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Triangular Wooden LED Alarm Clock

Triangular Wooden LED Alarm Clock


Nice futuristic wooden Alarm clock. Voice activated!

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1. This designer LED digital alarm clock is made of wood and its face is enclosed inside the wood.
2. It has LED display of time and temperature alternately.
3. It also works in voice mode. Make some noise (clap your hands, rap on the table or pat the clock) nearby can wake it up.
4. Alarm function, three alarms,with “beep” lasting for 1 minute.
5. 12/24-hour Format  (initial mode: 24 hour).
6. °C / °F display of thermometer
7. Alternately display time(15 seconds) and temperature(3 seconds) in solid display mode.
8. Powered by USB power supply cable or 4 x AAA batteries.

Note: If you find your clock not working, please open the battery case, and press the reset button, then power it again.

Package included:

1 x Mini Wooden Digital Alarm Clock with LED
1 x USB Power Supply Cable
1 x User Manual


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Black, White, Brown, LBrown


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