How is 3d printing Useful

      What is a 3D printer and what are its functions? 3D printing is a modern manufacturing method in which the material to be used is arranged in layers one on top of the other to create a three-dimensional structure. 3D printers utilize various raw materials and techniques to convert digital files with three-dimensional data into physical objects. The data used may be from a 3D scanner, created with a (CAM) computer-aided manufacturing or computer-aided design (CAD) software.    

Currently, 3D printing is applied in different fields. There are numerous possible uses of the 3D printing technology mainly additive manufacturing which is suitable for mass production in the factories. For a novice in this technology, the big question is what the uses of a 3D printer are.

How is 3d Printing useful and what can you make with a 3D printer?  3D printers can be used to make almost everything. The machines can be used to complete an entire project, produce a gadget, or produce some parts of a project. However, since various technologies are used in 3D printing, it is essential to select your 3D printer carefully to ensure that you acquire the machine that will suit your requirements. Below is a list of products you can make with a 3d printer to help you understand the topic.  List of products you can make with a 3d printer

1.  Use of 3D printing in medicine     3D printers are increasingly being used in medicine. The machines are used in creating components to use in a variety of medical tasks for instance; additive manufacturing is an excellent technique to develop implants. The technology has also encouraged creative projects that save lives; these include the use of 3D printing techniques in corrective surgery. Besides, 3D printers are being used in dentistry to create dental crowns and aligners.

2.  3D printed accessories      3D printers can also be used in creating jewelry from different types of metal; with the technology, it is possible to create different metal ornaments. The technique also makes fantastic watches that are offered at favorable prices and come with a variety of elegant designs.

3.  3D printed fashion items      The fashion industry is also utilizing 3D printers to allow designers to work on the designs. It is easy to create 3D printed models by using 3D modeling software to develop your ideas. This makes it possible to create designs for clothing.

4.  3D printed shoes      3D printing has been used in transforming the footwear industry through the creation of customized mid-soles to fit different types of feet. It is also used to develop intricate designs for various clothing items.

5.  3D printing technology in the Optic Industry     Glasses and lenses produced through 3D printing technology are becoming increasingly common because the technology is an excellent production method for creating items to be used by people with different characteristics and which needs to be adapted to any morphology.

6.  Use of 3D printers to prepare Food      Preparing food with a 3D printer is comfortable and very effective; a 3D printer machine can be used to create food types such as pizza, chocolate, ice cream among other categories. Food prepared using a 3D printer presents additional benefits because they do not pollute the environment or contribute to global warming.

7.  Use of 3D printers to manufacture Guns     The 3D printing technology can be used to manufacture guns; though making firearms is expensive, you can take advantage of 3D printing technology to build a weapon for your protection. The printer can also be used to develop firearms on a large scale.

8.  3D printer can be used in architecture and Building Industry     Currently, 3D printing is very useful in architecture. The printers are excellent tools to use in creating models for potential structures. It is now possible to build a 3D printed building or construct 3D printed structural features for example bridges. Also, you can use the technique to create any embellishment such as wall decorations, flower vases and furniture for your home.

9.  Use of 3D printers to manufacture cars     It is feasible to develop a 3D-printed vehicle; vehicles created using 3D printing are better since they conform to the vehicle emissions regulations in place.

10.  Use of 3D printing in the creation of music instruments      3D printing techniques can be employed in creating music instruments such as guitars, piano, etc. The technology creates music instruments at a cheaper cost; it is also more comfortable and convenient.

11.  Use of 3D printing to generate Phone accessories      In case you want a new accessory for your phones, for example, a case, it is possible to print it with a 3D printer.

12.  Use of 3D printing to create Kitchen and Tableware     3D printing techniques can be used to produce unique, stylish and durable plates, cups, glasses and other essential tableware.   Future expectations and ways in which 3D printers are revolutionizing the world


3D printing technology can be used to create various products for human’s daily use; it is an excellent technology to assist professionals to conduct their duties in their field of work. Additive manufacturing is very helpful when it comes to production and creating prototypes; therefore it should be utilized as an essential tool for the development of your products.  

Use of 3D printers to create prototypes     

The 3D printing technology is a useful tool to use in generating your prototypes; this is because it allows the use of iteration to come up with an ideal 3D printed object. It also allows you to rework and incorporate new ideas into your designed 3D model.     

Use of 3D printers in Production process    

3D printing can be utilized in production too. The technology enables you to generate high-quality products using its additive manufacturing method. It also promotes customization which is essential in some fields.   

Innovations and new 3D printers entering the market     

The current market for 3D printers includes numerous technologies and exciting possibilities. It is now possible for 3D printers to accomplish various tasks using the innovative techniques available for example metal 3D printers.      Scientists and astronauts are working to manufacture 3D printer’s technology to be used in space; also studies are ongoing to understand how to use 3D printers in creating human bones and tissues.     

Using the required skills to handle 3D printers    

  When these devices are used skillfully; they can accomplish complex projects to create multiple 3D printed objects and devices, for instance, they can be used to generate 3D printed drones, music instruments, cars, solar equipment among other products.   Since the 3D printing technology is advancing rapidly, nearly every object will be possible to print in the future. 3D printing is a powerful technology that enables people to bridge the gap between reality and imagination