Drones have become famous because of their ability to take aerial photos. That’s probably the first reason why you want to own a drone. Whether it for personal use or for your business, this gadget has proven to given plenty of benefits to the users such as precision, security, and easy deployment on top of being able to capture high-quality aerial photos.

Now, drones have evolved. It’s not just used to take pictures or create amazing aerial videos anymore. There are already models that can carry things and you can easily find them online. In case you are looking for the top drone models that are capable to bear 5 lbs or more, here’s your list.

What are the benefits of using drones that can carry things?

Drones that can carry things have good benefits. If you are planning to buy one sooner, the first advantage you can get from using it is that you will be able to deliver goods somewhere without driving a car. You can use the drone to deliver something as long as it supports the weight of the product. This is very convenient for people who don’t want to leave their house since you only have to pilot this gadget remotely.

If you have crops to monitor, you can use a drone for your precision agriculture too. This is a type of activity where you use a drone to do farming activities such as spraying fertilizers and other needed insecticides to your crops. If your drone can carry the fertilizer without any problem, you won’t have to go to your farm just to do your farming needs. You can even plant seeds with the help of your drone if you will be able to program it to do such things!
There are more benefits depending on your purpose for buying it. You can discover it for yourself once you get one.

What to look for when choosing a heavy-lifting drone?

When looking for a heavy-lifting drone, the first thing you have to consider is the weight it can support. Again, it will depend on your purpose. If you need a drone that is capable to carry more than 5lbs., then look for one that can support the weight you preferred. Set your preference first before you buy so you can choose the right specification for your gadget.

Next, choose a drone with high-quality materials. Quality is not something you can compromise especially if you want the drone to carry things for you. If you settle to drones with low-quality, you will end up with more trouble. You need durable ones because you will add weight to it. Make sure to check the materials used to produce the drone so you can make sure that it is durable and high quality.
Also, you might want to look for something that is not too expensive. There are brands that offer affordable heavy-lifting drones. You don’t have to spend on expensive ones if you can find a brand that gives the best quality and price.

Top 5 drones that can carry 5lb or more

Now, let’s introduce you to the best drone options in the market. You can find these top 5 drones on Amazon or you can order from the official website of their manufacturers.

DJI Matrice 600 (6lb)

DJI Matrice 600 is a heavy-lifting drone specially made for industrial applications and aerial photography. DJI claims that is it one of their newest flying platforms. This drone can be connected to DJI technologies such as Lightbridge 2 transmission system, A3 flight controller, intelligent batteries, and battery management system. With its modular design, you can easily set up this gadget in minutes. Its dustproof propulsion systems make it easy for the motors to cool down for a more efficient and reliable operation.

DJI S1000 (6.8lb)

Unlike Matrice 600, DJI S1000 can carry a load of up to 6.8 lbs. If you need more weight, you can buy this heavy-lifting drone instead. This model has spreading wings features that are safe and stable, portable, spark-proof, and innovative. It has a professional octocopter and a low gimbal mounting position. In just 5 minutes, the drone is ready to use. No need to spend hours just to set this up.

Freefly Systems Alta (9lb)

The Freefly Systems Alta is infused with a 360 degrees camera that can view up and down. This Alta drone underwent comprehensive testing that allowed the company to get rid of the materials and items that don’t meet their strict quality control levels. Aside from its capability to carry 9 lbs at a maximum, it also has automatic data logging that makes it easier for the user to monitor and analyze the health and performance of the drone. The data logging is done with the use of a micro SD card. Another good feature of Freefly Systems is its quick release, which improves its flexibility and speed.

DJI Agras MG-1 (10lb)

If you need more weight to be carried, DJI Agras MG-1 can support a maximum of 10 lbs. This equipment is described as an octocopter made for precision variable rate application. For users who want to do their farming needs, this can be used for liquid pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. This is specially made for precision agriculture. Its maximum capacity makes it possible for the drone to carry 10kg liquid items. Its power and speed can cover up to 4,000-6,000 meter square in 10 minutes. If compared to manual spraying, this is 40 to 60 minutes faster.

Freefly Systems Alta Uav (15lb)

Finally, the Freefly Systems Alta UAV is a product designed for items that can reach 15 lbs. It has a fast setup feature that makes it easy for you to unpack and shoot in under 5 minutes. It incorporates a sky view and ground view configuration for cinematic aerial images. Its frame is ultra-lightweight, consisting of carbon fiber that is sourced from the USA. The synapse flight controller can be used to control its algorithms and perform complex flying patterns