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HDMI 1 or 2 for Gaming: Which is Best

Since the invention of the first TV, display protocols have gone through a series of developments, ultimately leading to the creation of the HDMI port. Display signal transmission started with

Markeyus Franks Markeyus Franks 13 Min Read

My TV Doesn’t Have HDMI: Here’s what to do

HDMI, or High-Definition Multimedia Output, is the latest audio and video signal transmission standard for monitors, projectors and televisions worldwide.

Markeyus Franks Markeyus Franks 13 Min Read

My Oled TV is Too Dark: Why and How to Fix It

The Oled TV has a picture lighting technology that illuminates Individual TV pixels instead of using a dedicated backlight. This

Markeyus Franks Markeyus Franks 6 Min Read

Do Docking Stations Work with Any Laptop?

Not every docking station will be compatible with all laptops. But if you spend time researching your laptop, you will

Markeyus Franks Markeyus Franks 11 Min Read

virtual reality Headsets

Virtual Reality Headsets The age of virtual reality is upon us (again) with a torrent of devices. There has been a buzz around virtual reality (VR) for the past few

Markeyus Franks Markeyus Franks 2 Min Read

What Accessories Do I Need for My E-bike: 13 Proven Products

What Accessories Do I Need for My E-bike: 13 Proven Products Purchasing a brand new electric bike or e-bike is

Markeyus Franks Markeyus Franks 15 Min Read

Why is My VR Headset Blurry: Fix it Today

A VR Headset is most likely blurry because of a dirty or damaged lens, bad headset positioning, and lens not

Markeyus Franks Markeyus Franks 8 Min Read

Which TV Brand Has The Best Picture

In almost every home all over the world, one can find a television. Ever since its invention back in the

Markeyus Franks Markeyus Franks 13 Min Read

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