registered:

  1. Dj Mavic Pro
  2. Dj Inspire
  3. Parrot Anahi
  4. DJI Spark
  5. Ryze Tello
  6. DJI Mavic Mini

Please visit the FAA For the official list of drones that must be registered



If you fulfill your registration obligations and follow some simple flight rules, then chances are you will never have any legal problems with flying a drone. Ultimately, Drones are incredible flying machines that can be used for recreational and professional purposes and if managed responsibly will ensure the safety of you and others around you.