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Best Gadgets For Men

Panasonic Arc5 men’s shaver is a razor with blades that cut at 30-degree angles. It was specifically manufactured to cut hair as close to the face as possible for the most accurate results. This shaver also has an easy multi-flexing head allowing for an effortless shave around the corners of the face, making it a comfortable shave.

  • Equipped with a linear motor which delivers 14,000 cuts per minute.
  • Has a 10 stage LCD which shows battery status at glance. This is also rechargeable and travel friendly.
  • Waterproof allowing easy shaving in the shower or out.

JBL Flip 4 is a portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker.  This portable speaker comes with high-quality audio and gives off a strong powered sound that fills your ears.  The speaker also comes with a 3000mah LI-IOn battery giving you 12 hours of playing time.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Can connect two devices wirelessly
  • Can link 100 or more JBL speakers using JBL connect for a louder sound.


Oculus Quest is a popular virtual reality headset with two 6DOF controllers. The headset allows users to play games with a 360-degree view. Oculus also has many games that are downloadable through the Oculus store as well as side media apps. This headset can also be connected to computers via USB cable enabling users to play pc VR games.

  • Runs on Snapdragon 835 system
  • The headset itself is rechargeable
  • You can play and charge at the same time

Thermo Pro allows users to wirelessly monitor food temperature up to 300 feet away. This enables users to attend to other matters while cooking. Normal cooking thermometers are often only 6 to 1 2 inches long increasing the chances of burn injuries when adjusting the meter.  The thermometer has many features that include a timer, wide and accurate temperature, and a hi/low-temperature range that can be set.

  • Batteries not included
  • Great for when cooking food on oven, smoker, or grill
  • Quick and easy to set up

Ember temperature control smart mug 2 is a stainless steel coffee cup that can keep drinks nice and hot for 1.5 hours on just one charge. With the redesigned charging coaster under the mug, so user’s drinks can stay hot all day long. Smart Mug even allows users to choose an exact temperature to their liking and offers a sleep mode, turning it on or off when the cup is empty or being filled.

  • Can be controlled with a smartphone by pairing to ember app
  • Has a scratch-resistant ceramic coating (handwash only)
  • Can keep drinks hot from 120 to 145 degrees

ECOXGEAR Eco Trek GDI EXTRK210 is a 100% waterproof portable Bluetooth stereo. ECOXGEAR has a 100-watt stereo smart speaker giving it clear vocals, midrange sound, deep bass, and clear highs. The stereo can also be connected to Siri or Google Home allowing users to control music or volume played by pushing the ECO TALK button.

  • Built-in battery lasts 10+ hours on full volume or 50+on low volume
  • Bluetooth range up to 100 feet away
  • Can pair two stereos together within 30 feet of each other with ECO CONNECT for true wireless sound

LifeFuels smart bottle is the world’s first smart nutrition bottle that’s great for fitness hydration, and nutrients. LifeFuels can transfer plain water into a drink filled with nutrients and vitamins while still maintaining its natural taste.  Users can make up to 90 drinks from 3 pods in the base of the smart bottle. LifeFuels even allows users to personalize their favor to liking.

  • LifeFuels allows users to track hydration through the LifeFuels app
  • Combining pods can make new and tasty recipes
  • Pods can have electrolytes, antioxidants, and energy

ANCHEER electric adult bike is a 250 to 500-watt motor mountain bike that can go up to 20 mph. ANCHEER bike has a removable 12.5ah li-ion battery that can give users up to 40 miles per charge. The bike also has 3 working models allowing users to bike normally, assist bike, or e-bike.


  • Adjustable hand bar and stem length giving a more comfortable ride
  • 85% assembled when delivered
  • The battery can be charged on or off the e-bike

 The Powerbeats pro are wireless earphones that come with H1 headphone chips. The Powerbeats have a class one Bluetooth and gives up to 9 hours of listening time. Along with having adjustable ear hooks for easy comfort and a secure fit for working out or running, the earphones also happen to be sweat-resistant and have volume controls on each earbud.

  • Powerbeats have voice capability and auto play/pause
  • Compatible for iOS and android
  • 24 hour listening time with charging case

TRX PRO3 Suspension trainer system is a durable trainer kit helping users have an intense full-body workout whenever and wherever. The five features are suspension anchors, locking carabiner, ergonomic suspension, strap handles, and a pro trainer workout guide with 8 training videos.

  • No need to pay for the gym
  • Great results in such little time
  • Train on doors, trees, poles, etc.