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What to do if I washed my AirPods

What to do if I washed my AirPods


So, you’ve washed your AirPods and are looking for a bit of help on your next step? Don’t worry, it can happen to the best of us! Sometimes we just forget to take them out of our pockets and before we know it the washing machine has finished and we’ve just found them… But what next?

Are Apple AirPods Water Proof?

Unfortunately enough, your AirPods are not water proof. They have been tested to see what kind of grading they fall under with water contact, but they only rate as water resistant, not water proof. With that said though, not all hope it lost. They can still withstand a fair amount of water contact over their use before you start to notice them getting worse for wear.

Apple AirPods are resistant against minor contact, like sweat and rain. They can still be used just fine outside, regardless of the weather, and sometimes this can mean that they’ll be able to survive a journey in the washing machine too. It really depends on how much water actually came into contact with the AirPods – if they were well submerged in the pocket, they might well just survive!

How To Dry Apple AirPods

If you have noticed that they’ve picked up a fair amount of water after the wash, you’ll want to get to work with drying them as quick as possible. The quicker you can work to get the water out of the potentially damaging areas, the more likely your AirPods will be to recover and work at full force again.

First, you’ll want to get your hands on a dry, lint-free cloth to wipe away the water you can visibly see. Cotton swabs are also recommended to get into the smaller areas, like the bit between the body and the pod.

It’s also encouraged that you leave your AirPods out to dry for at least two hours after you’ve cleaned whatever water out of them that you can see. Don’t use them while you are leaving them to dry, as this could have an adverse effect on the water inside them and cause them to shut down completely.

There really are no better ways to drying your Apple AirPods than open air drying. If they still don’t work after two hours, it’s a good idea to leave them overnight to get the best result.

How Long Can AirPods Stay Submerged Under Water In The Washing Machine?

Okay, this one is a tricky question, but one that you might find yourself asking if you’re worried about the functionality of your AirPods after that fateful washing machine cycle. There is no straight answer that can be given. Some people report that their AirPods went through a full cycle and came out fine, others will say that they went through and were damaged beyond repair.

If your AirPods were loose and floating around under water in the washing machine, you’ll most likely find that they are damaged beyond repair after their time in the cycle. If they are tucked away in a pocket you might find that your AirPods work just fine after being washed (a jean or inside jacket pocket can be very tight and could do a great job of keeping water away from AirPods).

Either way, we encourage you to at least dry the surface that you can see and leave them alone for at least 2 hours just to make sure the circuitry inside isn’t drowned and useless.


Can I Take A Shower With My AirPods?

This is not something you should consider doing if you value your AirPods and don’t fancy buying a new pair. While they are water resistant and capable of standing up against outside rain, the torrential force of a shower is usually too much for AirPods to bear. It’s better to just have your phone playing out loud in the bathroom if you really fancy listening to music.

Can I Wear My AirPods In The Rain?

Yes, AirPods are water resistant and can be worn outside just fine, even while it’s raining. The rain tends to just drip off of the outside surface of the pods and usually causes no damage to the inner circuitry. You’re safe to do this.


So, if you’ve accidentally taken your AirPods through a wash and are looking for the best solution, you have to remember it’s best to act as fast as possible. Dab any water you can see with a dry cloth and then leave them out to dry for a few hours to ensure the most effective process. You might just be able to save your AirPods. A washing machine isn’t a death sentence for them!

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