Every one of us yearns for that perfect physique. We want to get that ideal fitness gadget and achieve the
physique which we wish to. The problem is that the world of health and fitness is fraught with gadgets and
products which do not work.

In such a scenario, how can you achieve the physique which you want?

The answer to that is to be extra careful when choosing different fitness gadgets and workout regimes you
choose to follow. We will make it easy for you. Today, we will share with you 8 fitness gadgets that actually
work. Instead of relying on trial and error to pick such a gadget that can benefit you, you can go through our
list below to choose the right one. Without further delay, we will now highlight such devices to help you
progress towards your fitness goals.

1. Activ5 Isometric Based Body Workout and Strength Training Device

Isometric workouts are the latest trend in the fitness industry. These workouts require you to use your body
strength to increase the resistance levels and burn calories. The only problem is you never know how
much pressure you’re applying or how much calories you have burned.

This is where Activ5 comes into the picture. When you integrate it into your workout rather than weights, it
measures the calories burnt, and pressure applied. Accordingly, it sends all of this information to a mobile
app which customizes workouts depending on your physique and the force which you use.

After that, the mobile app will guide you through the workouts. It means that rather than working on
equipment, gear, or weights, you can use your body weight to exercise.

The game-changing feature of this device is that it is highly compact so, you can use it anywhere. Whether
you’re on a plane or in your car or at the restaurant, you can use this device. All you need is this device and
your smartphone. It means that working out anywhere is possible. In today’s world, where time is precious,
such a device no doubt works wonders.


• Mobile App support

• Aids Isometric workout

• Customizes workout according to your body type

• Highly versatile

• Eliminates the need for using bulky equipment


2. STEALTH Core Gamer Trainer

If you’re looking for more conventional gear, this gamer trainer can help you. It can help you with various
plank workouts, which is why; it is so easy to use.

The advantage of different types of plank exercises is that they directly target your core. As a result, you can
lose weight quickly. The unique feature of this trainer is that it comes along two mobile games on offer.
These are available on android and iOS. If you want to play these games, you will have to use the trainer in
such a way that it makes you exercise.

As a result, it is the perfect combination of gaming and workout. All you need to do is spend 3 minutes per
day on your workout, and you can get fit and lose weight. Since the exercise is in the form of a game, it will
not be monotonous or mind-numbing. The perfect combination of games with workout makes it a highly
useful option.


• Variants of plank exercises

• Inculcates workout with the games

• Easy to use

• Requires little time

• Makes workout interactive

3. Ecozen Lifestyle Booty Bands with Adjustable Belt

Booty bands are immensely useful when it comes to losing weight. They add resistance to your workout.
The belt which we are speaking about now comes in 4 color options. It is, however, different from the other

options in more ways than one.

The first difference is that it consists of nonslip latex construction. Due to this very reason, it has a high load-
bearing capacity. It consists of sturdy carabiners which increase the durability further.

Additionally, you can choose between 3 different resistance levels, which make it suitable for almost
anyone. Whether you’re looking to accelerate sweating, burn calories or fat during exercise, it can help you
with all of that. It is compatible with a waist size from 25 inches to 47 inches. It is perfect for individuals
with a height of more than 5 feet 3 inches. As a result, it is highly versatile.

It comes with a booklet and video links. It means that even if you have not used to such a gadget before, you
can use it easily. The high strength and durable construction makes it much better than your average fitness


• Non-slip construction
• High load-bearing capacity

• High durability

• Suitable for almost everyone


4. Escape Fitness Deck – Workout Bench and Fitness Station

The gadget which we are highlighting now is an entire workstation in itself. When you opt for this
workstation, you will not have to buy different benches to workout.

The dimensions of this deck are the 8” x 38” x 43”. You can use it for a wide variety of workout gear like:

• Weight Bench

• Step

• Plyometric box

• The ramp

• And much more

With 16 different configurations, it is easy to adjust it according to your requirement. It also consists of
resistance tube channels, which mean that it is suitable for resistance workout. With so many configurations,
you can be sure that it will certainly help you with your workout.


5. BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0


Have you heard about the portable gym? It is a trending concept. The options which you might have come
across earlier might not be that effective. However, the one which we will highlight today is not only
effective but also extremely compact when you want to transport it.

We are speaking about BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0. It consists of things like:

• Base

• Bar

• Bands

• Door anchor

• Handles

• Straps

You can attach all of the accessories with the base in more ways than one. Doing so will help you perform
resistance training to lose weight. When not in use, you can put this equipment in a small bag which you can
easily carry around.

The reason why this portable gym is so much better than others is because of its simplicity. The instructions
are also easy to follow. Also, due to the various configurations in which you can connect it, you can
accomplish almost any workout.

What more do you need from a portable gym?

It is entirely holistic, which will help you start and finish your workout without the need for any additional


• Highly portable

• Multiple configurations possible

• Heavy-duty gear

• Does not require any extra fixtures


6. Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym Resistance Band System

Sometimes, simplicity works best. If you agree, this is the perfect option for you. It consists of resistance
bands which can help you with HIIT workouts as well as resistance training. The home gym is available in 5
color variants.

Along with the resistance bands, you will also get the aluminum gorilla bow. The dimensions of the Bow are
56” x 9.5” x 1.75”. The resistance cables use 100% latex. As a result, durability enhances further. The
advantage of the resistance cables is that they offer you various strength carrying capacities like 10 lbs 20
lbs, 32 lbs, 45 lbs.

The Gorilla Bow is the main gear which can help you use the resistance bands for various exercises like
curls, rowing, bench press, and squats.

The Gorilla bow can withstand up to 300 lbs of tension. That is why; it is suitable for almost everyone. All
this gear is transportable in a carry bag which comes along with it. The fact that it can help you with various
exercises makes it is the most convenient systems to use.


• Highly portable

• Sturdy construction

• Comes with a carry bag

• Easy to use


7. TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball

While you might have used a punching bag before for your workout but have you ever used a boxing reflex

It is convenient when it comes to work-out. The gadget which we are speaking about now comes in the form
of a reflex ball. It is available in 2 color variants. The design of this reflex ball is such that it is lightweight
and softer.

It comes with a headband to which you can attach it. The construction of the headband is such that you can
keep it at some distance away. You can punch it not just to improve your hand-eye coordination but also
burn some calories. The ball is pretty soft, which means that even if it hits your body, you will face no
problem at all. By punching the ball consistently, you can easily accomplish a full-body workout.

The beauty of this reflex ball is that you can work out almost anywhere as it consists of a ball with the
headband. The ease of use is the reason why this gadget is on this list.


• Minimalistic design

• Easy workout

• No learning curve

• Full upper body workout


8. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Color Screen

This list wouldn’t be complete without a fitness tracker. A fitness tracker is a must-have gadget to help you
track your workout. It is the best way of keeping your fitness record.

Instead of going with any substandard option, the one which we are highlighting now is not only accurate
but highly durable. It is available in 5 different color options. Moreover, it has 14 different sports modes,

which mean that it can track the calories burned, distance traveled, and minutes of the activity with precision.

It can help you monitor your heart rate as well as the time for which you are sleeping. With the help of a
0.96-inch color screen, you can view the data easily. The IP 68 waterproof rating means that it is completely
safe up to 3 meters underwater.

It can work with iOS as well as android smartphones. With the help of smart notification feature, it can sync
with your smartphone. It has Bluetooth connectivity, as well. Moreover, you can use it to view incoming
calls, calendar, phone apps, etc. That is why; it is not just a fitness tracker but also a mini-smartwatch. These
features and the waterproof rating makes it a gadget which you cannot miss.


• Compatible with iOS and android smartphones

• 12 different sports modes on offer

• IP 68 waterproof rating

• Can work as a smartwatch

So, if you’re tired of trying out fitness gadgets which do not work, you can go through our list above. Each
one of those gadgets can help you lose weight. Instead of spending thousands of dollars just trying to figure
out which gadget works, our list above will help you burn calories and lose weight from today.