No, podcasting is not dead. In fact, millions of people listen to podcasts every day, so there’s no shortage of listeners. If you can grow your podcast to a high listener base, then you can actually make good money from podcasting. In this article, we will go over everything you need to start a podcasting business.

Pets – You can talk about anything that pertains to Pets
News– Talk about current events and national/ local stories

Space– If you are into space then you could talk all about it
fitness– Fitness is always a hot topic. There are millions of people waiting to hear some good stories and fitness advice. Please note, this category can be competitive.
Relationships– As long as we have humans on this earth relationship advice will always be needed. Why not become the Guru in this field. 
lifestyle– This is your chance to talk about anything surrounding life events. You could start a Podcast log recording everything you do in day or week.
Religion– If you’re a religious person then starting a podcast is a great way to share your message and create a following.

What do I need to buy to get started?

One of the first things you need to purchase is a good microphone. Having a good mic is most certainly important, and will instantly let your audience know you are serious and professional.  Here’s a great all-around beginner mic to get you started…..
Next, you are gonna want to find a good audio creation/editing software. Having good editing software for your podcast is highly important and will significantly increase your chances of creating a professional podcast. There is free software out there like Audacity, but we recommend using more premium software to get the job done.  Creating and editing audio is actually pretty easy and with the right software, you can make a professional podcast presentation pretty quick. We recommend you use Acid pro to edit your audio.

Next, it’s time to join a podcast hosting network. A podcast network is a hosting site that hosts all Your blogs. Most of these websites have a strong community base where you can get your podcast and premiere. Here are a few podcasting network sites you might want to check out.



Why do I need a podcast hosting Network

The reason why you need a podcasting hosting plan is that many personal websites don’t have enough server capacity/resources to play several podcasts at one time.  If there are thousands of people viewing your podcast at once, then you should expect server delays and crashes. Therefore, we recommend signing up with a Podcasting host network and uploading your podcasts there. It’s just so much easier and cheaper. Now  If you are looking to host podcasts on your own website, please take into consideration that you will need a lot of server resources. Also, audio files can take up a lot of space on your hosting platform. If you have several podcast audios saved on your site, then you could see serious speed issues.

Advertising your podcast is important if you want to get your channel out there. Many of the podcast hosting companies have millions of listeners already in their community, so if you reach out and interact within the community then you can advertise internally, but for the most part, you are on your own when it comes to advertising. Advertising can be difficult, but if you are creative and consistent then you can send enormous traffic to your podcast channel.

Best places to advertise your Podcast

Your own website- Nothing is better for your podcasting business than to have your own website. When you own a website. you can embed all your podcast links to a page or post. If you have a lot of listeners, then you can monetize your website by ads and digital/physical products and subscriptions. If you are creative, you can make a lot of money from podcasting.  So your go-to is to have a website where you can embed your podcast from a hosted website. Let the hosted site handle all the resources, you just focus on creating the best podcast you can.

When first starting out,  you are going to be looking for is traffic. One of the best ways to get traffic is to interact on Social media. If a Social media post goes viral, you can potentially be looking at hundreds to thousands coming to your website. Building your brand on social media is a great strategy to advertise and get tons of traffic.

Facebook-Create a fan page and join as many Facebook groups as possible. A good number to join is between 15-20. Next, you need to establish authority in your field by answering questions and giving advice. People need to trust you before you start throwing products down their throat.

Twitter– Create a twitter page and tweet helpful post or  Inspirational messages daily. Make sure a few posts have links back to your podcasting platform or website. Lastly, add people who are in the same field and people who would most likely listen to your podcasts.

Pinterest– Pinterest can be pretty lucrative if done correctly. Anytime you post to Pinterest make sure you use a vertical image more so than a box. You’ll get a higher CTR(Click Through Rate). Create a business account and post pins daily.  Remember Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social network, so choose good keywords. Next, join Pinterest group boards, someone will have to invite you so you will need to ask permission.

  Which route should you take podcasting or Youtube? First of all, there are over 500 million active youtube channels whereas there’s only about a million podcast channels, so there is definitely less competition in podcasting, but there’s immensely more traffic on youtube. To answer the question should you start with a podcast or just use youtube. Well, it just depends on what you are comfortable with and what you are wanting to do.

The advantage of having a Youtube channel is the number of viewers and subscribers you can obtain. With YouTube, you can grow your platform very quickly and it doesn’t require any funds, but you have to be behind a camera and at times it’s less personal. Many people are camera shy, so we recommend you start a podcast channel first to get your feet wet then transition to the Youtube world. Preferably we advised you to do both at the same time and get the best of both worlds.


In this information age where millions of people are looking for the next best piece of advice or material that will change their life, we feel its the best time to jump into the podcasting world. You don’t need an expensive studio or equipment, just a microphone, and a computer and you’re ready to go. Podcasting is a very fun hobby to start and if you are good at it, then the amount of money you can create from it is limitless. Who knows maybe one day you will have your own public radio station.