With the rise in video conferencing applications, security is becoming increasingly more important. Over the last few years, many companies have transitioned to video conference because virtual meetings are quicker and more cost-effective than actually traveling and setting up face to face meetings. Virtual meetings are not exactly new to the web, they have been around for years, but with the introduction to high-speed internet and 4G technology, has made video conferencing not only bearable but effective.

Skype was one of the first video conferencing application created. It came on the scene in 2003 and was different than any other video program at that time. SKYPE has gone on to acquire millions of users. In recent years many new video apps have stepped to the plate to feed the growing demand for video conferencing. With the recent Coronavirus pandemic, many small, medium, and large companies have no choice but to use video conferencing programs to maintain communication. 

This has triggered an explosion in people using video conferencing programs now more than ever, Subsequently, this is great for businesses, but unfortunately, the more people using these conferencing apps, the more security risk you will have. The last thing a company wants is someone eavesdropping on critical business discussions. This is why it is so important to join a video conferencing platform that is highly secured on the server-side and also inside the meeting room. In this article we will review the best-secured video conferencing applications on the web today.


Zoom Is a video conference app that runs on computers, tablets, and phones. They pride themselves in security and take the customer’s privacy seriously. They offer many In-App customer configurations to keep conversations secure and safe. Below are some of the user-managed configurations that can be controlled within a meeting.

  • Password Protected-Secure meetings by requiring a password to access.
  • Look Meetings-The host has the ability to lock a meeting, preventing Attendees from joining
  • Screen Share Watermarks– protect all screen sharing by adding a watermark.
  • Create Waiting Rooms-The host can create waiting rooms for attendees. This will help manage who can enter the meeting or not.
  • Audio Signature-secure all audio by adding a signature that identifies and stores all signed-in user credentials. This will help identify users who illegally shared proprietary information.
  • Zoom also authenticates and set up conference calls or webinars via HTTPS which is a secure internet protocol. All webinars content and screen sharing uses an AES encryption protocol and for communication it uses a 256 encryption. All VOIP data is encrypted using SRTP (Secure Real-Time Protocol)  for a more secure conversation.



This another great video conference platform that many businesses use. WebEx has been around for ____ years and has easily become one of the best go-to video conference platforms for major corporations. WebEx has many security features as well to restrict UN-welcomed users from entering meetings.

  • Password -This is essential, you can create a password for users to use for access.
  • Unlisted-you can make a meeting unlisted where it won’t show up on the event calendar. All invitations will be sent privately via email
  • Lock Meeting- You have the capability to lock your meeting after it has started, so no other user can log in.Registration ID:  You can create a unique registration ID for users to use to log in.
  • Cisco ensures encryption of all media data services behind the system which secures data in transit and at rest.  Plus they support an end to end E2EE Encryption for all streaming data if needed. Cisco’s WebEx is truly one of the global leaders when it comes to video conferencing, They take pride in providing top-notch security for all their clients.

    Team Viewer

    Team Viewer-Team viewer was first introduced in 2005. It’s a German-based company that strives to give its customers the best possible experience. Team Viewer is primarily known for its remote support application. In fact, many companies use team viewer to provide internal/ external tech support for their customers. In recent years Team View has started introducing other services to its platform, one being video conferencing. If you ask us, their video conference platform is pretty robust. You not only have the ability to host a video conference, but you can also share files during a conference and remote session. Here are a few internal security features they support on their platform.

    • The organizer can remove any attendee during the video conference. He/She can also disable the voice and video of any attendee.
    • The organizer can record the entire meeting video & audio
    • The organizer can enable/disable file sharing during the meeting.

    Team Viewer also supports an end to end encryption, so no outsiders can intrude on your private conversations.

    Go-To Meeting

    Go to Meeting was created by Log Me In is years ago. “It has three different platforms, online meetings, desktop sharing, and video conferencing. Along with other popular video conferencing software, Go to Meeting has stood the test of time and has remained a top contender for years. It’s platform and, web security for video conferencing is pretty robust. It comes with a Saml SSO login for advanced security and a strong encryption mechanism to secure all video calls and information stored on their servers. Go to Meeting is also very well known for their easy to use platform.

    Here are some Inside security features:

    Meeting lock- The host can lock the meeting so no new users can join.

    Remove Attendee -If someone is being disruptive, the host has the ability to remove the user at will.
    password protect Meeting- Host has the ability to protect meetings by requiring a password to get in. This will ensure that no unwanted
    quest gets in.

    Managed access to shared content- The host can manage all shared content between users.

    Manage Chats- Go to Meeting has  three chat security options:

    Everyone- All participants  can  view each other chats

    Organizers – Only the host only can view chats

    Specific Attendees- Only chosen participants can view chats


    We think that Zoom is going to be your best bet when it comes to security. With all its advanced security features and just the sheer amount of traffic passing through their servers, Zoom has done an outstanding job of protecting it’s customer privacy.