How Much Does It Cost To Repair a TV

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The cost of owning TV’s are getting lower than ever. You can own a TV set for cheap, but when it breaks, it often has expensive costs to fix it. Usually, labor fees are the bulk of the billy that you pay when you send a TV for repair. Technicians need to catch up and be able to work on the latest TVs. Replacing or Repairing TV’s might be a difficult choice for anyone. If you like the features of your broken TV, it can be a hard choice to replace it with a new one. Rule of Thumb, if the repair cost is more than 50 percent of the original price, then it’s time to replace it.

Average Repair cost for a broken TV screen

Accidentally hitting the TV screen might be a terrible situation to happen for your TV appliance. This problem usually results in LCD panel replacement. Sometimes when the TV gets old enough, the screen dies out because of old age. The typical costs for fixing broken LCD TV screens can range to about $100 or more. These are fragile and easily damaged, which makes it one of the most usual items for repair. It is commonly considered a major repair and requires the entire panel to be replaced. Costs of replacing the TV screen usually costs as a new TV set. The repair price may also be higher, depending on the model. If your TV is under warranty and the LCD screen is broken, you may have it repaired for much less. For your reference, the price of a new 32-inch flat-screen TV starts at $100.

What Will Prompt a TV Repair?

The TV Switches On But No Display is Showing

Your TV set might be able to turn on, but sometimes when an incorrect input is plugged in, it can show blue, green, or no display at all. It might not get a signal or the cable that’s connected to your satellite box is faulty. Make sure that the TV is set to the correct input. Settings for the input are commonly on the Source menu on your TV. You can check all the input wirings on the back of the TV to know if there is any loose wiring. If none of these suggestions works, then maybe it’s time to contact a technician for your TV repair.

The TV Display Shows Horizontal Lines or Blurry upon Start-up

Low signal strength might cause horizontal lines and blurriness on your TV. When it only happens if you’re watching High Definition channels, it might just be a compression artifact. This occurrence is just a reception problem, and nothing is wrong with your TV. If this is consistent when you change channels or even if nothing is unplugged and yet horizontal lines are there, it might need a repair.

No sound is heard from the TV when it’s turned on sometimes your TV is just muted, and it only needs to be controlled with remote control. The volume button can increase the sound of your TV. Increasing the volume also unmutes your Television. If you are sure that the volume settings are ok, then it may be time to test if the internal speakers are working. TV’s have a “sound out” from the back of it. You can connect external speakers to your TV. Connect external speakers from the sound output from your TV and test if it plays sound. If the speakers work, then the internal speakers may be busted. These are expected repairs for TV sets, and it is cheap to repair. Call your technician to fix this problem as it doesn’t cost too much and can save you from buying a new TV set.

The TV Cannot Connect to the Internet

Make sure that nothing is blocking your router, especially if your TV is far from it. If your TV doesn’t have any problems with connecting to your phones and devices, then the router may be the problem. A quick router firmware update or a factory reset might do the trick. A Wi-Fi extender might also do the trick if the router is far from your TV set. TV also has firmware that needs to be updated. TV firmware sometimes has to be updated for them to function correctly. A TV firmware update may also solve internet and Wi-Fi connection issues. A factory reset may also solve your problem. If none of these methods works, the TV’s Wi-Fi module may be damaged. Wi-Fi modules let you connect the TV to devices and the Internet. It is attached to the mainboard of the TV and maybe quite expensive for repair. It is a wise decision if you call your technician and inquire if how much is the repair and if it is repairable.

How to Repair A Broken TV screen yourself and save money

Another way of saving money and your Television is fixing it yourself. A broken TV screen might be an expensive repair. TV screens that are cracked can’t be repaired, and will most likely need replacing. Displays that flickers or not showing correct sharpness and colors may be fixed. If you have technical knowledge in fixing electronics such as televisions, then fixing a broken TV by yourself can save you money.

Fixing a TV screen with a bad picture

This TV problem occurs when you have a distorted, and rainbow-colored display on all your TV inputs. This occurrence is also evident even when you access the TV’s Menu. It is a sign that maybe the LCD panel, t-con board, t-con cable, or LCD panel ribbon cable is faulty. The T-con board is the logic board that mainly controls the signals to your LCD panel. If you have a distorted screen, but when you open up the Menu, and it is perfect and clear, then the mainboard might be the problem. For this method of fixing it, you must open up the TV. Check for swollen or bulging capacitors once you open up the TV. Swollen capacitors need replacing and soldering and replacing a new one is required. Sometimes these are the cause of the TV malfunction. Wiggle ribbon cables while the TV is turned on. If the TV’s screen clears up with no distortion, then the ribbon cable is the culprit. Sometimes these come loose and just unplugging then plugging them back in might be a solution. Loose Ribbon cables can be an easy fix without soldering needed. If you are sure that the ribbon cables are correctly connected, and the display is still distorted, then calling your technician is a good idea as soldering is required for fixing these problems.

Vertical lines and double image on the TV’s display

Fixing this issue requires the TV to be opened; Remove the TV mount and the screws holding the TV case together. Remove the back panel and be careful not to hit the coax connector or pc connector. Lift the rear panel gently. Don’t pry it up too fast as it may damage the ribbons and cables connected to the circuit boards inside the TV. The first thing that you want to remove is the speaker cable routing. These usually held up by tapes. Remove them and lift it from the connectors. after removing the cables, the speakers can be easily removed. The next thing you want to notice is the circuit board at the bottom.

Most Traditional LCD TV’s have a circuit board located on the bottom part that has two ribbon cables attached to it. These control the right and the left part of the LCD screen. These ribbon cables can become faulty and can cause a double image or lines on your TV display. A quick fix for this is to cut a little clear piece of tape and attach it to the corner end of the ribbon cable where it will be connected to the port. Push the ribbon cable with a clear piece of tape on the circuit board’s port. The clear plastic tape makes sure that the ribbon cable is connected properly on the circuit board, You want to connect the power and video input into your TV while it’s open to making sure that it works. If there is no double mage or lines on the screen, then it means that this quick fix worked. If this does not help your problem, contact your technician to repair your TV as technical know-how is recommended if this fix does not work.

Average Life Expectancy of Different TV types

SONY LED TV – Sony assures their LED TV lineup lasts for around 60,000 hours. It usually comes with a three-year warranty.

LG OLED TV – OLED TV lifespan has been in question since reports say it contains organic material. LG says there’s no need to worry as their latest generation of OLED TV’s has a lifespan of 100,000 hours. That lifespan is outstanding in today’s OLED tv standards.

SAMSUNG OLED TV – Just like OLED TV’s in the market, Samsung OLED’s have 80,000 to 100,00 hours of lifespan.

VIZIO TV – Vizio Plasma LCD TV’s lifespan is not different from traditional LCD panels with around 30,000 to 50,000 hours.

PROJECTOR TV – Projector TV’s use projector bulbs that significantly has much lower hours of lifespan. Projector TV’s have about 2,000 hours of life before replacing the projector bulbs.

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