Top 6 Best places to fly a drone

 Best places to fly a drone: Understanding the rules and regulations Technology is changing rapidly. Businesses and consumers are finding new  and creative ways to use drones every day. From real estate to event photography, drones are being used for a number of different purposes. In addition, people are finding drones to be a great […]

Are tactical pens allowed on planes

Are tactical pens allowed on planes What are tactical pens?  Tactical pens are just like normal pens with the only difference being the dual purpose intention. It serves the normal writing role that an ordinary pen would serve. However, there is a twist to this in that it can be used for self defense. Often, […]

7 most Useful things to buy on amazon

  7 Useful Things to Buy On Amazon Here’s a list of seven useful things to buy on Amazon. These products are easily the most popular and useful in their respected categories. We’ve also added detailed reviews for each product showing you their pros and cons, so that you can make a sensible purchase decision. iRobot […]

Cool Things to Buy For Your Room

Cool Things to Buy For Your Room Got a brand new room all to yourself and looking to stamp your personality on it?    Get these cool things to buy for your room. These items are all guaranteed to elicit a “wow” from your visitors! Check out Four cool things to buy for your room.   […]

Interesting things to buy | cool gadgets

Interesting Things To Buy Take a look at these seven cool gadgets that most people don’t know exist. Many of these gadgets are under $50 dollars and are fun to use. These interesting things to buy are great for Christmas, birthdays and other holiday gifts. 1. Piranha Multi-functional Tool   This cool multi-functional tool is […]

Eken H9 4k action camera

Product Review for Eken H9 4k action camera   This new action camera is great for the money. Instead of buying a $400 Go pro cam, I would definitely suggest you check out this cheaper action camera that pretty much does the same thing. Introducing the new Eken H9 4k action camera ($80) that comes […]