How to make your home a smart home. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last decade, then you would know that home automation is the thing to do. Many people are deciding to transfer their homes from an older style to a new modern type of home. We call this modern type of house, a smart home. A smart home is basically a house that is equipped with a bunch smart appliances that can be be controlled by an app, voice recognition, or specific timers. For instance, instead of turning off a light switch with your fingers, a smart home you can now use your voice or have light turn on or off at a particular time. The biggest misconception about transferring your home to
a smart home is the money and difficulty, but this couldn’t be further from the truth

1 Command Renter
2 smart plugs
3 smart lights/ bulbs
” smart thermostat
S Add security cameras
6 Add smart looks
7 Add a smart Vacuum cleaner
to Add smart blinds
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It’s actually Quite easy to make your house a smart home. The deuces out there are very simple to use and even better they are not as expensive as you think. Creating a smart home is a marathon rather than a sprint, meaning you don’t have to buy everything at once. Look at your home project as a puzzle, take it on piece by piece. It this article we v11 show you how to transfer your house to a smart home

I. Command Center. One of the first things you want to consider is which smart home main hub you want to use to control all your devices. There are currently two main central hubs out right now. Amazon Alexa and Google home. At this stage you must decide which
of these two you feel comfortable with because many of 1µW devices will be connected to one of these twoBhubs. Both of these hubs support hundreds of smartVhome devices, so you don’t have to worry about your devices not being supported.
[ You can grab an Echo devices from Amazon
[ you can grab a Google from Amazon

  1. Smart plugs – These plugs are not just any plugs they are smart plugs which means they can work off a timer and are voice activated. This is great because you no longer have to turn on your electronic
    device with your hands or remote, now you can use your voice. By simply saying Alexa turn on office lamp you can have your light turn on automatically instead of flipping a switch. There are many smart plugs out there compatible with Amazon Alexa 4 Google assistant
    when starting off we recommend starting with a smart plug first just to get your feet wet.Best smart plug compatible with Alexa/ qooqk
    Best smart strip compatible with Aleta / goggle.

3 Smart Bulbs/Switch
Smart bubs are heavily sought after. These bulbs can not only turn own with the sand of your voice, they can also change colors, dim, and turn on {off at specific times. Imagine setting all your bulb to dim
as it gets later in the day. these bulbs are also useful in apartment settings. Many people cannot change their light switch out without the owners permission. This is where the smart bulb shines. All you have to do is

plugged for room’s main light socket and turn the light switch on. Now as long as the light switch stays on, that light socket is receiving power and your bulb show be on ‘a ready. §Ñ
If you plan on using a ceiling light or light connected to Another issue might pop up from using smart bulbs for main room light. is when someone keeps turning the light switch off manually. If the light switch is turned off manually, then your smart bulb will not turn on. Best way to combat this is to purchase switch cover. The will force you to use your voice instead of accident by using yer hand to change the light.

Smart thermostat-Next on the list is a smart thermostat. This device gives you hand free access to your thermostat. Gone are the days where you have to get up and change the temperature on your
thermostat. Now all you have to do is grab the phone or use you-voice. You can also set timers and adjust the thermostat when away from home. Having a smart thermostat is a huge add-on to your
smart home arsenal

Next critical setup to your smart-home is setting up security cameras. Security cameras give you access to Your house when you are home or away. Many of the security companies let’s you record and store Videos on their servers, so you will always have access to your videos when necessary.. Another great thing about purchasing a security Carnera for your smart phone is using it with Amann Alexa or Google. These deuces allow users to view the.- cameras kith the sound of their voice. For example, if you have an Eohow show and a ring stick cam then all you have to do is program your show to work with the ring central app. “Alexa show the front door”. Alexa will communicate with your security camera and show it on the echoes screen. The next piece of hardware needed for your new smart home is a smart look. A smart look is basically a look with more than one way to gain access
and to look. So instead of just using a lock and Key, You could lock your door from an App or set your smart look to look at specific times. To gain entry to your smart lock, you can access thru a keypad, thumbprint (Biometric) or an App. These smart looks make life easier, and Lll be a great edition to your new smart home.

The next smart home tech is a cordless robo Vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners are next generation and have been around for about a decade. Over the last ten years new updates and innovations have been added to ‘these Vacuum cleaners. So now they can navigate
and clean your house efficenty than ever before. Imagine never having to vacuum again. All you have to do is create a schedule, and the vacuum cleaner will Vacuum your house by itself. You can even use Alexa c- qodqk home to command the vacuum to start
at any time. This is truly the epitome of a smart home.

Smart Blinds – Another great edition to the smart Home plan is smart blinds. Imagine never touching your blinds again. Just command your blinds to more. You can also set a timer for your blinds to go down or op. We believe this is a great smart home gadget that will surely brighten your day, no pun intended.