An electronic drum set is so much better than acoustic ones. Not only, playing them is easy, but when you’re trying to hone your skills, these can come in pretty handy as well. Many drummers have still not experienced the ease of playing the electronic drum sets.
We will today share with you not only why electronic drums are better than regular one, but also the best electronic drum sets for the money.

It will help you understand the advantages of these sets along with the options which you should consider. We will follow that up with a buying guide which will make it easy for you to pick the right one among the six options which we will discuss. Below you will find the best electronic drum sets for the money.


Benefits of Electronic Drums over regular drums:

The first thing which you need to be aware of is the benefits which electronic drums provide over the regular ones. We will go into the details of these below.
1. Volume control:
The best thing about electronic drum sets is that you can easily choose the right volume level. Also, the cymbal noise is on the lower side. You can adjust the volume button to control it. It means that when you’re practicing in a quiet environment like a church or at your home, you can easily do so without disturbing others.
2. Smaller learning curve:
Such a drum set often comes along with various rhythms and acoustic sounds. Also, if you want to modify the sound output, that is possible as well. It will help you reduce the learning curve. It provides you access to hundreds of preprogrammed sounds. Due to this very reason, it can easily shorten the learning process.
3. Built-in recording:
Many musicians prefer to record their music. Instead of using a separate instrument to do so, you can use the built-in recorder with the help of electronic drums. It will help you in recording not only the final sessions
but also your practice sessions.
4. Easy processing:
Most of these drum sets allow you to directly plug-in the drum set output into the computer or the laptop. It means that post-processing becomes quite easy. If you want to mix your music or want to enhance it digitally, that is certainly possible as well.
5. Compact:
Lastly, these electronic drum sets are so much more compact than the traditional ones. That is why; you can place them easily in smaller spaces. You need not have a large amount of space to play them either. In our space-constrained homes, this is a huge advantage.
These are the benefits of electronic drums over the regular ones. Now that you are aware of them, we will go into the top 6 options which you can consider when you’re looking to buy one.



What should I look for in an Electronic drum set?


You should keep a check on a few factors while comparing different electronic drum sets. These include:
1. Equipment:
You have to first look at the equipment on offer. At times it can consist of drums, cymbal, tom pads, kick drums, hi-hats, etc. you always have to look at the equipment on offer and then make your decision. If you’re buying the compact drum kit, you have to look at the inbuilt sounds as well as the number of drum pads which it has on offer. Accordingly, you can make your decision.
2. Inbuilt sound:
The main advantage of the electronic drum sets is that they come along with the inbuilt songs and sounds. The more the number of inbuilt sounds, the more benefits it has for you. That is why; you have to look at the inbuilt sounds before making your buying decision.
3. Learning modules:
If the drums set consist of learning modules, which is a huge advantage for beginners. It means that anyone can play the drum set irrespective of their experience.
4. Connectivity options:
You have to look at the connectivity options on offer. Ideally, it should either offer USB connectivity or MIDI connectivity. If any of these connectivity options are on offer, it is easy for you to connect it with your computer or with your smartphone. You have to also look at the operating system compatibility to understand whether you can connect it to your computer or not. If it is controllable through a mobile app, that is a definite advantage.
5. Recording options:
It is always a good idea to record your music sessions. You never know when you will get into the zone and produce that perfect tune. Hence; you should try and find out whether it has an inbuilt recorder. The inbuilt recorder is undoubtedly advantageous, but if that is not present, you have to look for the USB output so that you can connect it directly to your computer and record your music.
These are the five criteria which you should keep in mind when choosing the electronic drum sets. After
going through the drum sets, I’m sure you might be thinking whether you can play these drums professionally or not. That is what we will answer below.

Top 6 Electronic drum-sets actually worth the Money


1. Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit:

The option on top of our list consists of mesh drum heads which have a patented design. The design is such that it provides you with an authentic response. With the help of 8-inch dual snare pads along with 3 Tom pads and three cymbals on offer, you can be sure that they will provide you with the authentic music output. Additionally, it consists of a kick drum along with the kick pedal and hi-hat pedal as well. The combination of all these pieces coming together can help you produce authentic music quickly.
The drums kit comes along with collapsible aluminum rack. It means that when you’re not using, you can easily store it in a small space. It is compatible with Mac OS, Windows. With the help of 60 builtin tracks, you can easily play your favorite music. It offers aux input as well to play along with your usual songs. The authentic music response, along with the built-in tracks, makes it a great option.
• Authentic music response
• Entire drum kit
• Comes with a collapsible aluminum rack
• Compatible with Windows and Mac
• Aux input on offer
• Consist of 60 built-in tracks

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2. Alesis Surge Mesh Kit | Electronic Drum Kit:

The drum kit which we are speaking about now consists of kick drum tower, dual-zone tom pads, three cymbals, hi-hat, and dual-zone mesh snare. It comes along with 40 kits, 385 sounds, and 60 tracks. When you’re learning how to play the drum, it is the best electronic drum sets for the money.
It consists of an inbuilt recorder. You can also connect an MP3 player with the help of the aux input. There is also USB connectivity on offer as well. In terms of connectivity, it is one of the most versatile electronic drum kits which you can buy. It comes with all the accessories which you might need like the chrome rack, drum sticks, cables, power supply, and the drum Key. With so many different inbuilt sounds along with the chrome rack, it is easy to use. If you’re looking for an electronic drum kit which is suitable for beginners as well as advanced musicians, you cannot miss this one.
• Consist of essential equipment
• Comes along with chrome rack
• Includes accessories
• Wide variety of inbuilt sounds

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3. RockJam Mesh Head Kit:

With four mesh-head pads having high sensitivity, playing this nine-piece drum set can provide you with an authentic feel, and the music response is entirely natural as well. It also consists of 3 rubber toms which can provide you with the authentic feel. With the help of multiple inputs and output connectivity options like USB, aux, headphone, MIDI out; you can be sure that connecting this to various systems is quite easy.
It also consists of bass control panels which allow you to modulate the bass output as well. It has 30 kit voices along with multiple demo songs which make it easy for you to learn to play the drums. For beginners, it is the best option available.
• Eight-piece drum kit
• Authentic music
• Multiple connectivity options
• Consist of 30 kit voices

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4. Roland TD-1K Electronic Drum Set Bundle:

The behavior modeling feature of this drum set helps you in getting a natural response. It offers a wide variety of sound library which helps you in playing across musical genres. With the help of numerous recorded songs onboard, it is easy to improve your gaming skills. It consists of a quick record feature which allows you to create a recording of each of your practice sessions. With the help of a large LCD screen, it is easy for you to choose the right setting.
The set consists of kick pedal, snare, three tom pads, three cymbal pads, hi-hat, three sets of drum sticks along with a stand and the rest of the hardware. It even consists of polishing cloth. With the help of all of this hardware, you can be sure that this electronic drum set is easy to use. It offers USB connectivity, which means that you can directly feed the output to a computer. One of the unique features of this drum set is that it consists of a metal horizontal joint bar. The advantage of this bar is that it stabilizes the entire drum set when you’re using it. Therefore, when you’re looking for easy to play an electronic drum set, you can go
with this one.
• Includes accessories
• Natural response
• USB connectivity
• Quick record feature

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5. Yamaha Electronic Drum Set:

When you are choosing this drum set, you will have no shortage of in-build sounds. It consists of 415 sounds, ten kits, ten training functions, and ten songs. If you’re learning how to play the drums, this is the right drum set for you. It comes with its iOS and android app. As a result, you can not only record the music but also share it with your friends. It has interactive training modules to help you learn playing drums at your comfortable speed.
It consists of USB, and MIDI connectivity to ensure that you can connect the output to your computer or your smartphone. The training module provides that you familiarize with the different pieces of the drum set like the kick drum, cymbals quite quickly. That is why; the learning curve with this drum set is pretty limited. You will get accustomed to it in no time. With the help of a dedicated control panel, it is effortless to use this drum set. The ten different training modules certainly make it the right choice.
• Consist of 10 different training modules
• Over 400 different inbuilt sounds
• USB and MIDI connectivity
• Easy to use

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6. Pyle Pro Electronic Drum kit:

In terms of portability, this electronic drum kit is much better than the others. It is much more compact, as well. It consists of 7 different drum pads along with the bass drum, hi-hat, and a pedal controller. As a result, in spite of its small size, it can produce all the sounds which you want. It is highly portable as well, which means that you can take it with you wherever you go. Additionally, it consists of 65 drum kits in total along with 300+ sounds. If you’re looking to learn, there is a learning mode on offer as well.
The digital control panel means that you can control it with ease. You can also record the music which you play. It is compatible with Mac and PC with the help of USB cables. It comes with the AC adapter, and you can even run it wirelessly after charging the battery on offer. The drumsticks that come along with it are more than sufficient for your learning. In terms of portability and in-built sounds, it is one of the best options available.
• Highly portable
• Consist of 300+ sounds
• Seven drum pads on offer
• Compatible with mac and pc
If you’re looking for the best electronic drum sets for the money, these are the six options to consider. Before you make your decision, you can go through the sections below to understand the factors to check before buying the electronic drum set.

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Can I play my electronic drum set professionally?

Yes, as long as the electronic drum set offers you a natural music response, you can play it professionally. The rest depends on your skills. There are a couple of factors to keep in mind. These are:
• Your electronic drum set should be able to produce low and high frequencies without any distortion.
• You should be familiar with the electronic drum set before you go live.

As long as you can take care of these two things, you can certainly play your electronic drum set professionally.
So, if you’re looking to improve your drum playing skills and are thinking about electronic drum sets, these are the best electronic drum sets for the money. Rather than choosing any substandard option, it is a good idea to go with the creme de la creme of the electronic drum set options. We have carried out all the hard work for you to prepare a list of the top 6 options which will help you make the right buying decision and choose the perfect electronic drum set.