A TV says no signal because its either not connected properly to a media streaming device, or the user has the wrong input set on the TV. The TV could also have an internal problem or the device that’s plugged into it could be malfunctioning.

A TV is one of the most treasured and used appliance in a home, therefore it is expected to work properly all the time to fulfill its purpose. For the most part, TV’s work 99% of the time, but there are times when you might come across a “No Signal” verbiage on your TV. This is common problem many people face frequently.

Issues with hardware can also cause disruption in the smooth running of your TV set. If there are heavy rains, winds, or snowfall in your location, then the streaming service provider may display a failure to receive the signal message. You can just turn off the device for a while until the signal improves. Modern satellite dishes widely used have been designed to cope with extreme weather conditions. However, if you are sure there is nothing wrong with the TV’s hardware, the problem may be your connections.

If it’s your first time experiencing such a problem, and you’re wondering exactly why your TV says no signal, worry no more. Most of the modern TV manufacturers embrace an automatic connection mechanism that makes it easy for the device to detect and display a connection. This will happen immediately after your turn on your TV. However, if the TV displays a connection message even if you have set the device to the right signal source, know you are facing a network reception problem.

The “no signal message” can be intimidating and vexing. The good news? You can still troubleshoot this connection issue and start using your TV stress-free. Here is how to troubleshoot your TV stress-free. Have a look:


Your first need to power off your TV for a few minutes and then restart it. If you can’t solve the issue right away. You will need to have the entire system checked.

You will need to examine the individual connections and troubleshoot any issues with the device. If you are using any of the HDMI ports of the TV and connected to a computer or Xbox, engage them before moving to the next no-signal troubleshooting procedure.


One of the common reasons for the “no signal” message is that the HDMI cable input isn’t properly fastened to the respective port. Evaluate the cables and plugs, and make sure they are properly connected to the respective sources.

If you notice the HDMI cable is not properly fitting into the designated port and its wriggling too loosely. Ensure it’s properly fitted into the right port. If the cables have become worn, go on and replace them with new and right cables.

A locking cable is the best choice to go for and prevent this issue in the near future. The right cable will ensure the plugs and cables stay in place in the port, and prevent this problem from happening again.


Your cable box or set-top box may be the problem. The system might not be working properly and causing no signal issues. Whether you are using a HD or SD box, the satellite settings may have been uploaded.

Your TV system should be fully integrated with these adjustments to work properly. To solve this problem, here are a few steps to follow:

• Unplug the power cable, make sure the TV is switched off

• Insert the cable once again.

• You can also remove the smart/ viewing card

• Let the cable box cool off for a whole

• Reinsert the card but make sure the chip is facing downward as inscribed in it using visible arrows.


The no signal issue may be arising from input issues. Your HDMI cables or ports may not be working aptly. Try and swap different ports, and ensure you connect your TV to the right port.

If the ports are damaged or cannot hold your cables tightly, have them replaced or fixed. Once you sort these port issues, your TV signal should start working again perfectly.


Don’t have any reservations about checking whether your HDMI cables or other plugs connected to your TV are working on other different devices. If the antennae or cables are not connecting with other devices, replace them or have the TV checked.

Call a Professional

If not sure, why does my TV say no signal, stress no more? Call a professional and have the entire system checked. Ensure you are working with an expert who can check the connections and mounting, and troubleshoot the signal issues.


It’s quite frustrating when your TV displays a no signal message, and you are looking forward to watching your favorite program. The good thing is that you can still troubleshoot this issue on your own. But if you try any of the above steps and can’t deal with the no signal problem, feel free to call up a tv professional assistant.