The fastest way to get rid of TV glare is by dimming/repositioning your room lights, or by moving the TV to a different location. There are also other useful tips that will help get rid of TV glare. Lets go over more below.

All TVs will experience some form of glare if positioned near a light source. TV glares are more prominent in plasma and Semi- glossy LCD/LED TV screens. Your best bet is to go for a TV with a Matte finish, but even with a Matte finish screen, TVs will still have some form of glare depending on the light source. Most TV glare occurs when a strong light source shines directly or indirectly on the TV causing a glare. The strong light source is usually caused by the sun( natural light) or bright living room lights. In this article we will go over 5 effective ways to get rid of TV glare.

Top 5 ways to get rid of TV Glare

  • Turn off or dim lights
  • Purchase an articulating wall mount
  • Move TV to a different location
  • Buy a different TV
  • Purchase an Anti-glare screen protector

Turn Off or Dim Lights

This is an easy step to clear up any glare on your TV. Every TV reflects light in some form, some more than others. Therefore the easiest solutions are to dim your lights, or turn them off altogether. If you have a lamp then moving it to a different location may help. If you don’t have dimable lights
then you can invest in a Alexa Dimmable bulb you can get it from Amazon. With these bulbs you can dim lights with your voice, switch, or phone with no hub required. This could help fight againt glare where as before you didn’t have that option. You could also increase the brightness on your TV, but this may conflict with other setting such as contrast.

Purchase an Articulating Wall Mount

If dimming your lights is not an option, then you can always buy an Articulating wall amount. With an articulating wall Mont you can turn, and tilt your TV as you see fit. If your TV has a glare then you can easily combat this by slightly changing its position. This is a lot easier than having to rearrange your entire living room. You can also purchase a standard tilting wall mount. Although it doesnt turn like the articulating stand, the up and down position may be enough to combat TV glare.

Articulating Wall Mounts:

Buy a Different TV

Not all TV’s are created equal when it comes to light reflection and glare . If TV glare is a big problem for you then try to purchase a TV that’s good for-bright rooms. LED’s and LCDs are good for bright rooms over plasma.
Nowadays many LED TV have a semi glossy that does reflect a little light, but the semi gloss helps with a more brilliant picture. Your best bet
overall is going to be a Matte finish TV. These TV’s don’t reflect much light at all, but don’t rush to the store just yet, a matte TV is rare, in fact most company’s don’t make Matte TV’s anymore. You can also add Plasma TVs to this list. For the most part, Plasma TV where discontinued in 2014 with the push of New TV technology such as LED, QLED, and OLED.

Modern TVs are made to combat glares by using automatic ambient light sensors which changes picture setting based on lighting conditions and by using advanced TV layer layers specifically made to reduce glare.

Possibly the best TV to combat glare is the Samsung Qled series. This series not only comes with automatic ambient detection, but also comes with the very effective three layer anti glare protection screen. With this combination, the Samsung Q led TV can easily over power a bright room.

Best TV’s for bright rooms

Samsung QLED Best overall


Move Your TV Altogether

When all else fails, you can always move your TV altogether. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way of doing this because if you decide to move your TV, most likely you will have to move other furniture. Make sure to have all the
lights on when you move to get desired results and if possible place your TV at a 90 degree angle away from windows.

Purchase an Anti-Glare screen protector

If you’re experiencing glare on your TV and moving things around is not an option, then you can always purchase an anti glare screen protector. These screen protector are effective when it comes to reducing glare.
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