12 Best Screenwriting Software For Beginners

screenwriting software for beginners

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Getting into screenwriting can be daunting for most beginners. However, finding the best screenwriting software out there to help you on your way makes the whole process a lot easier! So we’ve delved deep into the best screenwriting software for beginners and have come up with a list of twelve that we think you might be able to take something from!

  1. Final Draft 12

Let’s start with Final Draft 12, then. Now on its 12th version, Final Draft keeps getting better and offers plenty of versatility for the novice screenwriter. It’s no question that Final Draft 12 is the most popular service out there, and they boast an impressive number of users on their site. Final Draft 12 is used by 95% of film and television productions! So you know it’s worth a look.

There are plenty of templates that will walk you through the best way to format and set up the perfect piece. In addition, many tools are available to users who need them, like the story mapping tools that help spread your story for more effortless flow. Transitioning your thoughts onto a screen can be a challenge, but Final Draft 12 was specifically designed to make it easier for you.

  1. Scripts

Scripts is an invaluable resource for beginners looking to learn more about screenwriting and begin their own journey. It’s the most extensive online resource of movie and play scripts available and allows users to see what goes into a script.

Though it won’t help you develop your own scripts, it’s a great way to learn how scripts that made it to film and television have looked in the past. You’ll be able to pick up plenty of pointers from it.

  1. Arc Studio

Another excellent entry that has to be included near the top of the list is Arc Studio. It’s an incredibly user-friendly platform that works really well to encourage new screenwriters to expand their ideas. It also helps them to format their scripts in the best ways for readability and convenience.

On top of that, Arc Studio was designed with teamwork in mind. So it’s easy to share your scripts made in Arc Studio with friends and colleagues and have them collaborate with you if you want them to. Even if it’s something as simple as having a read-through to see if they like it, it’s a great feature offered by the site.

  1. Industrial Scripts

Although not a website designed to help you develop a script online, Industrial Scripts is another resource for beginners to aid you on your journey. With a collection of courses and tips to teach you the best practices in screenwriting, you really can’t go wrong with checking out the website. You’ll find plenty of helpful information on there that’ll help you sculpt your dream into a reality.

The best part is that most of what they offer is free! You can go to their website and look through their articles to learn all you could ever think about screenwriting. You can obviously go further and pay for their courses and editing services, but it’ll be well worth the money after you’ve invested the time to learn about screenwriting from them.

  1. Filmmaking Stuff

Another resource designed to enlighten you, Filmmaking Stuff, has a little bit of everything to encourage overall development and skill. You’ll notice a drastic change in your screenwriting abilities as a beginner when you have a read of what they’ve got on offer. You can also set up a subscription with them by asking them to send over their Filmmaking Roadmap. It’s a great way to learn little bits of information on the go.

  1. Celtx

Back to some of the best screenwriting software for beginners, we meet our next contender, Celtx. Celtx is a great tool designed for team management and has a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible for most novice candidates. You can work as a team to produce some pretty impressive scripts, or you can choose to follow their tips and use the tools provided to help you on your way to creating your own piece.

What’s brilliant about Celtx is that it can also work offline. You’ll find many screenwriting software often needs an internet connection to get started or connect to the cloud where previous scripts might have saved. Celtx can avoid this entirely and allow users to crack on with what they need to do when they’re ready for it.

  1. Scrivener

Scrivener is an excellent choice of software for beginners in any trade. They don’t limit themselves to screenwriting, though they are an ideal platform for it. There are plenty of screenwriting templates for you to work with. It’s also pretty interesting how they are open to novelists and poets, too, allowing for more freedom in formatting – which works well for beginner screenwriters who might want to see their words on a page before anything else.

It was one of the most flexible screenwriting software of them all. The interface is easy to understand as well, and you’re able to set yourself targets and limits to make sure you’re holding yourself accountable while working on your writing.

  1. Movie Magic

Movie Magic Screenwriter has come a long way, and it’s now on its sixth iteration. However, it is still used by some of the most prolific screenwriters out there, so it must be getting something right. In addition, there are over 100 templates available to use for the novice screenwriter, making it easy to access and start working with.

It’s also a great piece of software if you have a habit of going back on yourself and needing to make revisions. You won’t find many others on this list that are so editable. In addition, previous versions and edits are easy to navigate, making it the perfect tool for some of the more erratic screenwriters out there who change their minds all the time.

  1. Fade In

Fade In talks about itself being a professional screenwriting software and one of the most advanced out there, but don’t let that put you off. Yes, it’s fantastic and is used by plenty of professionals, but it’s still just as accessible for beginners looking to get better. You only need to get the full version yourself to see all the fantastic perks it has.

Like the others, it’s got a simple user interface that makes it easy to work with. It also has an autocomplete function for anyone who might need a little extra hand in their screenwriting.

  1. Writer Duet

Perhaps one of the simplest to use on the list, Writer Duet, is an impressive candidate for beginner screenwriters to get stuck in with. It offers three unique tiers, each offering extra value for a small additional cost. It is also subscription-based, making it better for users who aren’t sure if they’re ready to commit to a full price yet.

It comes with plenty of plugins and scripts already available for the user. If you want to use them, you have to click on the ones that will work best. It couldn’t be more straightforward to use Writer Duet.

  1. Highland

Highland was developed by the screenwriter John August with the idea in mind to make it as streamlined as possible. Considering he already knew the difficulties screenwriters would have had to go through with other software, it’s no wonder that Highland has become one of the most straightforward tools to use and master. You’re in safe hands when you choose to go with Highland.

Highland comes with four main tools to help the beginner on their journey to screenwriting glory. These include the navigator to get to the pages you need, the bin to remove content you no longer need, live margins to edit and take notes when required, and a revision mode that allows you to seamlessly scan over your work and change the bits you need to.

  1. Studio Binder

Working entirely on the cloud, Studio Binder is a great way to organize your thoughts. If you have a habit of getting lost or trying to do too many things at once, Studio Binder is probably the answer for you. It comes with a clean layout and auto-formatting features that help you walk through even the most intricate steps in developing a professional screenwriter.

Even with the bare minimum knowledge, you’d be able to produce a piece that looks ready to go straight to the big screen with Studio Binder. It also comes with a selection of subscription offers, so if you’re not prepared to commit to it yet, the Indie package is probably the best choice for you.


We’ve covered the 12 best screenwriting software for beginners in the hopes that some of these will work wonders for you. They all do a fantastic job, and there’s a reason that they’re the leaders in their respective fields. While some offer some great formatting options and others come with brilliant learning resources, you’ll be spoiled for choice and find yourself becoming a fully-fledged screenwriter in no time.

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