What Accessories Do I Need for My E-bike: 13 Proven Products

What Accessories do I need for my E-bike

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What Accessories Do I Need for My E-bike: 13 Proven Products

Purchasing a brand new electric bike or e-bike is an exhilarating experience as you will get the opportunity to bike faster and farther. But, before you venture out to hit the road it becomes necessary to get a few must-have e-bike accessories. It is of paramount importance for you to get hold of these accessories at the earliest to make your e-bike ride an enjoyable, safe, and hassle-free experience.  You will come across several recommended accessories for e-bikes and analyzing each and every suggestion may become a strenuous job. You may easily get overwhelmed when you need to figure out what you must and must not purchase right off the bat.

We have compiled below a quick list of 13 must-have accessories to keep you safe and secure:


A helmet is one of the most important accessories that you cannot miss at any cost. It is an absolute must. Even if your state or country does not have any helmet laws in existence, you must not ride an e-bike without a helmet. It is because a minor fall from an e-bike may turn out to be quite serious or, in adverse circumstances, deadly. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your head from all minor or major impacts. You must also ensure that the helmet you purchase fits you effectively. You may discover your head circumference simply by wrapping a tape measure around the biggest part of your head, which is about an inch above the eyebrows. Also, e-bike helmets may offer sizing charts that will allow you to choose the size that best fits your head.


If you plan to venture out at night, you will need both front and rear lights that may allow you to see and to be seen. Lights are an essential safety gear that will help you ride your e-bike at night, during rain, or in fog in a smooth and safe manner. You may purchase small biking lights that you can easily pull off and keep inside the pocket. You should also ensure to never leave the e-bike lights on. Always purchase a light that is bright enough for city riding during nighttime. These days you can also buy rechargeable lights as they have a LED light strip to display how much battery is left. These lights also have small sidelights to make you visible from the side. It is recommended for you to opt for lights that are powered by the main e-bike battery pack.


It is essential to get hold of a bag when you ride your e-bike. In the absence of a sturdy and robust bag, it will be a challenge to carry your stuff the way you desire. You may opt for saddlebags popularly known as pannier bags as they have emerged as an outstanding accessory to add to your e-bike. Bags also provide you the much-needed space to store your stuff safely. The biggest advantage of buying a saddle bag is that the weight can be distributed lower on the bike and it makes for effective handling than being top heavy. Also, you should ensure that the bag that you buy is waterproof to keep your things dry and safe. You may also keep the things inside the bags that you can’t hold
anywhere else.


Browse through online and you will find that scores of e-bikes have been stolen in the absence of a robust lock. It is quite easy for a thief to steal your favorite e-bike if you do not lock it effectively. Therefore, it is quite necessary for you to get hold of a powerful lock to enhance the safety of your e-bike. You may find cable locks convenient and economical, but then they can easily cut through. For the highest security of your e-bike, you may opt for a robust option such as U-lock or a chain lock. They have emerged highly powerful and difficult for thieves to cut through. These locks will potentially bring down the risk of your e-bike being stolen by thieves. Therefore, invest in sturdier alternatives like a u-lock or chain lock and enjoy bike riding without fear of being stolen.

Phone Holder

A few bikers want to use a smartphone mount when they bike as it can be a strong boon for those who desire smooth access to their device. It is important to ensure that when you get a phone holder, your device should stay firmly attached. The phone should not vibrate or rattle in a phone holder when you are riding your bike on rough terrain. A phone holder has emerged as a worthy investment for those who are keen to have their phone within sight. It can also be a good alternative for those who want to record their rides for the purpose of fitness. A phone holder has emerged highly useful and quite safe for riders who need to use it frequently. It can also prevent any unforeseen incident as well and keep the biker safe as he/she will not fumble around with the smartphone in a pocket.

First Aid Kit

When you step out on your e-bike for a long ride, there are possibilities that you might injure yourself. To handle such circumstances effectively, it is important to grab a first aid kit at the earliest. Bikers ride on different types of terrain and there is a chance of minor injury or scrape to you or your partners. If you have a first aid kit handy along with some basic first aid know-how, you can easily overcome such a situation with ease. Before any unforeseen event occurs, make sure you have a first aid kit, emergency information saved in your phone, and an emergency GPS locator. Sometimes minor injuries lead to profuse bleeding and the availability of a medical kit can easily tackle the situation.

Tire Inflator

Puncture repair has emerged as a common issue among bikers all across the globe. It can be very frustrating to discover yourself stranded in the middle of a forest and searching for a puncture repair shop in the surrounding. And, several bikers end up carrying their bike home instead of searching for a puncture repair shop nearby. The reason why it is essential to carry a tire inflator is that e-bikes are more prone to puncture than cars. The tire may also lose air pressure due to several factors that may include temperature drop or rise. Also, it is convenient to carry a tire inflator for an e-bike in the saddlebag than looking for one when you need it. A tire inflator does not take much space and weight on your bike. When you have a tire inflator and come across an emergency while riding, you will not be left stranded on the road and waiting for hours for help to arrive.

Extra Battery

E-bikes deal with batteries in a slightly different manner. Some batteries are non-removable and completely integrated. In such a scenario, you may need an extra battery that can fit into one of the bottle cages. An additional battery will always remain transformative. When you have an additional battery, you will feel more secure knowing that you have already got things covered in case you forgot to change your main battery. If you are keen to ride farther, it becomes even more important to carry an extra battery and make your ride memorable for a longer period.

Bike Rack

Bikers may opt for an automotive bike rack if they need to transport their e-bikes as a result of the added weight of the electrical system. You should not opt for trunk-mounted racks or some other racks that can be secured with straps for your e-bikes. In case your vehicle does not have a hitch installed, it can be conveniently added to maximum vehicles with a quick visit to a local mechanic. You may use a 2 hitch receiver as it permits increased alternatives in selecting your rack and can easily accommodate more weight. You should only use racks that can secure bikes by their wheels. Also, manufacturers have managed to develop some useful features in e-bikes racks available now. You will come across models that are available with a ramp so that you do not need to lift your e-bike onto the rack every time you need to transport it. 

Side Mirror

This is yet another must-have accessory for your e-bike. It is because cars frequently run without any noise and when you are riding an e-bike your hearing might get clouded by the noise of winds. Therefore, in such a situation, it becomes imperative to see the approaching cars from behind. There are situations when the owner of the car is texting and hardly pays attention outside on the road. It is important to install a side mirror on your e-bike to eliminate all such risks. It will also help in boosting your safety in the longer run. You may come across different styles of mirrors on the market. The mirror that you ultimately select should fulfill your requirement and your individual style.


It is necessary to opt for a loud e-bike bell. It is because when you are riding your e-bike at a fast speed, you need to alert those you are approaching at a faster pace. The horn or a bell has become an integral part of an e-bike whether you are riding on a heavy traffic road or a bike path where pedestrians are taking their walk. The bell that is loud enough will get the job done. You may choose the bell as per your style and choice that best meets the requirement. The bells for e-bikes are available in several unique designs.

Rain Jacket

E-bikers may face the challenge of riding their bike in the rain. During such weather, if they get wet they may lose half of the fun of riding the e-bikes. To avoid such a situation, it is a great idea to purchase a rain jacket that can keep you warm and as drier as possible. It can significantly boost your joy of riding an e-bike. You can easily find a light raincoat or a rain jacket offering resistance from the water. A rain jacket has become a must-have accessory especially when you ride in the rain. You should also avoid wearing cotton clots in wet conditions. It is ideal to opt for synthetics or some warm garments.

Tool Kit

An e-bike owner may have to repair his/her bike sometimes in his/her life. The situation may arise at any time and the bike owner must be prepared for it fully. The chain may break, the bottom bracket mounts can get loose, or the rear shifter may fail to shift. You should not be caught out without any tools available to tackle such a situation. It is significant to get yourself a complete bike repair kit. The bike kit will prove to be immensely useful as it contains all the required tools that you require at your disposal. You may purchase a multi-tool kit available on the market at cost-effective prices. If you are riding high in the mountain ranges or 15 miles from your home, you will find the tool kit an indispensable accessory if a disaster takes place while riding. The kit will have everything right from the chain tool, screws, tighten loose bolts, or open wrenches.


The aforementioned accessories will not only enhance your safety but make e-bike riding a fun-filled experience. You never know when emergency strikes and you find yourself stranded on the lonely road without any help. The accessories specified above will not only help you deal with any unforeseen emergency effectively but they will allow you to concentrate on just riding. If you do not have any of the above accessories, it is time to invest in these accessories and indulge in the fun of riding your e-bike with your friends or family members.

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