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How Do I Connect My Projector to my TV with HDMI

How Do I Connect My Projector to my TV with HDMI


You’ve purchased your projector, popcorn, candy, and drinks. You’ve fluffed your couch cushions and, finally, have come to an agreement on what to watch with your significant other. You’re ready to start having your home-theater experience when you realize: you don’t know how to connect the TV to the projector. Well, we have the solution for you! Keep reading to learn how to connect your projector to your TV with, and without, an HDMI cable.

Do Projectors have HDMI ports?

With all of the projectors on the market today, it’s important to first find out whether or not your projector even has an HMDI port. Most projectors connect to the TV using either HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) or a VGA (Video Graphics Array) cable. Some projectors even use BlueTooth or wifi to connect to Smart TV and other televisions with wifi connectivity capability.

To see if your projector has an HDMI port, you can check the owner’s manual that came with your purchase or the manufacturer’s online website for a copy of the owner’s manual. Another way to see if your projector has an HDMI port is to visually inspect your projector for a port. This is what it should look like.

How to Connect a Projector to Your TV Through HDMI in 5 Steps

1. Power down your television and your projector. Allow the projector time to cool down if it’s been in use previously.

2. Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI input port in your projector.

3. Insert the other end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI output port on your television or cable box.

4. Turn on the television and the projector. Remember to remove the projector cap if needed.

5. Change the video input on the projector to HDMI if your projector doesn’t automatically detect the connection. This can be done usually by pressing an HDMI button on your projector or by scrolling through your projector’s video input menu.

How to Connect a Projector to TV Without HDMI

If you’re trying to connect your projector to your television and you don’t have an HDMI cable, there are still a few ways that you can get your projector connected and ready to play your media. Some older televisions come with VGA or RCA cables rather than HDMI ports which can also make it near impossible to get your projector connected to your television without an HDMI cord. One way to solve this problem is by purchasing a VGA to HDMI adapter or an RCA to HDMI adapter.

Another way to connect your projector is by using your cable box, DVR, VCR, Blu-ray player, or streaming device. You can connect your projector to one of these devices to stream media either directly from the device or as a way to connect your projector to your television. Additionally, some newer models of projectors come with the ability to connect to your smart television wirelessly through BlueTooth and WiFi connections so you can stream your media without using any cables.

What If the HDMI  cable is not working with your Projector

If the your projector is not showing the screen of your computer, game system, streaming device, or cable TV then try these troubleshooting steps.

1. Make sure you are on the correct input. Many people get this wrong and can spend hours trying to figure out why their projector is not showing with their cable.

2. Toggle Power on your devices. Sometimes devices need to be rebooted to process new input signals correctly and to fix errors.

3. Unplug/Re-plug your HDMI cable. We have found this trick to be effective if your picture is not showing. Unplug your HDMI cable for about 10 seconds and then plug it back in.

4. Try a different HDMI. Lastly, You should try a different HDMI cable to see if the problem is the cable or the projector.


HD TV has been a major game changer  for the media industry since its initial creation. HDMI cables have enabled millions of customers to experience  full HD TV both audio and video in one cable. If your projector has an HDMI port than we recommend you use it over other  video connection because it will be project the best resolution.  With a projector its important to have a good HDMI simply because you are projecting a bigger screen which may be subject to lower resolution and fuzziness depending on the projector. Overall, projectors are great alternatives to TVs  and if setup correctly can give you that full cinema experience.



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