What is a smart wallet & How does it work

What is a smart wallet

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Though of course, it is nothing less than a nightmare, but imagine what would happen if you lose your
wallet. Naturally, you will first need to rush to the police so that they can act fast and you can retrieve your
credit cards, debit cards, driver’s license, and expensive discount cards. If you cannot get back your wallet
really quick then your money can be stolen and your identity can be used to ruin you. If you are thinking that
is just exaggerating, then you perhaps do not know that your ID can smartly be used to take a huge loan on
your name and then, of course, it is you who will have to pay that back.

To put it short, if you lose your wallet, you will have to bear a huge loss. Why not instead keep yourself
protected always by using a smart wallet. Okay, so you must have heard about smartphone, smart TV, smart
computer, but what is a smart wallet? Well, just continue reading and you will discover your answer and
learn a lot more.

What is a smart wallet 

A smart wallet is basically a modern wallet that blocks RIFD signals with its special protective coating. If
you use it you can be sure your ATM cards, credit card, debit card, and other cards that have and your
personal data will always be safe and cannot be scanned by any thief. Not only does a smart wallet helps
keep you safe it is far slimmer than the traditional wallet and looks immensely attractive.


Why should I buy a smart wallet?

Now that you know what a smart wallet is the next thing coming to your mind is should or should you not
invest in the same. Just go through some of the reasons why others are using a smart wallet and they
definitely will convince you into getting one for yourself as well.

You will not ever have to worry about losing your wallet

Such wallets usually come with a location system that will be connected to an app on your smartphone. If
you forget carrying your wallet a message will appear on your phone that will remind you that your wallet is
not nearby or so to say is out of reach. Such messages will prove to be immensely helpful and you will never
leave behind your wallet in a café or even in your home. Almost all smart wallets are compatible with iOS
and Android so all of you can connect it to your phone really fast.

Find your wallet even if you misplace it

Many people have the habit of keeping their wallet somewhere, forgetting about it, and then they turn their
whole home upside down trying to search it. This can take a lot of your time and create a big mess in your
home. Thanks to smart wallets, you will not have to face such a situation again. You can actually call your

wallet and it will then produce a sound which will help you track it with absolute ease.

No matter what your needs, a wallet is available to match the same

There are different models and types of smart wallets available and no matter what your taste or
requirement, something is available to match the same. You can get horizontal wallets or the vertical ones.
You can opt for the one that is really slim and small (if you want something that easily fits in the pocket) or
if you need it to also have a holder for your passport then such wallets are also available.

It looks very stylish

A smart wallet looks very attractive and classy. It has a perfect finish and is made using the best materials.
You get them in many colors also, so you can opt for the one that suits your personality best.

You will enjoy full safety always

If you carry a smart wallet with you, you will not need to worry about someone stealing it or you losing it.
You just need to integrate it with your smartphone and then you will be able to track it in just a few seconds.
You will be able to get your wallet back really fast and at the same time catch the thief.


Top 5 best smart wallets

A smart wallet certainly offers many benefits but not all smart wallets are the same. If you are interested in
nothing less than the best then you may choose from these top 5 best smart wallets for men.

1. Fidelo Minimalist Wallet For Men

Fidelo wallets have been built to last, designed to impress. This smart wallet is extremely slim yet fully
functional. It is, in fact, so slim that can fit in any pants, jacket, shirt, or shorts with absolute ease, and will
never feel bulky.

The Fidelo men’s wallet comes with RFID blocking technology and thus you will not have to worry about
your personal details ever getting stolen. It blocks 13.56 MHz frequencies, so your credit cards, debit cards,
and passport, all are safe. It, however, does not block 125 KHz frequencies and so you will not face any
trouble when you need to use hotel room keys, security access cards, and so on.

The wallet has space enough to accommodate 7 cards, 2 in its case and 5 in the metal chamber. The cash clip
holds 15 bills safely and can be removed if required. What is really interesting about this smart wallet is its
eject pop up feature which helps you store your card safely and with just one finger access you will be able

to use the cards.


2. ACM Wallet Credit Card Holder


You must have been in a situation where you take out your card to make a payment and you notice your card
has been scratched and damaged and thus cannot be used. You will now need to re-order a card, wait for it to
arrive, and then make necessary payments.

If you do not want to fall prey to a similar situation again you should rather get yourself an ACM Wallet
Credit Card Holder. This cardholder will help keep your card safe and it will look like new even when it is
time for expiry of the card.

ACM wallet cardholder is far better than other card cases, wallets, and money clips. It does not smash and
squeeze your cards together but keeps them separated properly in a patented tracking mechanism. You can
use the given colors and logos and keep your card properly in each track. Be sure, your cardholder will look
great always and the cards within will stay protected forever.



3. Pitaka Magwallet, Slim Carbon Fiber Card Holder

Pitaka is known for its user-friendly design. They create gadgets and accessories that look amazing, are very
useful, and also accessible. This fiber cardholder is a part of the carbon fiber wallet.

The box layer looks very attractive, is made of 100 percent carbon fiber, and it will last you for a lifetime.
This box layer is slim, yet spacious enough to hold coins, cash, keys, SIM cards, USB sticks and so on. All
thanks to its thumb window design you easily will be able to slide out any object you need quickly and
safely. Check prices on Amazon



4. The Ridge Authentic Minimalist Metal RIFD Blocking Wallet

The ridge wallet is slim, attractive, and very useful. Even though it appears very slim it can easily
accommodate 1 to 12 cards, and even then your wallet will never look or feel bulky.

Once you start using this wallet you will understand what you have been missing so long. It is so light in
weight and taking it out in a jiffy is so easy. Furthermore, the RIFD blocking that this wallet comes with
makes sure your valuable cards and details will always remain safe. It also comes with an integrated money
clip that helps you clip many bills right inside your slim wallet.

5. Fidelo Minimalist wallet For Men – Credit Card Holder Money Clip

Fidelo always offers creative product solutions and that too without sacrificing on performance or style to
the least, and this wallet kit is no different. The ultra-modern design of the wallet is minimal yet strong and

allows you to carry your ID, cash, and cards with ease.

It comes with expandable wallet bands, steel-reinforced money clips, stainless steel crews, and cash band.
The vertical design of the wallet makes it very easy for you to get your card in and out. You just need to
push, pinch, and select the card you need.

The interiors of the wallet are polished and thus you can be sure your cards will never get damaged. It can fit
in 1 to 12 cards, and up to 10 bills with absolute ease. If you have so long been using a traditional bulky
wallet and are thinking how will you get accustomed to such a slim one, do not worry it will not take you
more than a few days. After that, you will never want to use a traditional wallet ever again.

Check prices on Amazon



Traditional wallets are the only ones that you have so long used and you perhaps love them too even though
they are bulky and may not even fit easily in your pocket. However, now it is time to change, time to try the
slim, smart wallets. It is only after you start using them for a few days you will realize what you have been
missing so long. They are so light yet spacious, they look great, and they also keep your belongings safe. In
short, they are everything you need but never got to experience so long.

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