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Glowing Moon Lamp for sale

Glowing Moon Lamp for sale


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The actual moon has been a mandatory night light for the world for thousands of years, now imagine having this same magnificence sitting on your desk or counter. Introducing this eloquent glowing moon lamp for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. This particular moon light is made by a 3d printer which gives the artificial appearance of our moon and a spectacular real like moon glow. With a built in 240 mah lithium battery, the moon light can be used up to 25 hours,  making it a not only long lasting lamp, but an outstanding piece of decoration for your home.  Anyone who sees this lamp will have no choice but to gaze in amazement. This extremely popular gadget will fit gracefully into any area of your house.


  • Touch to adjust brightness
  • Quick and easy USB charging
  • Comes with Eloquent wooden stand

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7.8 cm, 10 cm, 15cm


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