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As the entertainment industry grows over time, tech devices like projectors improve the comfort of watching high-quality videos. However, it’s not only videos that can make you buy the best projectors for the money, but you’ll need it during the presentation. Imagine a lecture hall with 1000 students, hoping to see the performance, don’t you think a projector is worth?
Here is the truth; there are many projector brands on the market with varying specifications and prices. However, it may also take your time to choose the high-end projector with stunning features while still on your budget. Therefore, in our projector review, we shall cover the Top 12 best projectors for the budget.

Best Projectors For The Money Under 100

#1. APEMAN LC350 Mini Projector

Connect your APEMAN LC350 with laptops, PC, smartphones, game console, Chromecast, or TV stick and enjoy 1080P Full-HD images with 800*480P resolution. You can operate this projector efficiently via Micro SD, VGA, HDMI, RCA AV, or USB interfaces. Despite having inbuilt dual speakers, its advanced cooling system prevents fan noise (50%), thus ensuring the best sound quality.
APEMAN LC350 projector adopts 4.0 LCD technology and provides Bright 3800 lumens with a contrast ration of 2000:1. Thus ensuring high best picture display with 70% brightness compared to other projectors. Also, the projector is portable and with a 5-8Ft projection distance
Key features
Provides 45000 hours LED life Compatible with multiple imputes Inbuilt dual speakers Requires 55 Watts power Support 1080P Full HD

#2. BOLUN 8541730864 Mini Projector

BOLUN 8541730864 is the best projector for the money anyone would look out for because it provides the best movie experience. It features a 1080P resolution, 2000:1 contrast ratio, which ensures 35% brighter images than the standard projectors. The LED lamp lasts up to 55000 hours, providing long extending the lifespan of the BOLUN 8541730864 projector.
It’s also compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, X-Box One, and USB drives though you’ll need an extra HDMI adapter when connecting via a smartphone. Its 32-170 inches display and 16.4 Feet (maximum) projection distance, you’ll enjoy the best images at the comfort of your couch. Finally, don’t worry about the sound, BOLUN 8541730864 inbuilt speakers ensure high-quality sound.
Key features
VGA, USB, and HDMI hardware interface 32-170 Inches display 500 Watts power rating 2000:1 contrast ratio Supports 1080p Native resolution

#3. VIVIMAGE C480 Portable Mini Projector

when looking for the best projectors for the money under $100, VIVIMAGE C480 should come first. Why? Its features allow 37-170 inches of display size with 1080P resolution, 2000:1 contrast ratio, and 3800 lux brightness. Moreover, it’s compatible with PCs, Tablets, SD Card, PS4/XBOX/WII, Smartphones, TV Stick, Laptops, Blue-ray DVD player, USB, and Media players
Because the LED lamp life lasts 40000 hours, your projector will serve your family for more years. VIVIMAGE C480 offers a projection distance of 3.8 to 18 feet that’s don’t restrict you’re watching location within that range.
Key features
VGA, HDMI, and USB hardware interface 3.35 pounds portable projector 1080P native resolution 37-170 inch display size Built-in speaker for improved audio quality. Check prices for the Vivimage on Amazon

Best Projectors For The Money Under 200

#4. FANGOR 506 Portable Projector

FANGOR 5500 design allows wireless connection over Wi-Fi that is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. Also, it has AV, VGA, HDMI, and SD Card port, which allow connection to Laptop, TV Box, Roku, Tablets, SD Card, Media players, PCs, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chrome Book, Blue-ray DVD player, USB Flash Drive, and Smartphones.
Additionally, you’ll view high-quality images with 1080P Full-HD resolution, 5000:1 contrast ratio, and 5500 Lumen brightness. The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee plus a 3-year free projector repair when it fails to work. Finally, its inbuilt surround speakers preserve sound quality, plus you can connect your idea speaker via Bluetooth function.
Key features
1920*1080P native Full-HD Resolution 6 layers of high refraction glass lens Wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection Inbuilt stereo sound speakers 230-inches maximum display size. Get the Fangor 5500 on Amazon

#5. VANKYO Q5 Leisure 3 mini projector
Powered by MStar-Advanced Color Engine and a 1080P native resolution, this project will ensure high image quality. Furthermore, it supports a 32-170 inches screen display with a projection distance ranging between 4.9ft and 16.4ft. Moreover, its the best projector for the money to display videos, TV sires, and photographs.
With the VGA, HDMI, and USB hardware interface, you can connect it to X-Box ONE, PS3, PS4, Wii, or smartphone. Additionally, its cooling system features noise suppression and heat dispersion technology that minimizes fan noise and improve sound quality
Key features
100V-240V 50/60Hz power input Supports 1080P display resolution LED lamp provides 40000 hours lifespan Best projector for home entertainment Connects to a smartphone without app installation. Check prices for the Vankyo on Amazon

#6. DR. J PROFESSIONAL HI-04 Portable Mini Projector

DR. J PROFESSIONAL features 1920*1080P display resolution, 2000:1 contrast ratio, and a 4500L brightness, which provides the best quality images. Despite offering LED lamp life with 40000 lifespans, you’ll get a 100-inch project screen with 32-176 inches watching the size and 1.5-5 meters projecting distance. Connects with TV Box, PCs, Tablets, SD Card, Video Games, Smartphones, Chromebook, Laptops, Blue-ray DVD player, USB-Flash Drive, or Media players.
Moreover, it’s the best project Under $200 for home theatre, outdoor and indoor movies. Finally, you can connect this project to your surround sound system or home theatre to improve the sound quality.
Key features
100-inch display screen Supports Full-HD 1080P display resolution 40000 hours LED lamp life Multimedia portable projector 32-176 inches watching size. Check prices on Amazon

Best Projectors for the Money Under 500

#7. ANKER Nebula AK-D2423111 Capsule Max Mini Projector

ANKER Nebula AK-D2423111 uses KeyStoning and autofocus design that ensures sharp rectangular images from any angle. Furthermore, you’ll watch a video with 720P display resolution, 200-ANSI lumen images in a 100-inch projector. Moreover, you can download the Nebula Connect app on your Android 8 smartphone and display videos from YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu.
It comes with an 8W speaker that improves the sound quality and let your kids attend online lessons or watch cartoons. Its LED lamp life can up to 30000 hours while it also offers 1.15 to 3.08m projecting distance
Key features
Bluetooth Remote App for iOS and Androids 9, 700mAh 3.7V battery
Projector and Bluetooth Speaker working mode Built-in 8W speaker. Get the Anker Nebula on Amazon

#8. ANKER Nebula D4111 Capsule Mini Projector
ANKER D411 projector uses a 0.2-inch DLP display technology that ensures delivery of bright 100-ANSI lumen images. Furthermore, it features an omnidirectional speaker that provides the original sound isn’t distorted. Also, it supports 854x480P image resolution and works with Android version 7.1 smartphones, which allows downloads and streaming video content from the web.
The projector contains 5200mAh / 3.85V battery, which provides up to 4-hours video playtime or 30 hours on music playtime. As you prefer to spend quality, you won’t be disappointed by the 5W inbuilt Speaker, which provides the best audio quality.
Key features
100-ANSI lumen images 854×480 image resolution Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector 40 Ft minimum projection distance 5 Wattage power requirements. Get on Amazon

#9. ViewSonic PA503S SVGA Projector
ViewSonic PA503S projector has idea features that make it the best projector for small business and educational environments. It offers a projection range of 15ft 8 inches to 120 inches plus images sizes of 30300 inches with 3600 lumens. The noise level is 27dB, which won’t cause much interference when watching your video.
The VGA supports a resolution of 640x480P to 1920x1080P Full HD and can connect to Macs, PCs, and mobile devices through HDMI, VGA, etc. while using the SuperEcho mode, the lamp can shine up to 15000 hours. Finally, it has a through a distance of 1.19m to 13.11m
Key features
Produce 3600 Lumens images 2W inbuilt Speaker Display 3D images via 3D Blu-ray players HDMI Vertical Keystone
Support 1080p image resolution. Check prices on Amazon

Best Projectors For The Money Under 1000

#10. ANKER Nebula AK-D2323111 500 ANSI Lumen projector

Are you after watching some high-quality videos from best projectors under $1000? Well, Nebula AKD2323111 provides video with 200 ANSI lumen under battery mode, but when connected to a direct power source, it offers 500 ANSI lumen images. Furthermore, it supports 720p image resolution while displaying 30-150 inch images. Also, it uses Horizontal & vertical (±40?) Keystone Correction and also automatically adjust the Focus.
Anker Mars II Pro features a Dual 10W speaker that provides the best sound when using the outdoor projector. With your USB 2.0 and HDMI devices, you can plug and play your favorite music and videos
Key features
Compatible with Android 7.1 1280x720P display resolution 8.73 – 3.48 Feet throw rate 500 ANSI Lumen 10 Wattage power requirements. Check prices on Amazon

#11. JMGO N7 1080P Projector
JMGO N7 projects images up to 300inches while still able to support 1080P Full HD, 4K, and 3D displays. It also uses 1400 ANSI Lumen to produce bright images even when the daylight is too much. Additionally, it comes with a 5W stereo loudspeakers that process real sound. JMGO N7 features 2G DDR3 memory, 16G eMMC storage, and Amlogic Quad-core CPU that ensures smooth running without delays.
Powered by Android OS, JMGO N7 provides access to a variety of videos without using external devices. Moreover, it uses Kingstone correction technology and autofocus ability to improve video quality.
Key features
2.4 & 2.5Ghz Dual-band Wi-Fi 1400 ANSI Lumen for brighter images
Support 1080P image resolution Powered by Android OS 135 Wattage requirements. Check prices on Amazon

#12. BenQ MW612 WXGA Projector

BenQ MW612 uses a 1280x800P resolution and contrast ratio of 20000:1, which increases clarity while reducing eye strain. Additionally, it projects high-quality 120-inch images on a range of 2-13 ft distance and 4000 ANSI lumens. Its design features HDMI x2, MHL, and 5V/1.5A USB power supply, which makes connection seamless. Furthermore, it offers 2W x 1 speakers that improve sound quality and makes your watching experience awesome. Moreover, it’s the best project under $1000 to use for business presentations, among other essential business dealings. Get on Amazon today
Key features
• Full HD Wireless projector with Mirroring Optional
• Multimedia HDMI dongles
• Inbuilt 1.5A USB and 2Wx1 speakers
• 1280x800P resolution
• 4000 ANSI lumens

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