8 REASONSWhy Does My TV Keep Turning Off

Why Does My TV Keep Turning Off

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Electronic items around your house are always going to show some type of personality. Just because it’s wired with electronics, the term bug’ is never excluded when describing why your TV flips-out. It’s essentially a simple electronic machine and much like a computer, it can have a glitch every now and then. But if you wonder why does my TV keeps turning off’ it might have an answer that’s easily solved. Let’s check out why:

There’s a set timer

These days it’s all about keeping a schedule, and often you make a schedule that works for every day. Your TV has a built-in timer that can be set to perform all sorts of duties. It can turn on at certain times or turn off as you like. It also can be programmed to work as an alarm clock so you never sleep-in past your wake-up time. In many cases, your TV can turn off as a result of the sleep timer being turned on.

If a sleep timer is activated, this needs to be disabled if you stay-up past your regular sleeping time. Perhaps you forgot that it was still on and as a result are surprised that the TV suddenly shut off. You can turn the TV back on and manually switch off the sleep timer so it doesn’t happen again.

Standby mode due to inactivity

Your TV can also turn off if the timer is set to idle mode. This is when a remote control hasn’t had any kind of commands recently and thinks nobody is watching. After that, it will switch off automatically if you’re not changing the channel or adjusting the volume. Standby mode is best for those who are falling asleep watching TV. It’s too easy to forget that this function is also on a timer that’s delayed.

Anytime you push the remote or TV as a command, the TV stays on. But when that timer runs down, it goes right off. You’ll need to switch-off the standby mode so it doesn’t do this. Or set the timer so it extends the amount of time that standby mode is active. Some TV can also sense presence or movement, but if you’re sleeping or out of the room it can also turn off.

TV is overheating

It’s hard to believe that a TV can overheat, although it’s not uncommon for obvious reasons. First of all, your LCD screen will need to have their air vents clean from dust. Excess dust from everyday movement around a room tends to collect fairly quickly. After just a month, it can develop a layer of dust that acts as a canopy for other dust to settle. When these levels get to be too much, the heat that builds-up inside the screen triggers an auto shut-off.

It can also happen if a TV is too close to a heat source such as wall heaters. This might only be seasonal but it can affect your TV if it’s too close. Perhaps something inconspicuous that has fallen onto the air vent such as a sock or plastic bag. Either way, keeping the air vent clean and free from dust will keep your TV from shutting off prematurely.

Outlet may be shorted out

Most electrical outlets in the home are unlikely candidates for being the cause of the TV going off. The truth is that many outlets aren’t rated to handle the amount of wattage used to run newer TVs. If you have problems with your TV tripping the circuit continually, this is a bad sign. You need to upgrade your electrical outlet to handle the amount of power it needs.

The outlet itself should also have a built-in breaker to prevent your electrical circuits from switching off. This way, your TV will have an outlet that readily handles the amount of power it needs to be on. These include surge protectors that prevent electrical fluctuations caused by other electrical items running on the same wall circuit. A washing machine or dryer turning on can also cause a surge that turns off your TV.

TV turns off automatically

Faulty TV cable

How many times do you move your TV around and are continually using the cable to connect new gadgets? Electrical items that are being hooked up to your TV are fine but all those hookup cables may not be compatible with your TV. They can also be faulty if they’re older cables. All the newest TVs have connector cables that allow CAT5 or LAN cables that connect devices like Playstation or video consoles.

If any of these are continually popped-in and removed, the little connectors where they attach at each end become worn. It won’t be too long before your TV reacts to these connections. Especially if there’s a cable box involved. If these boxes are going bad it sends a signal to your TV and it gets shut off. Bad cables can also cause this to happen if they aren’t updated and are getting too worn on their contacts. These cables should then be changed.

Malfunctioning remote control

Using the remote control is a continual battle over who controls the TV. When your remote decides to get involved, you’ll likely find a TV that turns off on its’ own. This can be from a button that’s stuck or is getting a constant signal from the remote. It can be because the batteries inside the remote need changing too. In the worst case, it can be a remote control that is starting to go bad.

Since most remotes continually send commands to the TV, any number of TV glitches can occur. Turning on or off randomly is typically one of them. This will mean that your remote needs to be replaced with one that works best with your TV. Pardon the pun, but it might be another remote problem altogether. You might need to open up your remote to see if the conductive paint inside is making contact, is coming off.

This can be fixed if you have electrical tape handy, but most people don’t go through that hassle. In most cases, your remote should be replaced with a new one instead. Hopefully, this will end your problems of wondering why your TV keeps turning off.

Firmware needs to be updated

Just like any other advanced computing system, TVs run off of programming code that’s susectable to errors and drawbacks. Therefore, updates are constantly needed. If you’re having issues with your TV turning off by itself then make sure your firmware is updated to the latest version. Manufactures update their software consistently to fix software issues.

Older or Broken TV

Let’s face it, if you have an older or malfunctioning TV then you will run into issue like your TV turning off automatically. Unfortunately, it may be time to purchase a new TV or seek out a TV repair service. It still would not hurt to try the above steps, but if your TV keeps turning off then don’t stress yourself out too much about it. TV’s nowadays are fairly inexpensive and it may make more sense to replace your TV than to get it fixed.

How to fix a TV that is turning off by itself? Step by Step

Now saying all the reasons for your TV turning off by itself, let’s show you how to fix the TV problem step by step.

  1. One of the first things you want to check if your TV is turning off by itself is the surge protector or wall outlet that its plugged into. Gently unplug your TV from the surge protector or outlet and place it in another location. Now check to see if its still turning off.
  2. Second you want to make sure your TV is not turning off by itself because of a settings issue. If you’re unsure about the settings you placed on your TV, then navigate to the TV’s settings and factory reset the TV. This is place everything back to it’s factory setting. Now, check and see if your TV is still turning off by it self.
  3. After you have reset the TV to it’s factory settings, make sure that its not another device that’s causing your TV to shutoff. Unplug or reset all devices that are plugged into your TV and test again. ( Sometimes in not that your TV is turning off, but the device that’s attached to your TV is malfunctioning. ) Example of malfunctioning devices are Set top boxes, DVD players, Gaming systems, and HD Antennas.
  4. Lastly, when all else fails, you can call a TV repair person, or purchase a new TV altogether. Typically, TV’s last for about 10 to 20 years, but we must realize a TV is still a machine that can break down at anytime.


TV’s are brilliant machines that babysit us when we are idle, inform us when we are uninformed, entertain us when we are bored, and comfort us when we are lonely. The last thing we want to deal with is a malfunctioning TV that keeps turning off. Above are six sounds tips that can help you troubleshoot a TV that keeps turning off. Hopefully, these tips help pinpoint and fix what’s going on with your TV.


Why does my Sony TV Turn off by itself

Typically, a Sony TV will turn off by itself because of two reasons; either the Idle TV standby mode is on or the sleep timer is activated. Also, if your Sony TV turns off after inputting an HDMI cable, then check the Bravia Sync settings.

Why does my Vizio TV turn off by itself

If you have a Vizio TV that keeps turning off then check the sleep timer and make sure they’re turned off. Also, many Vizio TVs turn off automatically due to a Firestick remote control IR frequency issue causing the TV to turn off automatically. Before calling a repair guy, try to take the batteries out of the Firestick remote and factory reset your LG TV. This usually fixes the problem.

Why does my LG TV Turn off by itself

If you have an LG TV that keeps turning off, then check your sleep timer and make sure its set to off( The sleep button location will vary depending the age of your TV. On newer LG’s, you will have to find the sleep button by pressing the menu. On older LG TV’s, the sleep button should be on the remote.) Remember to set the Timer Power on and Timer Power off to off.

Next, examine your power outlet to make sure it’s plugged firmly into your TV. If it is, then try to unplug your TV for a few minutes then plug it back in. If you’re still having issues, then call LG tech support.

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