The concept of traditional education has changed a lot in recent years. It is not mandatory anymore to be physically present in a class. With the development of technology and the Internet, people can access quality education whenever and wherever they want. All that is needed is a computer or simply an intelligent hand-held device. We are now in a new era, and such learning methods are crucial for learning something new or sharpening existing skills.


Skillshare is an online platform that allows a person to explore creativity without any restriction. You can watch, learn, play, create and even discover something new and innovative. The platform allows you to take simple steps and help you move towards a more fulfilling life. You get all the opportunity you need to bring out the artist in you. You can explore new ways of evaluating your concept of the artwork, thereby enhancing your designing skills.

If you are into graphics, there would be a lot of opportunities to create beautiful graphics. The tutorials are easily accessible, and you will have a lot of fun while attending the live classes.

If you are good with photographs, Skillshare is the right place to get ample opportunities to develop a compelling visual narrative. You can become a pro in illustration and animating a quirky creation through this platform if you love animation.

It is a place where people come to explore their hidden skills, deepen the passion that already exists, and explore all kinds of creativity. There is every possibility that a person may come across something that might be pretty inspiring and surprising.

Here, people find meaning. There is so much to explore that people go mad. There are a lot of opportunities to create and work on real projects. The support extended by the fellow creatives is simply outstanding. There is no doubt that the support extended by Skillshare will empower you to achieve real growth.

So, if you are looking to take your creative journey to the next level without putting anything on hold, Skillshare is the right platform that will inspire you to fulfill your dream.


Coursera is an online platform that allows a person to learn without any limits. It is a place where you can go for your next step in a top-class learning environment. As of date, Coursera has collaborated with more than 200 organizations and universities across the world.

You will get all the opportunities to acquire expertise in modern skills. It will allow you to learn skills that make you ready for a decent job.

The courses at Coursera include specializations in leading fields like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Science, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Cloud technology, Humanities, Computer Engineering, and many more.

Once you enroll yourself at Coursera and do well, nobody can stop you from getting a degree from a top university. If you are already into a job, you will find ample scope to upskill to match organizational needs. The various developmental and on-demand training programs are more than enough to give you the much-needed competitive edge.

The world-class learning modules are unique and are more than adequate to help you perdue a job promotion or switch careers or apply for a raise. The majority of the people who have enrolled at Coursera have admitted that they benefited in their careers.

The most exciting part is that you can avail this world-class learning facility anywhere, and everyone can avail it.


In recent times, Fiverr has come up with a unique e-learning platform that is way beyond just an option for people to become more professional. The simple philosophy of this platform is to help people learn more so that they can earn more. The ‘Learn’ initiative of Fiverr extends an affordable, new, and well-researched online course designed to keep in mind how things can be made more helpful for both professionals and freelancers. After both need to enhance their skills to remain employable.

Therefore, this online platform’s mission is to have a system to help people handle the future of work. The market is changing rapidly, and it will continue. A lot of people around the world have chosen to stick with the freelancing style of work. In such a scenario, Fiverr has developed a learning system that can help people sharpen their skills.

You need to understand that this e-learning system is not just another learning tool. Instead, it is the first of its kind. It has been meticulously crafted and has been uniquely tailored to fit individual requirements. The learning is imparted by some of the most accomplished and experienced instructors. They have either worked for leading brands or are still associated with them in some way or the other.

What makes their approach stand out is the complete test which is mandatory for everyone. It is followed by earning a special course badge. These ensure that a person is entitled to get extended exposure on this platform. It further ensures that the newly acquired skills will further translate into earning.

EDX strongly believes that only those who are restless learners are the ones who can change the world. It is possible to enroll and learn from more than 150 leading universities across the globe. It is an excellent platform for exploring the top courses having a high demand in the market.

So, if you are looking for an opportunity to get a degree to propel your career or increase your knowledge base, EDX is the suitable medium to make that happen. The various courses like supply chain management, python programming, business analytics, computer science programming, data analytics, and even MS Excel.

EDX can help to upskill an employee by developing a culture of learning. It will help to build the workforce of tomorrow from today. The platform allows the creation of skill pathways. It is possible to train and upskill everyone with the highest learning possible in the most relevant business sector to acquire knowledge and skill is job-relevant.

Most importantly, you get the freedom to learn the way you go about it. You get multiple choices to upgrade yourself and explore what can work best for you. The platform is flexible enough, and one can effortlessly upskill oneself. The leading universities of the world extend the instructions. The courses are all designed to uphold deep and active learning. The content is world-class and has been aligned to fit with subjects where the demand is high, the competition is intense, and the talent is rare. Harvard University was founded EDX, and its standard is at par.

Future Learn

Future Learn is a platform that has been created keeping in mind the trend of future learning. It is 100 percent online and is associated with all the world’s leading universities and industry specialists. The courses have been designed to be as flexible as possible. Therefore, if someone is looking to learn something as a hobby, it will be possible. Of course, there are more than enough courses for those who want to acquire new skills or go for something that can further enhance the career.
The most prominent feature is the delivery of education. It is done by experts associated with world-class organizations and universities. Most importantly, this platform offers a week-long free trial. The payment terms and conditions include a monthly subscription. Also, discounts are extended at various times, even in the case of short-course certifications.

This learning platform allows you to learn almost anything and everything. Another prominent feature is the facility to get in touch with millions of people across the world for a combined learning experience. Because of this platform, online learning has become fun and easy. It is something as spontaneous as having a chat with a group of friends. The top-class instructors and educators rely on videos, quizzes, articles, and discussions for sharing their experiences.

A few of the top-rated future Learn courses include Network Security, Cyber Security, Leadership Coaching, Basic Elementary English, Basic First Aid, Business Management, Business Planning, Air Pollution, Communication Skills, Computer Programming, Forensic Science, Engineering, and so on.


Lynda has now become LinkedIn Learning. Students have the option to choose from more than 600 categories of subjects. The library has an extensive collection, and there is hardly any need to look elsewhere for any book. The platform has carefully selected its team of instructors. All of them are industry experts who have a passion for teaching.

The approach of Lynda is simple. To stay sharp, people need to learn continuously. Therefore, there has to be a learning system that is easily accessible and at the same time affordable. The focus is on self-study since Linda’s philosophy is about learning and acquiring the right skills. The learning materials are fantastic. Learners get to learn a lot more than what they would have learned traditionally. As a result, the training modules suit both students and professionals.

It doesn’t matter how long someone has been out of college or work. Whenever someone wants to change their career outlook, Lynda will be ready with a course specifically designed to cover that person’s needs. This platform can be helpful in case an organization wants to train its employees. The courses are flexible and cost-effective too.

Within no time, Lynda has evolved to become a leading platform to help anyone learn software, business, creative skills, or technology. There is no doubt that Linda is a guaranteed platform for success.


The mantra of Zenva Academy is simple; if you want to succeed, you have to keep learning. The most significant advantage of this platform is, they regularly participate in developer projects. It is trusted by more than 1 million developers and learners. They extend world-class training on web development, game development, machine learning, virtual reality, and machine learning.

Zenva has been rated as among the top e-learning platforms. It is a place people can learn and upskill a wide range of subjects. Because of affordable price structures and flexibility, more people prefer this platform. Going by the popularity, there is no doubt that Zenva is fast becoming the ideal choice for online learning.

It usually extends knowledge related to computer coding. It includes high-end applications such as virtual reality and augmented reality. The main reason for its popularity is, it is easy to use, and everything is user-friendly. The platform’s structure is clearly defined, and upon successful completion of a course, a certificate is issued.

It is a legit academy. It is different from the others. It blends the various learning methods to form an accommodating service for imparting the skills and knowledge. Zenva strongly believes that the best learning is through doing, and hence the hands-on approach is followed.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a platform that enables freshers as well as professionals to connect with the latest skills. The objective is to engage people through a learning experience that is social and personalized in nature. The courses have been designed by experts related to various industry domains. There are more than 16,000 courses on offer at present.

The content of the courses is of high quality. The transfer of knowledge is in the form of personalized recommendations and mostly insight-based. The training is imparted based on the learner’s profile. To date, more than 500 million members have completed their courses from this platform.

Another prominent feature of this learning method is that the training content is delivered through the LinkedIn profiles. It implies that the learning material can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and from any hand-held device. People can achieve the learning goals since the imparted knowledge is up to date and relevant.

LinkedIn Learning uses job data and skills to identify the market trends and accordingly design the course content. As a result, the library and the content are regularly updated. On top of that, the best audio, video, and graphics available are used for teaching.

Final Words

The reasons may be very few for choosing the online education system. However, it must be noted that almost 90 percent of people, who understand the Internet, believe that online learning is better or at least the same as the traditional classroom format. Everyone must evaluate their situation and accordingly decide what’s best for them. Online education is no doubt a convenient option with endless opportunities for all.