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Is VR WORTH IT ( The Rise of VR)

Is VR WORTH IT ( The Rise of VR)


In short, VR is definitely worth it. VR has finally made it to a point where it’s not only usable, but effective. With the rise in VR gaming and applications, the use of virtual reality has become more common around the globe. VR has proven not only useful to gamers, but is also beneficial to businesses, medical facilities, venues, and sporting events. We have only scratch the surface of what VR can do in this day in age.

Over the past 10 years, companies have experimented with VR, but despite large implementation, this new technology still did not live up to the hype. Early VR systems had many different problems , from discomfort to lack of resolution and dizziness. Also the amount of VR gamers just wasn’t there at the time. But fast-forward a few years and you now have VR headsets that are being sold out. What happened, what made VR so popular? we will answer that question today.

A brief history of virtual reality

If we want to get a broad picture of VR, then we have to go back to the mid 1900’s where the first VR Machine was created. It was a large booth that could sit up to 4 at a time. This VR experience came with 3d video, chair vibrations, smell, and a stereo system for a more immersive
effect. This virtual reality machine was later patented in 1962. (It was called sensorama).

In 1966 the first flight simulator was created This by no means a fully immerse VR system, but it paved the way for future flight simulators.

From the 1966 to the 1980’s, VR was in it’s infancy stages . Only a very few companies experimented with this new technology.

By the time 1977 hit, a fully immersive google street view like virtual reality was created. The Aspen Monroe map created a virtual interactive map of
Colorado. Users were able to navigate through the virtual streets and even enter buildings. This was a great break through for VR and would eventually lead to more advanced VR Technology.

By the time 1985 hit the calendar books, VR was being used by NASA. NASA Wanted to create a simulation that taught their Astronauts how to control robots from inside the space station This in turn would create a safer environment for their Astronauts.
Also, in the late 80’s, the Air fore upgraded their flight simulators

VR technology started to seriously pick up in the 1990’s. Instead of simulations, VR started to migrate to gaming consoles. Sega and Nintendo created their very own VR googles in the early 90’s, but do to a lack of graphics, technical development, and software support and development, both companies discontinued their headsets.

In the late 1990’s, VR became popular for PTSD patients. The VR machine would expose patients to cetain pictures and video that would trigger bad memories. So they could overcome that particular dream. This VR method is still being used on a larger scale.

In the mid 2000’s street view was introduced by google. This application gave the ability to not only navigate to different desintions, but to look at a particular land mark from a 360 perspective, Google fitted their vehilces vehicles with cutomized camera call the dodeahedra. Today if you look up any location in google maps, you will have the option to view your location from a 360 degree image.

In 2012 _________ Started Oculus, a VR headset startup company targeted to producing headsets for gaming. The new company raised over 2.5 million on go Fund Me and quickly become a popular prospect.

In 2014 Facebook acquired Oculus in a billion dollar deal.

In 2015 Oculus a caused surreal v. sa a british company that spectral m Mixed reality creation. Oculus finally had the ingredients to create a
full teleprense reality.

In 2016 Oculus created it’s first consumer headset
called the Oculus ro ft. This headset was ground breathytechnology, that proved a shift on technology was ahead.

Also In 2016 many companies started releasing their unique VR Headsets. Mention other headsets: The race was on

IN 2018 Oculus introduced its first cordless VR headset called the Oculus Go. This headset Marked the beginning of a new era, and quickly picked up steam.

In May 2019, OCulus released another standalone her Headset called the Oculus guest. This headset was not only a game changer, but would also charge what was consider possible for a VR headset. With it six point VR camera, gamers can get a fully immersive headset without wires. At the time of publishing this article, the Oculus quest is still the best on the market.


Currently, we feel VR is worth buying and would advised that every household purchase at least one headset. Why? Because VR gaming and applications are the future and will most likely be used as mainstream communication device similar to a smart phone. With a the Oculus quest platform, you can already meet people virtually, play multiplayer interactive games, browse the internet, Go to Virtual Venues to watch your favorites sports and events as if you were really there, host virtual meetings, and much more. Honestly, this is only the beginning and we believe VR will take a huge leap in the next five years.

Current VR Headsets available now

If you’re looking for a VR headset and not sure which one to purchase, then here’s a quick list that will help out.

We would Recommend purchasing the Oculus Quest simply because it’s standalone, has a broad range of apps and games, and it’s potential is off the charts.

Mark Franks Mark Franks is an author, entrepreneur, and Youtuber who has a strong passion for technology. He's the owner of Plentyofgadgets and has authored three books to date. Mark believes in a future where technology pushes the limits of what's possible and what's not. He also believes it's better to be well informed and prepared to take on any new technology of the future than to sit back a let innovation pass us by.


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