solar power flashlight

solar Power Flashlight Keychain Torch

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solar Power Flashlight

Shell color: black
LED Color: White
Dimension: 60 * 36 * 8MM
Weight: 21g

Life expectancy up to 80,000 hours or more, so it is no need to replace bulbs.
It can be used at home for reading, repairing, and preventing power failures, etc.
Engineering plastic shell, light and durable. Seal design, so it can be used in the wild environment.
Without battery:This light can work for 10 hours after charging in the sun for 2 ~ 3 hours. Even without direct sunlight, the light can also charge in the room where with enough shine, such as windows, balconies, even under fluorescent, incandescent. What’s more, the light can charge in wet weather (charging time varies depending on light intensity).
High efficiency, fast charging
High-brightness white LED, minimal power consumption but bright than ordinary light bulbs. And spectrum close to natural light, so it is easy to identify the true color of objects.

Package included:
1 LED Portable LED Flashlight Keychain


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