How To Hide Cables on Mounted TV

How To Hide TV cables on mounted TV

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You can easily hide cables on mounted TV by either using decor, purchasing cable hiders, or by placing your wires behind the wall. Nowadays more and more people mount their TVs on the wall instead of using an entertainment center. This frees up space and adds a flushed and clean look to the room. The only problem now is what do you do with the wires behind the TV? In this article we will go over different ways to hide the cables behind your TV for a much cleaner looking space.

There’s nothing worse than having a nice looking TV on your wall, but you have no idea how to hide your cables. This can be a little frustrating and distracting. . Plus you don’t want people to come over and see a bunch of wires dangling on your wall. Your best bet is to find a way to hide your cables. . Lets go over a few ways to get this done.

Use Decor

You can use decor hide distracting cables. Using decor is by far the easiest and least expensive way to hide cables compared to drilling holes in your wall. Now what exactly is decor? Decor is pictures, shelves, plants entertainment centers, and any other product that can effectively hide your cables. If you don’t want to spend any extra money, then try to find objects around your house that not only brings character to your space, but can hide your TV cables pretty well.

Cable Decor Ideas

Vase – Vase are great decor items that can hide cable wire. You could easily place a small vase on the shelve where your TV wires run through.

Shelving – shelves not only can hide your wires, they also lack nice the Process. Its not so much the shelves that is hiding your wires, rather its what you can put on the shelves that make it worth while.

Plants – Plants an easy to place front of wires. No only can they hide wires pretty well, but they also bring a more natural scenery to your room.

Entertainment center – Placing an entertainment center under your TV is ideal sceneio simply because it easily hides your cables without you having to do much work. You can even purchase entertainment center that can fit your TV inside of it. This type of setup doesn’t need require you to hide wire since the wire will be all in the entertainment center.

Use piping or wire hiding Material

Another great way to hide your cables is to use cable piping or hiding material. This is another easy way to hide your TV cables. If you can purchase wire piping then you can easily place multiple cables inside of the pipe and run it down to your other devices. If you have You coma also hide multiple cables inside. This method tends to be more flushed with the wire, thus less distracting. These wall plates also will comes in different sizes and colors to match your wall. Here is . goad

Drill holes in your wall

This method is going to be a little more advanced, but it’s doable. First you will need to purchase a stud finder if you don’t already have one.You will use your stud finder to see if there are any electrical cables or studs ( wood) behind your drywall where the hole will be placed. The hole should be right behind the TV. Next, after you know what’s behind your wall (Make sure there is a clear path for yar wires to travel down to the next hole you will drill. Sometimes there will b a horizontal stud that could stop your wires mid way. Now its time to make the holes, you can use a regular electric drill to get the job done. Next attach a 1 inch paddle flat drill bit to your drill( Drill to your desired hole size). Now make the 1st hole behind your TV and make the second hole next to the power outlet you will use near the floor. After making your holes, use a hole plate to to cover them. Next run all your cables behind the wall. This is going to be the most effective way to hide all your cables. If you don’t wart to drill holes into your wall then you con always hire a contractor to come out and do it all for you.

Install an outlet in the back of your TV

Installing an outlet in the back of your TV is another easy way to hide your cables, This works best when you have a smart TV and don’t plan on using and other devices. If you do plan on using other devices such as a gaming system or DVD player, then installing floating shelve right under the TV and placing your extra device on it will be just as effective. This setup will set you back about $60 – $loo for an electrician to come out an install a outlet behind your TV.

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