The average person spends about 4 hours watching TV every day, so it’s safe to say watching TV is a very important pastime for millions of people around the world. This is why it can be so frustrating when running into volume issues. Typically, a TV having no sound is more or less because of user error and can be easily fixed. In this article, we shed light on the 5 most common reasons why your TV has no sound

1. Your TV is on Mute

One of the first reasons why your TV has no sound is because someone accidentally hit the mute button. Don’t panic, it’s an easy fix, just hit your mute or Volume up button and your volume should be restored. If you still have no sound, then check the remote to make sure it’s working properly. It’s a big possibility that your remote control’s batteries are dead. If your remote is working properly, then try to go to the TV and hit the volume button.

2. Cables are Faulty

Another reason why your TV has no Sound could be because of faulty cables. Many people have soundbars, stereos, and surround sound systems
attached to their TV. If you run into sound trouble it’s best to check all cables. One of the easiest ways to fix sand issues caused by faulty cables
is to unplug the cable from your TV, then plug it back in to see if the Sound comes back on. If not, then try to replace the cables.

3. Check cable boxes and other devices

Nowadays most TVs are not stand alone, which means they are attached to other devices such as a set-top box, Roku player, and fire sticks. If there is no volume on your TV. then we advise you to first try to change the channel or App to
see is that makes a difference. If you are still experiencing volume issues, then unplug or shut- down your device completely and plug it back

4. Make sure your surround sound is set and On

This is important because many people don’t just use their surround sound for TV. Surround sounds can come with as many inputs as a TV, so
when there is no Volume on your TV and the Sanon d system is on, then make sure you’re on the correct input. Also, make sure your surround
system is on.

5. Check Inputs

Typically if you’re on the wrong input you won’t have sand or video. So if there is no sand on your TV and by chance, there’s no video ar the video is different, then change your input to the correct one. Also if you are on the correct input and there is no sand on your TV, then try to change to a different input, then back to the same to see if that fixes your Volume issues.

6. There’s a possible Network Outage

Also, it’s possible that a particular channel could be experiencing technical difficulties. First, try to simply change the channel or to see if the program itself having volume issues. Many cable companies experience diff rent types of outages every day. If you have checked all cables and reset your
cable box, then check out downdetector. com to see if your program is experiencing a volume outage.

7. TV is not working correctly

Unfortunately, your TV’s sound may not be working because of internal issues with your TV. If you have done everything and your sound
is still not working then it’s time to throw the towel in and seek a TV repair professional or try to repair it yourself. The average cost of TV repair is around $200, so expect to spend some money. If what you spend on TV repair is 50% more than its initial cost, then
it’s best to purchase a new TV. Also, if your tv’s Volume doesn’t work, but you are able to hook up an external speaker via Bluetooth or surround sound, then go for that instead of paying for TV repair.