Can a Smartwatch Measure Blood Pressure

Can a Smart Watch measure Blood Pressure

Last Updated on May 24, 2020 by Markeyus Franks

To answer the question, Can a smartwatch measure blood pressure?  At this time there is only one  FDA approved smartwatch that can measure blood pressure but is it really considered a smartwatch, I’ll let you decide. On the other hand, there are a few major technology companies experimenting with smartwatches that can actually measure blood pressure. This is a major game-changer in the tech industry. Imagine wearing a smartwatch with the capacity to accurately measure your blood pressure and send the results to your doctor. That one action could save millions of lives by giving people the headstart they need when it comes to monitoring their overall health.

Samsung has recently introduced a smartwatch called active.  This new watch is said to be able to measure blood pressure accurately, but it has some major issues that make it highly ineffective at best. We will get into that later. Measuring blood pressure is not exactly an easy thing to do, and if somehow in the near future a company finds out how to accurately do it then it’s going to be a major game-changer.  Let me explain why

What is Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the amount of pressure blood flows through your vessels.  If the amount of pressure is constantly high, then it could put a lot on your heart leading to hypertension, heart disease, and stroke.  Sadly,  in America 1 in every 3 adults have high blood pressure, that’s about 75-90 million adults living with high blood pressure, but that’s not the alarming part, the negative surprise is that the majority of sufferers don’t even know they have high blood pressure. This is a national epidemic and is dangerous to us as a nation.  This is why having a smartwatch that can monitor your blood pressure is a major game-changer. Let’s look at some companies that are trying to make this become a reality.

How would a Smartwatch take your blood pressure

One way a smartwatch would measure your blood pressure is to use a light source and light receiver to analyze blood vessel flow. This then will calculate the pressure of blood being pumped through your arteries.  Currently, this process is inaccurate and will require some improvements over time. Samsung smartwatch uses this type of technology. If companies want to measure blood pressure with a smartwatch without using the cuff, then this process will have to perfected.


Another way blood pressure is measured is with an inflatable cuff. The cuff is filled with air just like a regular blood pressure machine and produces an accurate reading. The Omron smartwatch currently uses this method with FDA approval



Companies that are experimenting with smartwatches taking blood pressure

Samsung is said to be leading the way with the next generation blood pressure monitoring smartwatch.  They have recently introduced their new sports line watch called the Samsung galaxy active. This new smartwatch is supposed to have the capability of checking your blood pressure.  Sadly, although the Samsung active has all the right ingredients when it comes to a sports watch, its new blood pressure monitoring app is subpar at best. The app is said to be inaccurate and very glitchy. Some people have complained about not being able to download the app at all. Samsung may have removed this app from the app stores.


As far as we know apple is still researching this technology and doesn’t have any products coming out soon.  Apple does integrate with third-party wireless devices such as Qardio and Omron to track other readings such as heart-rate, ECG, Card

Omron has recently released its version of a SmartWatch that can accurately take your blood pressure.  The smart is said to be a game-changer for the company and has already sold out of it’s first few batches, you can preorder it here.  Now as I stated before, is this really considered a smartwatch? Well… Yes and NO. Yes because it’s a physical smartwatch that wraps around your wrist, and no because it doesn’t have access to hundreds of apps, you can’t make phone calls, it’s pretty bulky, and it’s on the expensive side.  The Omron is still more of a blood test monitor than it is a smartwatch, but this could change in the not too distant future.



So in a nutshell, Yes there are other so-called smartwatches that can measure blood pressure, but most of them are not really considered smartwatches as we know them to be and currently, there’s only one FDA approved smartwatch for accuracy. The technology is definitely getting there and the first company that can create a smartwatch that can accurately measure blood pressure wins. Samsung seems to be the closest, but we’ll keep watching.






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