What is Similar to AWS: 8 Great Alternatives

what is similar to AWS

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AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing platform that extends the latest, reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solution to users. It also extends service in building blocks that can be used to deploy and create various kinds of applications using cloud technology.

However, a few limitations are associated with AWS or default limits, which again vary from place to place. Also, hardware-specific changes have been observed in applications. As a result, the outcome is not always the same. The performance is not the best on all occasions, and the same goes for the use of the application.

It has therefore led to the search for AWS alternatives that are good enough to substitute the limitations. Given below is a list of the 8 best AWS alternatives, along with their essential features:


If you are looking for high-performance but economic WordPress hosts, Cloudways is the best option. It can deliver maximum speed and a foolproof security system that a WordPress site is in badly need of.

Cloudways is among those few that extend a good balance between functions and cost, especially in WordPress managed to host cloud-based. It offers hosting which is wholly managed and ensures there are no instances of slow loading. Therefore, WordPress site and loading issues are eliminated. This platform comes with an excellent set of features. It is possible to scale the various hosting resources as the site expands.

It can help optimize a site’s infrastructure for the site’s performance, speed, and security. The hosting plans of this platform are among the most economical in the market. The mission is to extend the cloud hosting facility in a well-managed way. It allows users to focus more on business and manage the hosting complications efficiently.

Talking about the managed WordPress hosting, many other companies offer the same services; however, most of them offer a shared, dedicated, or VPS environment. Cloudways is a step ahead and extends a pretty unique solution.

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is a well-known brand and is well known for its business-standard hosting. The performance is reliable enough and the technical support extended by it is remarkable. Users who use this platform once fall in love with it. The unmatched support system is always available. The hosting system has been specifically optimized to suit bloggers. It extends substantial scalability for the growth of the blog.

Inmotion has become one of the biggest names in the web hosting industry, and their hosting services are for everyone. The hosting is reliable enough, the customer service is of standard quality, and the service options are vast.

The main focus of this platform is – How fast is the webpage able to load itself, is the website available to the users without downtime, is the customer support quick enough, is everything available that is required to build a site, whether the pricing is the best in the market or not and are there enough deals for the users to save money or not.

The platform offers a money-back guarantee, which is pretty generous as compared to the other platforms. It extends the facility of a free site transfer and the option to select the nearest data center.

Toggle Box
Toggle Box is a powerful application that can help to improve the functionalities of the google workspace. The features of this platform include a variety of facilities that include:

Email Damage Control: It is a powerful search tool that enables tracking unwanted emails within the domain. It even allows deleting such mails. Additionally, it is possible to keep track of the mails that have either been copied or forwarded externally. A specialized UX is in place to sort and search the emails. Toggle Box can protect an organization from spam emails. It can activate the right tools at just the right time to restrict any phishing attack. The application uses real undo tools for recalling internal mails.

Contact Management – Toggle Box can help to keep address books free of unnecessary email addresses. This tool restricts ex-employees from re-appearing and deletes any external contacts from the directory. The functions include search and deletion, easy update and review of the shared contacts, and a massive update of end-user account information. Most importantly, it can help to sync internal contacts.


Kamatera offers cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes. It extends versatile products along with leading cloud technology. The technical support is remarkable and is available 24 x 7. It facilitates cloud computing.

Those who have used this application have revealed that the service is relatively stable and good. The experience while using the service has been good, too. It is easy to create a VPS as well as understand the process. The VPS is stable, fast, and hardly faces any issue.

Kamatera is responsive, affordable, and can be customized to a great extent. It is an affordable alternative for the liquid web. The location of the VPS can be customized. It allows easy configuration and is quite granular. The same cannot be achieved in the case of a liquid web. With Kamatera, it is possible to determine disk space and RAM as per choice.

Most importantly, the performance of the server is pretty fast. There is hardly any issue related to performance, and the reliability is high. The server statistics are impressive enough. The interface is easy to handle and has everything that is needed for adequately managing the server. It is undoubtedly a good choice if someone is looking for an easy-to-use and reliable VPS solution.


Vultr is the best option for those who might be looking for options related to cloud hosting solutions. It extends SSD servers that are of high-performance type. Entirely natural, the footprint is global. The aim is to develop the most efficient and reliable service necessary for launching a high-speed cloud server.

The SSDs are 100 percent solid state and use the most updated generation of Intel CPUs. The control panel is rich with the latest features. It is possible to select up to 14 low latency locations from around the globe. The cloud hosting plans are deficient and hence can be afforded by almost anyone. It is an excellent option for developers since it extends a standard platform for all.

Vultr has been around for quite some time now and happens to be among the most trusted cloud hosting options. Since it happens to be a low-cost option, this platform has become popular even among small-scale users. At present, most small business owners and entrepreneurs prefer using Vultr. The speed is outstanding, and it offers dedicated IP addresses. The control panel is the most critical aspect, and it allows the installation of multiple features through a single click.

Google Cloud
GPC (Google Cloud Platform) has been developed keeping in mind the future requirements of web services. The objective is to allow developers to come up with solutions that are better and faster.

It allows using the core infrastructure, machine learning, and data analytics of google. It is a highly secured platform having a variety of features. Another prominent feature of this platform is that it is serverless. It involves only codes and nothing else. As a result, it is possible for developers to transit from the stage of prototype to production easily. There is no need to worry about aspects like performance, reliability, or capacity.

The storage is good enough to fit all sizes of companies. It allows storing any amount of data and retrieves it anytime. In other words, the storage is unlimited, and the latency is low. It allows saving money without compromising on performance. It is a good option for those who need to access crucial data frequently, whether for a website or a mobile app.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is described as a platform having unlimited possibilities and potential. The solutions offered by it include SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. These can be utilized for services like networking, storage, analytics, and computing. It is an excellent option to either supplement or replaces the existing on-site servers.

Azure allows moving computing resources as needed. It supports almost any framework, tool, operating system, and programming language. The best part is that users are required to pay only what they use. In terms of disaster recovery and backup, Azure happens to be a dream application.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is an application that is capable of delivering almost 100 percent in terms of up-time. It suggests that since it started, it has never been down. After all, it is of no use if a site is down for long. The traffic will bounce more often. A difference of just a second can cost a lot of potential online traffic.

Throughout 2020, the average loading time of Digital Ocean has been among the fastest. The range of options offered by this platform extends a lot of potential for the developers. The traffic and data are secured at all times.

Final Words

Hope you have a fair idea now that there are more than enough alternates of AWS. You can go for any of these and still get the same results.

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