So you’re looking to create a nice home theater for a smaller room? We’ll look no further, in this article, we’ll go over some great Ideas to get you started. Setting up a nice theater room is not hard or expensive as it appears. It’s actually quite easy. Let’s take a look a different items that can be purchased to get you started

Use a short-throw projector- Short-throw projects are perfect for smaller rooms. These projectors can sit in front of your Tv (about 4 feet away) and throw out a brilliant picture up to 120 inches. This is also ideal if you don’t Lent to place your projector somewhere high This works great because you no longer have to worry about having enough space to get the beautiful pictures you want.

Purchase LED strip lights – Nothing screams a movie room like some good LED lights. LeD lights changes the senary and can amplify your theater’s room personality.
Led lights also low in wattage, which can save on Your energy bill. Chances are if you have a theater room, you will be using no less than 4oc watts at a gun time, so some LED lights may not be a bad Idea. Lastly, with Led lights, you can basically place them anywhere giving you the lighting flexibility that is needed.

Purchase sofa/Movie chair – The one thing that distinguishes a movie room from an ordinary room is the setting. The seating plaus an important role when it comes to comfort or viewing. It’s best to purchase a nice sofa or a few movie chairs. If your small room is on the larger side then you could get away with purchasing movie platforms. With movie platforms you will have the real feel of a movie theater

Add Soundproof – If you want to have the ultimate theater room in a smaller room then you’re going to Last to have some form of soundproof on the walls. Unfortunately if you want the sound effects of a theater room. then your going to have to purchase a good sound system. The only problem is your in a small room which means the sound will easily overpower. the room a leak to other areas of your house. The last thing you want is your wife complaining about how unbearable your theater room is. Here a some great sand proving pads to turn your theater room into a sound silo.

Purchase a Large TV Screen ( 70inches +) – Instead of purchasing a projector why not invest in a lara e- TV. IVs’ nowadays have some amatory clarity even at 7s + inches. The contrast and black levels on TV’s nowadays are off the charts.

Purchase a surround sand system-Now it’s time to purchase a surround sound system. A movie room could not be called a movie room without surround sound speakers. Surround speakers brings the immersive feeling of being in a sound-rich theater. If you want to go simple and gust do a soundbar with a subwoofer, then that’s fine, we wold recommend an expensive sand bar like – to get that immersive sand, but a traditional surround sound system will beat out soundbar anyday. Here are some sand bars that will do great in a smaller room.::

  • How to hide speaker Wire – Part of creating the Ultimate theater room is to make sure it looks sleek and eloquent. The bad thing about speaker wire is that it can make your room look sloppy or undone.
  • Here are a few ideas to manage speaker wire:
  • Purchase a surround sound system with wireless back speakers: a. Use cable conduit: Many companies. offer cable conduit that can be attached to the wall or crown molding. You basically hide your speaker wire inside them and place the conduits around the room. This y beats have speaker wire out in the open. After you hair place to conduit, you can always paint over it to make it blend in with the wall more.
  • Run wire right beside Led lights. One way to hide your speaker is to run it beside your Led lights. This way the wires looks like it belongs to the Led lights. Also, When the lights are on, you will not be able to see the Speaker wires next to it.
  • Place wires behind the wall. If you want a dean look without the visible sign of wires, then you can always hide your wires behind the walls. If you’re not handy, we recommend getting this professionally done to avoid hitting electrical wires.

Buy Some Black-Out Curtains– Most movie rooms are either dim or completely dark, so if you have a window in your room, then you’re going to want to get some black-at curtains. The last thing you want is a beam of light interrupting your afternoon movie session. There are tons of black out curtains online that get the job done, but these just work flawlessly.

Create a Star Ceiling– When it comes to nice theater rooms, presentations is everything. Why not add a star ceiling projector. These projectors have come a long way and will make any room look amazing in the dark. Here is a great one on Amazon:

Purchase a small refrigerator– Another cool idea you could implement is having a mini fridge in your theater room. In this scenario, instead of traveling to the refrigerator in the kitchen, you can always have one right next to you. This work best if you like to snack and drink during movies.

Add an Amazon Echo– Enjoy a hands free small theater room by connecting all your appliances to Amazon Alexa. By adding an echo device you can essentially run your entire theater room from your voice.

Wall Apparel– Add some nice wall apparel to your theater room to bring in some personality and character. Nice picture just makes a movie room look more authentic. Here are some picture ideas you should consider.

Movie pictures- Pictures of older successful films tend to look nice in theater rooms.

Man-Cave Pictures

City Pictures- Picture of a city’s Skyline.

Neon Lights: These lights will make your Theater room really stand out. They are not bright enough to drown out your TV or projector and they are not dark enough to cause no impact. Depending on what neon lights you get, your theater room could look amazing. Here are some great Neon light ideas for your small theater room.