5 Amazingly Cool Gadgets To Put in your Room

cool things to buy for your room

Last Updated on January 26, 2021 by Markeyus Franks

Got a brand new room all to yourself and looking to stamp your personality on it?    Get these cool things to buy for your room. These items are all guaranteed to elicit a “wow” from your visitors! Check out Four cool things to buy for your room.

  An LED Message Alarm Clock

Got good penmanship that you’d like to display for everyone to see? The LED Message Alarm Clock lets you be a calligrapher or an artist for a day.    Write anything you like- an inspirational message for when you wake up in the morning, the name of your loved one or a funny quote that gets you or any visitor laughing when they see the device. The LED luminous board makes the message easy to see even during night time. Like most devices, the LED Message Alarm Clock is powered by batteries or via an included USB port.    Moreover, you can choose from many popular, simple songs to serve as an alarm to wake you in the morning. It’s convenient, fits anywhere and the illumination at night makes for pleasant, dim lighting.    An LED Message Alarm Clock screams cool because it’s better than a normal, boring alarm clock and can display messages, to boot. You won’t run out of clever messages to post.

A Mini Portable LED Projector

A portable LED projector isn’t just a novelty item- it has plenty of cool uses and as such, ranks out there as a must-have to get for your room.    Turn off the lights and enjoy the convenience of having a mini home theatre. Blast out a crystal clear resolution of up to 1080p on any flat wall of your choosing for comfortable viewing. You can connect a hard disk drive, a USB thumb drive or compatible devices that support HDMI, i.e., smart phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and whatnot. Best of all, the Mini Portable LED Projector can play any video format and blasts out music and read .txt files as well.    In short, it’s everything you’ll need to start enjoying entertaining content. Want to watch the latest movie or a TV show? Connect your smart phone or laptop and stream out videos that’s many times the size of a flat screen TV on your wall. Want to relax with music? Attach a USB drive, lay back and appreciate the music. It’s great for when you have friends over, and can double as a good distraction for your kids.    It’s a portable TV that fits the palm of your hand. What’s not to like?


LED Desk Lamp

Desk lamps have evolved from being basic lighting fixtures to ones that give you a dozen lighting options and conveniences to choose from. Case in point- the LED Desk Lamp from TaoTronics is an all-in-one desk lamp that has many features.    The LED lighting diffusive technology casts a wide spread that’s perfect for reading, working, studying, gaming, etc. There are 5 modes in all, and there’s a blue light filter that makes it easier for you to sleep at night. You won’t have to spend minutes adjusting the desk lamp to get the perfect angle for what you’re doing, as everything can be rotated at just the right position. Oh, and don’t forget the included 5v/ 1 amp USB port for charging your devices.    The LED desk lamp is sure to be your best buddy for when you need lighting in different situations. It’s cool because it cares for your eyes while doing an excellent job of illuminating part of the room. You’ll love the LED desk lamp in no time at all. This is a hot product making it one of the best cool things to buy for you room



Glowing Moon Light

Check out this cool glowing moon light for your bedroom. This will easily be the most eye gazing object in your room. Imagine an exact 3d moon replicate sitting on the side of your bed stand shining brilliantly. With an onboard 240mah lithium battery, the lamp can stay on for about 24 hours before needing a new charge, so you can place it anywhere in your bedroom. With two different color modes, you can choose between a brilliant white or yellow to glow in your room. This moon light makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves cool night lights.

A Floating Globe Magnetic Levitation

Last but not the least, how about an accurate representation of Earth with its own gravity?    The Floating Globe Magnetic Levitation is sure to elicit a few gasps of “cool!” and “can I touch it?” from friends and family members. The mind gets boggled by the seemingly impossible floating thing right in your room. Visitors will try to make sense of it all, while you snicker and watch them gape in awe. The globe is lifted up via hidden sensors and an electromagnet inside the globe and the base, respectively. It’s classy, cool and can be placed anywhere you like.    The Floating Globe Magnetic Levitation is the essence of cool. It instantly attracts anyone who sees it and makes for one heck of a decorative element in your room.


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