How Long Does It Take To Charge A Phone

How long does it take to charge a phone

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If you happen to be the age of 13 or older then most likely you’ve used or owned a smartphone. Other than TVs, smartphones are one of the most commonly used devices on the planet. With all this phone usage, many questions surrounding battery drainage and efficacy tend to come up. People are now using the most resource-heavy apps than ever before, so phone batteries have become an integral part of the entire smartphone equation.

To answer the question.” How long does it take to charge a phone”? The average charge time of a modern smartphone is about one hour and 20 minutes. Now there are many factors that will change that number, such as battery capacity, power adapter wattage, and battery chemistry. In this article, we will go over how long it takes to charge various different phones and how to increase battery run-time.

To get the charge time of a phone, all you have to do is divide the phone’s battery capacity by
the amperage of the charger. For example, if your phone’s battery capacity is 3,000 mah and you use a 5v 1.2 amp charger, then all you do is divide the 3,000 by 1. 2amp. To make it easier, take away the zeros and do the math like this: 3 ÷ 1.2 = 2.5 hours.

For a 3,000 Mah phone battery using a 5v 1.2 amp charger, it will take 2. 5 hours to
fully charge the phone. When it comes to quick charge technology, such as Qualcomm, the voltage is dramatically increased when charging from 0 – 80%. So instead of 5v, you will see 9v, 12v, or even 20v. This ultimately increases the overall wattage.

Remember the higher the wattage the faster the charger.

How Does Fast Charging Work

Fast charging is basically what it sounds like, the ability to charge a standard cell phone fast. The phone is allowed to receive higher voltage and amps from its chargers in the beginning stage of its charging process. This will greatly increase the phone’s ability to charge faster. There are three steps to fast charging:

  1. Constant Current: At this stage higher voltage and current is allowed to enter the device. The phone will charge up to 50% in 30 minutes.
  2. Saturation: At this stage the voltage and current ( amps) have reached their peak and begin to drop.
  3. Trickle: At this stage the voltage and amps are at their slowiest and will slowly finish topping the phone off. This is why from 80% to 100% usually takes the same amount of time from 0 to 80%

Standards of Fast Charging

There are currently 5 standards of fast charging that different companies use.

  • Qualcomm Quick Charge – Most Popular
  • USB Power Delivery (USB PD) – Most Popular
  • Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging
  • Motorola TurboPower 15+
  • Huawei SuperCharge 2.0

How long does it take to charge an Iphone?

A typical modern iPhone ( iPhone 11,12 & 13) battery capacity is anywhere from 3,000 – 4,400 Mah depending on which phone you buy. ( Please see the chart below.) That’s going to take around 2 – 3 1/2 hours to charge if you use a standard.

Apple iPhones are capable of fast charging. In fact, you can fast-charge any iPhone that’s version 8 or above up to 50% battery capacity in about 30 minutes. That’s pretty quick when you need juice fast.

Now, you will have to use a USB to lighting cable and the following adapters 18W, 204 29W, 30W, 61W, 87W, and 96W USB-C adapters.

please note: Even though you are utilizing higher wattage adapters, Your iPhone will not allow anything above 25 watts.

IPHONE MODELBattery CapacityCharge Percentage at 30 minCharge time at 100%
iPhone 81821 mah50%1hr 30
iPhone 8 Plus2675 mah50%1hr 56 min
iPhone X2716 mah50%1hr 45 min
iPhone XS2658 mah50%1 hr 50 min
iPhone XS Max3174 mah50%1hr 54 min
iPhone XR2942 mah50%2 hrs
iPhone 113110 mah50%2 hr 44 min
iPhone 11 Pro3046 mah50%1hr 43min
iPhone 122815 mah50%1hr 44 min
iPhone 12 Pro2815 mah50%2hr 5min
iPhone 12 Pro Max3687 mah50%1hr 49min
iPhone 12 Mini2227 mah50%1hr 26min
iPhone 133227 mah50%1hr 47 min
iPhone 13 Pro3095 mah50%1hr 38 min
iPhone 13 Mini2406 mah50%1hr 40 min
iPhone 13 Pro Max4353 mah50%1hr 40 min
All are based on Fast Charging at 20+ watts

Best products for iPhone Fast-charging

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How long does it take to charge a Samsung phone?

The latest Samsung smartphone is currently the Samsung S21 (Please Note this is subject to change). This phone can be fast-charged at a maximum of 25 Watts. Unforntuely, that is much slower than the S20 which can charge up
to 45 watts. Please take a look at the charging chart below to get a better illustration of the different models Typically it takes around an hour and ten minutes to charge the S21 at 25 watts. Also, with the increase in voltage and a constant current rate that’s about 50-60% battery capacity in 30 minutes.

Samsung ModelBattery CapacityCharge time 30 MinCharge time at 100%
Samsung S215000 mah50%1 h 12 min
Samsung S204000 mah50%1 hr 11 min
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 34400 mah50%1 hr 24 min
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 24500 mah50%1hr 27 min
Samsung Flip 3 (15-watt charger)3300 mah50%1hr 37 min
All are based on fast Charging at 25 watts

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How long does it take to charge a Oneplus 8T phone?

This is going to my to be one of the fastest charging phones that technology currently provides. With its 65 watt charger, the one plus 8T phone can be fully charged in as little as above 40 minutes. That is super fast and changes the game completely. Just think about it, you can charge up your phone to 50% in just 20 minutes or less. Let’s go over some more battery stats of the one plus phones below.

OnePlus ModelBattery CapacityCharge % at 30 MinCharge time at 100%
OnePlus 9 Pro4500 mAh95% (65W Charger)34 min
OnePlus 94500 mAh93% (65Wcharger)37 min
OnePlus 8T4500 mAh90% (65W Charger)39 Min
OnePlus 8 Pro4510 mAh64%60 Min
OnePlus 84300 mAh67%55 min
All are based on Fast-Charging at 30w+

Best Products for Oneplus Fast Charging

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How Long does it take to charge a Petal Google Pixel 6?

Lastly, let’s not forget about Google. The Pixel 6 is Google’s latest phone (This is subject to change) Now Google has only been in the phone business for five years, but their phones are pretty solid. With its 30 watt charger, the pixel can be charged up to 50% in 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the phone’s charging speed will start to slow down to conserve the battery’s life.

Google Pixel PhonesBattery CapacityCharge % at 30 MinCharge Time at 100%
Pixel 6 Pro5003 mAh50%1 hr 50 min
Pixel 64614 mAh50%1 hr 50 min
Pixel 5 W/ 5G4680 mAh50%1 hr 20 min
All are based on Fast-Charging at 18W+

Altogether the pixel fully charges in about 1 hour and 50 min with an 18-30watt charger. Check below for past Google charge
times. (After testing it was found that the pixel Max charge speed is 23 watts.)

Best products for Google Pixel 6

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Top 5 ways to conserve a Phone’s battery life

  1. Lower Brightness- One of the quickest and most obvious feature to conserve battery life is the phone’s brightness. Lowering the brightness on your phone can increase the battery life
  2. Reduce Apps in the background- Limit your app usage in the background. Try to release the apps that are not currently being used.
  3. Use simple backgrounds-Instead of using an advanced interactive background, we suggest you use something simple that doesn’t utilize a lot of battery juice.
  4. Use low power mode- This is by far the best feature to use when trying to conserve battery life. Having low power mode on automatically disables some of the most power hungry apps and background tasks.
  5. Turn off Bluetooth and WIFI- Bluetooth and WIFI can drain your battery pretty quick. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to conserve battery life then turn off your bluetooth and WIFI temporarily

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